Editorial Conventions

Most of these are the same as for the British Go Journal.

Double quotation marks should be used only to indicate speech.

Use single quotes to indicate textual quotations, unusual terms, names of publications and in any other situation where some form of emphasis is required.

The word Go must have an initial capital. The same applies to the name of any other game.

The words Black and White must be capitalised according to whether the word is used as a noun or an adjective. Thus: “After Black 23, the white group is dead.” Sometimes this can be hard to resolve. If in doubt, refer to a well produced book—such as the Ishida Joseki Dictionary—to see how it should be done.

Japanese terms such as sente or joseki will not normally be emphasised as they are common currency in the Go player’s language. Unusual terms or those being introduced, for example in an article aimed at beginners, should be set within single quotes, for example ‘Katte Yomi’.

When referring to diagrams, the word Figure should be used to refer to a diagram that constitutes part of a game record. The word Diagram should be used in all other cases.

The words Figure and Diagram should always be capitalised.

If letters are used in a Diagram these should be set in uppercase.

Prefer English, for example (note, not ‘e.g.’) ‘that is,’ rather than ‘i.e.’.

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