British Championship 2015

The 2015 and 51st British Championship started in April 2014. All those who played in tournaments between April 2014 and March 2015 and ended with an EGF rating of 1900 or higher joined the list of qualifiers. Note: This list may contain players who are not our members or do not have the required British nationality or residency requirements.

Candidates' Tournament

Those eligible could play in the Candidates' Tournament in Cambridge between 2nd and 4th May 2015.

Challengers' League

The top eight available players from that played in the Challengers' League in Swindon from 23rd to 26th May 2015.

You can see Andrew Simons's game records.

Reigning champion Andrew Kay won all his games and Andrew Simons won all bar that against the champion, so these two are playing for the 2015 champion's title.

Title Match

The players have agreed to play a best of five match as allowed by the current rules (default best of three).

Game 1 in this year's Title Match, between Andrew Kay and Andrew Simons, was played in Cambridge on Saturday 26th September. There was a live relay on KGS in the British room by "BGAadmin" from 10:00.

  • Game 1: Saturday 26rh September Won by Andrew Kay by 2.5.
    Game One Relay raw record including unmoderated comments.
  • Game 2: TBA

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