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Local Winner at Warwick 29 Nov 2014 UK Tournament Report
Nick Krempel to play Matthew Macfadyen for British title 30 May 2011 UK Tournament Report
Wall Blows Away All Challenges at Swindon 25 Sep 2016 UK Tournament Report
Alex Kent wins Goat Ornament 22 Jun 2013 UK Tournament Report
Ngoc-Trang Cao also wins the Northern 08 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Report
Biggest Durham Ends in 3-way Tie 21 Jun 2010 UK Tournament Report
Ziyi Zhang wins the British Open 05 Apr 2016 UK Tournament Report
Visiting American Wins in Edinburgh 18 Dec 2016 UK Tournament Report
Li Shen returns to Go to win Oxford 16 Feb 2013 UK Tournament Report
Bar-Low Wanders to Warwick 05 May 2014 UK Tournament Report
Matthew Cocke Regains Three Peaks Title 17 Nov 2014 UK Tournament Report
Jitka wins at Stormy Three Peaks 16 Nov 2015 UK Tournament Report
North London win London Teams Again 06 Oct 2014 UK Tournament Report
4p helps Nippon Club win anniversary tournament 17 Oct 2010 UK Tournament Report
Richard Moulds retains the Northern title 10 Sep 2012 UK Tournament Report
London Open 2014 registration now open 12 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship dates and locations confirmed 24 Jan 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship 2014 Title Match 22 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship 2014 update 04 Feb 2014 UK Tournament Diary
Online League season to close on 21 December 08 Dec 2013 UK Tournament Diary
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Tournament 05 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary
British Championship Match 2013 announcement 26 Oct 2013 UK Tournament Diary
Learn Go Week Update – Promotional Materials 10 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Strong players training weekend 14 Sep 2013 UK Teaching Event
Michael Redmond Training Week 18 Feb 2013 UK Teaching Event