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GIFs for Drawing a Go Position 19 Nov 18:11 Page
A Go-Comic by Andreas Fecke 18 Dec 18:12 Page
Glasgow University 04 Dec 21:12 Club
Members Only Section - Access 18 Nov 15:11 Page
6.10 International Representation 24 Nov 12:11 Book page
History of Go in Britain 16 Jan 16:01 Page
Oxford City Go Club 03 Feb 12:02 Page
Mentions of Go in UK Media (to 1999) 15 Dec 18:12 Page
Books and Sets 12 Jan 22:01 Page
Frequently Asked Questions about Go 30 Jan 08:01 Page
Ratings, Grades and Handicaps 10 Dec 12:12 Page
Sheffield University Go Society 23 Nov 10:11 Club