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Strong Players' Teaching Weekend 19 Nov 2012 UK Teaching Event
Nihon Ki-in reports on Michael Redmond's visit 24 Apr 2013 UK Teaching Event
Professionals teaching at Oxford 28 Feb 2014 UK Teaching Event
Sign up for our Online Study Group 16 Apr 2014 UK Teaching Event
London Open 2014 registration now open 12 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
Online League season to close on 21 December 08 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship Match 2013 announcement 26 Oct 2013 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship 2014 Title Match 22 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship dates and locations confirmed 24 Jan 2014 UK Tournament Diary
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Tournament 05 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship 2014 update 04 Feb 2014 UK Tournament Diary
Tongzhou Cai wins Scottish in Glasgow 31 May 2015 UK Tournament Report
Bar-Low won by Alison Bexfield 01 May 2017 UK Tournament Report
T Mark Hall Remembered at London Go Centre 04 Oct 2018 UK Tournament Report
Edmund Shaw Takes Swindon 01 Oct 2017 UK Tournament Report
Toby Manning Retains the Shropshire Crown 23 Sep 2013 UK Tournament Report
North London win London Teams Again 06 Oct 2014 UK Tournament Report
Matthew Scores an MSO Double 28 Aug 2011 UK Tournament Report
New Student Team Organise Coventry Tournament 28 Nov 2016 UK Tournament Report
All Go at Welwyn Bridge Centre 19 May 2018 UK Tournament Report
Mark Elliot wins Cheshire after 30 Year Gap 08 Feb 2014 UK Tournament Report
Alistair Wall wins Northern for a Second Time 07 Sep 2015 UK Tournament Report
Jon Diamond Wins at Arundel 19 Aug 2017 UK Tournament Report
Junnan Jiang Wins Candidates' 02 May 2016 UK Tournament Report
Di Wu wins the Scottish Open 27 May 2013 UK Tournament Report