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Latest Details of Learn Go Week 25 Aug 2014 UK News
Les Bock retires as Archivist 01 Nov 2013 UK News
Andrew Does Well in Korea 12 Sep 2019 UK News
David Woodnutt 16 May 2017 UK News
London Go Picnic a Success 23 Jul 2013 UK News
Dan promotions 08 Jun 2012 UK News
Final Stacey Points 2009-2010 13 Apr 2010 UK News
Simons wins first British Championship game 23 Jul 2018 UK News
Martha McGill becomes our 200th dan player 04 Dec 2012 UK News
Second online league season concluded 18 Dec 2010 UK News
Xinyi Lu 10 Nov 2011 UK News
David Ward 27 Dec 2013 UK News
Congratulations to Vanessa! 23 Aug 2012 UK News
3-in-a-row in European Teams 15 Nov 2013 UK News
T Mark Hall Foundation supports Liverpool Games cafe 26 Sep 2016 UK News
Sign up for our Online Study Group 16 Apr 2014 UK Teaching Event
Strong Players' Weekend "inspirational" 21 Nov 2013 UK Teaching Event
Japanese Professionals to visit Oxford on Thursday 27th February 15 Feb 2014 UK Teaching Event
Mindsports International (MSI) Festival 08 Oct 2013 UK Teaching Event
Japanese Professional to visit Edinburgh, 6 March 16 Feb 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn Go Week Update – Promotional Materials 10 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Another Successful Demonstration Session 31 Aug 2010 UK Teaching Event
Learn to Play Go day! 24 Jan 2014 UK Teaching Event
Manchester Japan Day Report 17 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Michael Redmond Training Week 18 Feb 2013 UK Teaching Event