British Championship 2011

2011 Champion: Matthew Macfadyen

Title Match 03/07/11 - 19/09/11

The Title Match was reduced from 5 to 3 games this year.

All games relayed live on KGS from 10:00.

  1. Sunday 3rd July
    at Matthew's house in Barford, Warwickshire
    Won by Matthew Macfadyen by resignation.
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  2. Sunday 17th July
    at Nick Wedd's house near Oxford
    Won by Nick Krempel by 2.5 points.
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  3. Saturday 17th September
    at Nick Krempel's house, Camden, London
    Won by Matthew Macfadyen by resignation.
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Challengers' League, London, 27/05/11-30/05/11

Matthew Macfadyen, British Champion 2010, won all seven games in the Challengers' League to earn the right to defend his title. This year he will be playing Nick Krempel (3 dan London), who won five games in the League, in a best of 3 final. Hui Wang and Alistair Wall just missed out on playing for the title by one win each.


Candidates, Cambridge, 30/04/11-02/05/11

The qualifiers for the British Go Championship are based on their performance in UK tournaments. The qualifying requirement for the Candidates' Tournament is to have an EGF rating of 1900 or higher immediately after the end of at least one tournament, played between April in the previous year and the end of March, in which the candidate played in all rounds. You must also be a BGA member and satisfy the residency requirements in section A.2 of the official rules.

28 players from 2 kyu to 5 dan attended the Candidates' Tournament held at Selwyn College in Cambridge. Andrew Kay (4 dan) was unbeaten winner and Des Cann (4 dan) won five out of six. The rest of the qualifiers, on 4/6, were Hui Wang (5 dan), Alan Thornton (1 dan), William Brooks (3 dan), Nick Krempel (3 dan) and Alistair Wall (3 dan). The reserves, also on 4/6, were David Ward, Richard Hunter and Paul Taylor.

Champion Matthew Macfadyen was on hand for two days in the Lyttleton Room to analyse the players' games and suss out the likely opposition.

Results Tanaka's photos

The entry fee for the British Championship this year was £25, including the Challengers' League, for those who qualify, as well as the Candidates' Tournament.

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