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New Online Study Group 23 Nov 2013 Announcement
New Stevenage (North Herts) Go Club 07 Jan 2019 Announcement
New Student Go Club at QMU London 27 Sep 2018 Announcement
New Student Team Organise Coventry Tournament 28 Nov 2016 UK Tournament Report
New Tournament Registration System 04 Feb 2014 Council News etc.
New Version of Cartoon Booklet 06 Sep 2014 Junior + ALL news
New Videos from London Go Centre 12 Nov 2020 Announcement
New Youth Go Newsletter 09 Nov 2017 Junior + ALL news
News changes 17 Oct 2014 Other Site Update
Ngoc-Trang Cao also wins the Northern 08 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Report
Ngoc-Trang Cao wins in Belfast 01 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Report
Ngoc-Trang Cao wins the Welsh Open 26 Jun 2015 UK Tournament Report
Ngoc-Trang Cao wins the Wessex 25 Oct 2015 UK Tournament Report
Nick Krempel to play Matthew Macfadyen for British title 30 May 2011 UK Tournament Report
Nihon Ki-in and the Sasakawa Foundation invitation 11 Sep 2014 Announcement
Nihon Ki-in and the Sasakawa Foundation invite young British Go players to Japan 31 Jul 2014 Foreign News
Nihon Ki-in reports on Michael Redmond's visit 24 Apr 2013 UK Teaching Event
Nihon Ki-in Summer School 2014 update 27 May 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
Nihon Kiin Summer School 25 Mar 2014 Foreign News
Nippon Win International Teams 16 Apr 2012 UK Tournament Report
No British Go Golds at MSO 01 Sep 2010 UK Tournament Report
No weather problems predicted for Bognor 24 Feb 2014 Foreign Tournament Report
Norman Tobin 27 Oct 2012 UK News
North London beat France by Tie-Break 08 Apr 2014 UK Tournament Report
North London win London Teams Again 06 Oct 2014 UK Tournament Report