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European Youth Go Congress, Kiev, Part 3 01 Apr 2018 Junior Tournament Report
European Youth Go Congress, Kiev, Part 4 02 Apr 2018 Junior Tournament Report
New Generation take over at Youth champs 18 May 2014 Junior Tournament Report
All Go for British Youth at Space Centre 28 Nov 2016 Junior Tournament Report
Harpenden Win Trophy at Their First BYGC 21 Nov 2017 Junior Tournament Report
UK Go Challenge Finals Tied 16 Jul 2018 Junior Tournament Report
Youth Championship Grows in Size 05 Dec 2018 Junior Tournament Report
News changes 17 Oct 2014 Other Site Update
Macintosh Computers and our RSS feed 01 Nov 2013 Other Site Update
Congratulations to Vanessa! 23 Aug 2012 UK News
Sam Aitken Ties Title Match 13 Oct 2018 UK News
A new Go player! 18 Oct 2012 UK News
Xinyi Lu 10 Nov 2011 UK News
Andrew Kay Wins First Game in Match 07 Oct 2019 UK News
Leo Phillips 29 Jul 2015 UK News
Durham Oriental Museum Festival of Japan 06 Oct 2014 UK News
British Go Journal 174 06 Feb 2016 UK News
Allan Scarff 28 Jan 2012 UK News
The British Go Association has a new President 11 Apr 2016 UK News
Go is the Game Machines Can’t Beat. Google’s AI Whiz Hints That His Will 22 Nov 2015 UK News
Second online league season concluded 18 Dec 2010 UK News
Norman Tobin 27 Oct 2012 UK News
Gerry Mills 16 Nov 2011 UK News
Final Stacey Points 2009-2010 13 Apr 2010 UK News
Marcus Bennett 15 Aug 2018 UK News