Who's Who

To understand our organisation and to know who to contact, please explore

We list the various Official posts that we have which are vacant.

There are many other ways to help the development and running of Go, without taking a permanent position. If you have specific skills - or indeed just the inclination and some spare time - there are usually one-off tasks in the area of :

  • event organisation
  • marketing and design
  • website

or, you can help in other ways, such as

  • start a club
  • offer some teaching
  • suggest something we can do that we are not already doing
  • and finally and in many ways the least, donate some money.

NOTE TO Tony and Geoff : Some of the text in http://www.britgo.org/positions/vacancies can I think be removed as it isn't about specific vacancies. I have put it in here but not changed that page as it's a VIEW. And change the page title. Jon had 'promote Go' all over the place, sometimes inappropriately.

There's also snapshots of other members, past and present

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