Website index

The BGA website index is not just a collection of links (often called an ‘index’) to sites other than the BGA's. It is a proper, human-generated index of all the material on the site. Its entries and subentries lead to specific information (no mere passing mentions) within the BGA website. It is maintained by Jochen Fassbender, who provided most of the information below.

Non-BGA websites and pages are included as entries/subentries if there is some relevance to British Go (for example, results of a tournament hosted elsewhere, a Go club’s home page, Go topics which are discussed on BGA web pages, and so on).

To keep the index up to date, it is important to inform him of any changes to indexable material. Normally, changes of that magnitude would automatically be included in the page. If they're not, or if you're modifying a Book page that doesn't have a URL, then inform Jochen directly.

Indexable material

The indexer should be informed of all additions, deletions, changes, and updates to:

  • all articles in general (including major contributions like handbooks, rules, etc. as well as instalments);
  • reviews (books, software, etc.);
  • BGA aspects (officers, policies, membership, etc.);
  • clubs;
  • results and/or reports of individual tournaments and other events;
  • BGJ online back issues;
  • software items and Go servers; and
  • external links (especially on and

The general rule when indexing is that a particular chunk of information has to be significant in order to be indexable. Tiny items, or passing mentions in paragraphs, tables and lists might not get indexed.

Transient information that is not indexed

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