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Open University and Milton Keynes Go Club 15 Oct 16:10 Page
Oxford City Go Club 05 Nov 12:11 Page
Oxford Student Go Society 14 Oct 09:10 Page UK News
Oxford University 08 Oct 16:10 Club
Pandanet Go European Team Championship 02 Oct 20:10 Page
Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2019/2020 29 Oct 21:10 Page
Peikai Xue Wins Swindon 28 Sep 21:09 Story UK Tournament Report
Preston 08 Nov 21:11 Club
Pro Go Player Visits To UK and Ireland 21 Aug 10:08 Page
Reading Go Club 14 Oct 09:10 Page
Recent arrivals to UK take Northern 21 Oct 09:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Sheffield 01 Oct 07:10 Club
Sheffield Tournament Results 2019 30 Sep 14:09 Page UK Tournament Result
Some Club Web Pages 14 Oct 09:10 Page
South Cambridgeshire 30 Oct 21:10 Club
Stacey Grand Prix 04 Nov 22:11 Page
Swindon Tournament Results 2019 28 Sep 21:09 Page UK Tournament Result
T Mark Hall Rapid Play Tournament Results 2019 09 Sep 08:09 Page UK Tournament Result
Tetsuro Yoshitake Wins Wet Sheffield 07 Oct 12:10 Story UK Tournament Report
Third Youth Camp Successful 03 Sep 15:09 Story Junior News