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BGA to host European Youth 09 Jun 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
9-year-old Oscar Selby on Channel 4's 'Child Genius' TV series in 2013. 19 Jun 2013 Junior News
Alex Kent wins Goat Ornament 22 Jun 2013 UK Tournament Report
Welshman wins the Welsh 25 Jun 2013 UK Tournament Report
We were exhibiting at the London AnimeCon 01 Jul 2013 Announcement
Daniel Hu Wins Trigantius 06 Mar 2017 UK Tournament Report
Go featured on Channel 4 programme 02 Jul 2013 UK News
Bruno wins Milton Keynes 08 Jul 2013 UK Tournament Report
Youngsters beat adults, to win trophy 08 Jul 2013 Junior News
London Go Picnic a Success 23 Jul 2013 UK News
Russians Dominate European Women's 27 Jul 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
Czech Republic win Team Finals 27 Jul 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
New Members Section now live 02 Aug 2013 Announcement
Fan Hui wins European Championship 11 Aug 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
Sino-British Weiqi Cultural Exchange 22 Aug 2013 Announcement
Fun and Games at Isle of Man Festival 23 Aug 2013 UK Tournament Report
MSO Gold Won by Half a Point 26 Aug 2013 UK Tournament Report
Isle of Man Prize List 27 Aug 2013 UK Tournament Report
Czech Player wins the Northern 02 Sep 2013 UK Tournament Report
Andrew Kay Interviewed at WAGC 02 Sep 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
Andrew Kay 24th at WAGC 04 Sep 2013 Foreign Tournament Result
We are participating in the Mind Sports Festival 05 Sep 2013 UK News
Old tournament results 11 Sep 2013 Announcement
Wang Runan, 8p, Lectured at British Museum 11 Sep 2013 UK News
Strong players training weekend 14 Sep 2013 UK Teaching Event