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Anson and Vanessa play in World Youth 13 Aug 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
Roella Tops UK Go Challenge 12 Jul 2010 Junior News
New arrival from France wins MK 04 Jul 2010 UK Tournament Report
Yohei Wins Despite Tie 28 Jun 2010 UK Tournament Report
Biggest Durham Ends in 3-way Tie 21 Jun 2010 UK Tournament Report
Felix Wang wins new trophy 09 May 2010 UK Tournament Report
Strong Players Training 20 Apr 2010 UK News
BBC News report on the Isle of Skye Tournament 19 Apr 2010 Announcement
Final Stacey Points 2009-2010 13 Apr 2010 UK News
AGM Report 12 Apr 2010 Council News etc.
Paris Tournament 08 Apr 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
European Youth Goe Championships 10 Mar 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
Irish Open/Rapid Tournaments 08 Mar 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
Nakayama Sensei 20 Feb 2010 Foreign News
Obama present to China 19 Feb 2010 Foreign News
Matthew Hathrell Wins Youth Grand Prix 03 Feb 2010 UK News
Clive Hendrie dies 29 Jan 2010 UK News