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AGM Report

The BGA AGM was held on the evening of Saturday 10th April 2010 at Teviot Row House in Edinburgh.

The newly elected officers and Council members are:

President: Jon Diamond, Treasurer: Simon Mader, Secretary: Jonathan Chin, Auditor: Alison Bexfield.

Council Members: Edwin Brady, Brian Brunswick, John Collins, Geoff Kaniuk, Toby Manning.

Congratulations to all those elected.

Additionally, the three...

12-Apr-10 21-Apr-10
Council Meeting - February 2010

This note summarises the most significant discussions and decisions at the Council meeting on 22nd February.

Gerry Mills has announced that he plans to retire as Book Seller in November. Council would like to thank Gerry for the many years of outstanding service he has given to the British Go community.

Council spent some time discussing the future of the Book Shop, accepting that it is unlikely that any individual will be...

05-Mar-10 21-Apr-10
Council News (2009 and before) 21-Apr-10 21-Apr-10
Play Go introductory booklet now available

The revised version of our Play Go Booklet has now been printed and is available in quantity. A number of copies have been distributed to all BGA clubs.

Copies will be available at most tournaments, but if you can't get to a tournament soon enough for your requirements then please contact the BGA Secretary to request some to be posted to you. A nominal charge may be made...

16-Aug-10 16-Aug-10
Council Meeting - May 2010

There was a meeting of BGA Council on 8th May 2010.
Here are the highlights:

  • Jenny Radcliffe was unanimously co-opted to Council. She takes over the Shodan Challenge and Chair of the Clubs and Membership Committee. John Collins takes over as the Chair of the Online Committee.
  • Implementing student trial membership (the 1st year special members scheme approved at the 2010 AGM) was discussed. It will be made available...
11-Oct-10 11-Oct-10
Council Meeting - August 2010

There was a meeting of BGA Council on 14th August 2010.
Here are the highlights:

  • The Treasurer presented draft accounts for 2009. Cash position is okay although tournament levies are significantly down.
  • Gerry Mills will be standing down as bookseller and is irreplaceable, so Council is investigating outsourcing the bookshop service, with consideration being given to availability of a broad range of titles, discounts...
11-Oct-10 11-Oct-10
Highlights of the BGA Council Meeting, 2010-11-28

There was a meeting of BGA Council on 28th November 2010. Here are the highlights:

  • Simon Mader may have to stand down as Treasurer. Toby Manning has volunteered to be nominated to replace him after the 2010 accounts have been completed. Toby and Jonathan Chin are to be added as signatories on the bank accounts and Edwin Brady removed.
  • Fred Holroyd has stepped down from his role in Journal publication. Steve...
03-Jan-11 03-Jan-11
Council Meeting - November 2010 agenda

There will be a meeting of BGA Council on 28th November 2010.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Previous meeting
    1. Minutes of last meeting
    2. Actions completed and outstanding
    3. Matters arising from the minutes
    4. Decisions since last meeting
  3. Treasurer's report
  4. Committee...
25-Nov-10 09-Mar-11
Council Meeting - March 2011 Agenda

There will be a meeting of BGA Council on 13th March 2011.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Previous meeting
    1. Minutes of last meeting
    2. Actions completed and outstanding
    3. Matters arising from the minutes
    4. Decisions since last meeting
  3. Treasurer's report
  4. Committee reports
    1. Clubs And Membership
    2. External Relations
    3. Online...
09-Mar-11 09-Mar-11
BGA Council News

Apologies for the delay - the highlights of the Council meeting held in March and July have now been posted online. Minutes of all Council meetings are available to BGA members by contacting the Secretary.

The next Council meeting is being held on 6th November 2011. Please contact a Council member if you wish to raise anything for discussion there.

26-Oct-11 26-Oct-11
Youth Development: Can you help?

Our most pressing requirement is for people to help with a number of activities in our Youth Development area, helping Paul Smith. Some of these are smallish activities and can be done from your own home, so if you can spend some time please contact Paul to discuss what he needs and how he can fit the time you have available and the sort of thing you would like to do in to his programme of...

07-Dec-11 10-Dec-11
BGA Priorities for 2012

Happy New Year to all our members and other Go players

The BGA is continuing its regular activities, such as Membership Administration, the Youth Grand Prix and the BGJ, however Council has been discussing what and how to prioritise our development activities for 2012 and this is what we've come up with:

Club Development

Quite a number of our clubs are just about hanging on, a few have given up recently and some...

04-Jan-12 04-Jan-12
News Survey

HELP NEEDED: we want to find out more about how you access our news, as you may have seen advertised in the Spring 2012 issue of the British Go Journal, so that we can serve you better.

This is especially important because our printed Newsletter will cease from the April 2012 issue and we need help in deciding how/what to replace it with.

So please can you fill in the...

23-Jan-12 23-Jan-12
British Open 2013

We don't have any offers to host the 2013 British Open currently, so we're inviting people to submit offers to run this annual tournament.

In the last few years we've been to Edinburgh, Malmesbury and this year to Durham, so it would be nice to have a location in the South East for 2013; but we're prepared to consider any offers.

If you're interested please talk to any Council member.

12-Mar-12 12-Mar-12
Council Members 2012

Jenny Radcliffe has announced that she will not be standing again for Council at this year's AGM.

This means that there will definitely be at least one vacancy on Council. If you're interested in standing for Council (or even just playing a role in our organisation) please contact one of the Council members, or send your nomination in to the Secretary prior to the AGM.

We'd like to...

14-Mar-12 14-Mar-12
Subscriptions Policy Consultation

The AGM will be considering a proposal from Council on subscriptions. Council is initiating a discussion on some aspects of subscription policy on the bga-policy mailing list with to get some member feedback, preferably before the AGM.

If you want to join the discussion please join this list (you need to be a BGA member) and search the archive for postings made on and after 15th March.

15-Mar-12 15-Mar-12
AGM 2011 Minutes

Held at: Malmesbury Town Hall, 9th April 2011

The meeting opened at 7:34pm and those present (22 in number) signed the attendance sheet.

[1] Election of tellers

Steve Bailey and Jenny Radcliffe were appointed tellers.

[2] Reading of the...

28-Apr-11 24-Mar-12

Alison Bexfield would like to retire as our Auditor after many years in the role.

We're confident that the Accounts are now under control, so that the role can revert to that it is supposed to be according to the Constitution, i.e a checking role on the Annual Accounts produced by the Treasurer.

This doesn't need any formal accounting training, and anyone numerate should be able to undertake this role, so we're asking for...

09-Apr-12 09-Apr-12
33rd World Amateur Go Championship

It appears that there has been some serious mis-communications and Matthew Macfadyen, who had been invited to play, turned down the invitation some time ago.

Unfortunately we only discovered this yesterday after seeing the list of players entered.

Francis Roads had been told that he had been nominated as our representative in the event that Matthew wasn't going to play, since he was 2nd in the points list, so we've apologised...

03-May-12 03-May-12
33rd World Amateur Go Championship

Sam Aitken, currently 4 dan and resident in China since October, will be representing us at the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship being held in Guangzhou, China later this week.

We'd like to specially thank the IGF and the Chinese organisers for allowing this late entry.

07-May-12 07-May-12