Obsolete: UK and Irish Tournaments: Current Title Holders

Last updated April 2013 - current winners are HERE

Multiple title holders are listed first

Andrew Kay British Championship
Challengers' League
London City
Toby Manning Cheshire
Isle of Man Afternoon
Andrew Simons Coventry
Milton Keynes
British Small Board
Matthew Cocke Maidenhead
Three Peaks
David Lee Scottish Championship
Edinburgh Christmas
Tony Atkins MSO Rapid-play
South Coast Handicap
Richard Hunter Wessex
Welsh Open
Alex Kent KGS
Scottish Barlow
Matthew Macfadyen Wanstead
Alex Selby Isle of Man Open
Cambridge MSO Dans'
Oscar Selby British Lightning
Isle of Man 13×13
Li Shen Epsom
Yuanbo Zhang Irish Rapid
London Open Lightning
Paul Barnard Isle of Man Die Hards
Paul Blockley Triangle Tournament
Florian Borchers Bar-Low
Tian Ren Chen British Youth Championship
Qi Chen Liverpool
Sin Voon Chin Nottingham
Peter Collins Isle of Man Handicap
Matt Crosby Scottish Open
Ken Dackombe London Open Small Board
Jon Diamond East Midlands
Zebin Du British Open
Bei Ge Korean Ambassador's Cup
Malcolm Hagan West Surrey Handicap
Peter Harold-Barry Cornwall Handicap
Ben He New Malden
Yun He LSE
Dave Horan Cheshire Handicap
Andrew Jones Letchworth
Roy-Andre Kirkebo KGS Sunjang Baduk
Lukas Kraemer London Open
George Leach Liverpool Handicap
Csaba Mero Irish Open (Confucius Cup)
Adan Mordcovich UK Go Challenge Finals
Richard Moulds Northern
Yohei Negi Scottish Barlow
Kim Ouweleen Galway
Willem-Koen Pomstra Cork
Franics Roads MSO 13x13
Piers Shepperson MSO Lightning
Barney Shiu Isle of Man Lightning
Paul Smith Norwich
Laurens Spijker Belfast
Paul Tabor Arundel
Shi Tang BGA Student
Alan Thornton Bournemouth
Owen Walker Cambridge Junior
Alistair Wall Portsmouth
Felix Wang MSO 13x13
Michael Webster Welwyn Garden City
Zixin Wu Leicester

Pair Go Tournaments

Natasha Regan &
Matthew Cocke

British Pair Go

Helen Harvey &
Martin Harvey

British Pair Handicap

Ko Juyeong &
Chong Han

London Open Pair Go

Oscar Selby &
Matthew Cocke

Isle of Man Pair Go

Natasha Regan &
Tim Hunt

MSO Pair Go

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