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Children's novel featuring Go published 04 Mar 2011 Announcement
China win at SportAccord World Mind Games 14 Dec 2011 Foreign Tournament Report
China Wins WAGC 05 Jun 2019 Foreign Tournament Report
Chinese Dominate at London Open 31 Dec 2017 UK Tournament Report
Chinese Strong in Northern 23 Oct 2018 UK Tournament Report
Chinese Taipei at Top Again 21 Aug 2012 Foreign Tournament Report
Chinese Taipei win Third Gold 19 Aug 2012 Foreign Tournament Report
Chinese Taipei Wins WAGC 07 May 2018 Foreign Tournament Report
Chinese visitor wins 42nd Wessex 30 Oct 2011 UK Tournament Report
Chinese Youth Event Final Report 21 Aug 2019 Junior + ALL news
Cho U’s 4 by 4 Go Puzzles released in English 04 Oct 2012 Announcement
Chong Han wins 8th Nottingham 26 Feb 2011 UK Tournament Report
Chong Han wins tied British Open 11 Apr 2011 UK Tournament Report
Christmas in February in Edinburgh 06 Feb 2011 UK Tournament Report
CLGC A Team winners of Online League Season 6 11 Jan 2015 UK Tournament Report
CLGC and Andrew Simons win online leagues 17 Dec 2011 UK Tournament Report
Clive Hendrie dies 29 Jan 2010 UK News
Club Directory Audit 01 Aug 2018 Announcement
Club President Wins in Edinburgh 17 Dec 2018 UK Tournament Report
Congratulations to Vanessa! 23 Aug 2012 UK News
Cornel Burzo also wins British Open 02 Mar 2014 UK Tournament Report
Cornel Burzo wins British Lightning 01 Mar 2014 UK Tournament Report
Cornish Trophies Shared Between Locals and Visitors 14 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Report
Council Meeting - August 2010 11 Oct 2010 Council News etc.
Council Meeting Highlights 2011-11 06 Dec 2011 Council News etc.