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Pandanet Go European Team Championship UK captain 20 May 2013 UK News
Latest Details of Learn Go Week 25 Aug 2014 UK News
Neil Stein 20 May 2015 UK News
David Woodnutt 16 May 2017 UK News
A new Go player! 18 Oct 2012 UK News
6 dan award 05 Sep 2012 UK News
Major Step Forward in Artificial Intelligence 27 Jan 2016 UK News
1st UK Mind Sports Festival 19 Nov 2011 UK News
Clive Hendrie dies 29 Jan 2010 UK News
Go Player on "Midsomer Murders" 21 Jan 2020 UK News
Norman Tobin 27 Oct 2012 UK News
Andrew Does Well in Korea 12 Sep 2019 UK News
Matthew Hathrell Wins Youth Grand Prix 03 Feb 2010 UK News
Marcus Bennett 15 Aug 2018 UK News
T Mark Hall Foundation supports Liverpool Games cafe 26 Sep 2016 UK News
Japanese Professional to visit North London Go Club 16 Feb 2014 UK News
Media appearance in Ariel 23 Nov 2011 UK News
1st WBaduk Varsity Match announced 06 Dec 2013 UK News
T Mark Hall's bequests 11 Jan 2014 UK News
British Go Journals 161 and 165 are now available 16 Oct 2013 UK News
Go Promoted at London Anime and Gaming Con 19 Feb 2014 UK News
Japanese Professional to visit Scotland 16 Jan 2014 UK News
Gerry surprised by portrait at EGM 29 Nov 2010 UK News
Andrew Kay Wins First Game in Match 07 Oct 2019 UK News
We are participating in the Mind Sports Festival 05 Sep 2013 UK News