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Arundel 2008

3-round McMahon Tournament, held in Arundel in Sussex.

Trophy presented by Pauline and Steve Bailey in 2013.

Jon Diamond
Bar-Low May 1997

Originally held in Cambridge and usually held alongside the Candidates' Tournament. Open only to kyu-graded players. It has often been part of the Cambridge Mind Sports weekend.

Chris Volk
Belfast September 2007

Started in 2007, but in 1992 the club also ran its own event.

Ngoc-Trang Cao Belfast Go Club
Birmingham April 1983

3 round McMahon tournament. Run first 1983 and restarted by a different organiser in the 1990s. Held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and restarted in 2013.

Andrew Kay Birmingham Tournament
Bracknell May 1979

3 round McMahon tournament run by Bracknell Go Club, but nowadays held in Wokingham and no longer in Bracknell itself. The first few tournaments were held in the Bracknell premises of ICL.

The Clive Hendrie Memorial Trophy was instigated in 2010 in memory of Clive Hendrie, long time organiser of the tournament.

Alex Rix
British Championship 1965

Our premier national competition. It consists of several stages: Candidates' Tournament, Challengers' League and the Title Match, the results of which are shown here.

The title match is the best of three games; until 2010 it was best of five (apart from...

Andrew Kay Championship
British Open 28/03/2015 - 29/03/2015 April 1968

The British Go Association is running the Congress alongside the European Youth Go Championships in 2014. Accompanying players may wish to enter the British Open on payment of the appropriate fee, whilst their junior players are playing the EYGC.

Cornel Burzo
British Open Lightning April 1976

This fast-play event is run at the British Go Congress, usually on the Friday evening. The tournament system varies from year to year. Nowadays the event is usually played with handicaps. It was originally a free-standing event.

Cornel Burzo
British Pair Go June 1991

The British Pair Go Championship is for male and female pairs, who cannot converse during the games, as is the normal Pair Go convention.

It is always held in a pleasant hotel, nowadays in a hotel in the Oxfordshire countryside. There is always a buffet lunch and prizes for most, including the Best Dressed Pair prize.

The top...

Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Pair Go
British Pair Go Handicap June 1998

Part of the British Pair Go Championship, for those not in the top 8 pairs.

Jil Segerman & Pat Ridley
British Small Board 1980

Run by any club on behalf of the BGA.

Cambridge ran the 2011 edition early in 2012.

Andrew Simons
British Youth Championship March 1984

Youth titles at U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 will be contested, in addition to the titles of overall British Youth Champion and British Schools Team Champions. A mixture of even and handicap games. Beginners and those new to the game will be made particularly welcome.

The trophy was presented by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

Dylan Zhu-Dong Youth Champions
Candidates' May 1978

Part of the British Championship, held to select most of the players who will compete in the Challenger’s League.

In order to play, players must be British (or long-term residents), active in tournaments and of a certain level. In the past shodan and kyu...

Bei Ge

The first event planned for 9 November 2014 was cancelled due to problems with the venue.

Challengers' League May 1977

Part of the British Championship, is held to select the two players who will compete in the British Championship Title Match. Until 2005 it selected one challenger who played the reigning champion.

Players compete in the Candidates' Tournament for places in the...

Andrew Kay
Cheshire 07/02/2015 February 1984

Started by Brian Timmins in Crewe in January 1984, from 1987 it was held later in the year because of the British Go Congress in Crewe in 1986. Brian then moved his tournament to Shrewsbury and the Cheshire lapsed for 15 years.

It restarted in February 2001 with an Open section (top 8 players) and a Handicap section (rest). The Crewe...

Mark Elliot
Cheshire Handicap February 2001

The Handicap section played over 5 rounds alongside the Cheshire Open.

Brian Timmins
Cork November 2008

A tournament held over a weekend, at UCC in Cork, Ireland.

Willem-Koen Pomstra
Cornwall September 2000

3 round McMahon held in Penzance.

It replaced the Devon tournament in 2000, using the same trophy now known as the "Devon and Cornwall Go Stone".

John Culmer Penzance
Cornwall Handicap September 2000

Normally held the day before the main Cornwall tournament

Paul Massey
Coventry November 1988

Midlands Tournament in 1988 and then Coventry Tournament until 2002 and from 2008, Leamington from 2003 to 2006.

3 rounds McMahon, held at the University of Warwick.

Bruno Poltronieri Warwick Go Society
DDK Grand Prix 2012

This runs throughout the year, with Double Digit Kyu players scoring points for each of our tournaments entered, with more points for each game won.

At the end of the year the top player in the 10 - 19 kyu range and the top player in the 20+ kyu range each receive a prize, presented at a tournament early the following year....

Oscar Selby
East Midlands 11/10/2014 October 2006

3 round McMahon tournament, until 2012 was held at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

It replaced the Leicester Tournament.

Yuanbo Zhang
Edinburgh Christmas 13/12/2014 December 2009

This is held (weather permitting) in December and replaced the Scottish Bar-Low.

David Lee
Galway June 2008

A tournament of 5 rounds, held in Galway in Ireland.

Marie Julien Galway Club
Irish Open (Confucius Cup) March 1997

The Irish Open is the main tournament of the Irish Go Congress in Dublin. It is often part of the European Grand Prix. It has been called the Confucius Cup since 2012.

Fan Hui Irish Open
Irish Rapid March 1996

Part of the Irish Go Congress, played on the Friday evening before the Open. Time limits get shorter each round.

Karol Janyst
Isle of Man 13×13 August 1991

Part of the Isle of Man Go Week, played one evening.

Oscar Selby
Isle of Man Afternoon August 1991

This tournament is part of the Isle of Man Go Week. It is held over 3 afternoons and is a 3 round McMahon.

Shigehiko Uno
Isle of Man Handicap August 1993

This tournament is part of the Isle of Man Go Week. It is played over two afternoons, with increased handicap on the Manx system.

Edmund Smith
Isle of Man Lightning August 1991

This tournament is part of the Isle of Man Go Week. It is usually run self paired, followed by a final between the best two players.

Richard Hunter
Isle of Man Open 23/08/2015 - 28/08/2015 August 1991

Held alternate years:

  • Main Tournament mornings
  • Afternoon Tournament
  • Handicap Tournament afternoons
  • Die Hards or DayTrip
  • 13x13
  • Also teaching sessions, mostly aimed at novices and improving players.
  • Quiz, Rengo, Music, closing dinner (evenings)
Matthew Macfadyen
Isle of Man Pair Go August 1993

This tournament is part of the Isle of Man Go Week and is officially called the Rengo tournament as it can be played by any doubles partnership.

Keiko Uno & Shigehiko Uno
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play 08/11/2014 November 2014

Separate junior sections for youth squad members and novices.

London City February 2012

A 3 round McMahon, held in the City of London.

Andrew Kay London City Go Club
London International Teams October 1992

This is a twice yearly team match held in London, where teams compete for a trophy donated by Yukata Kobayashi. In recent years there has also been a second division of teams (winners shown in brackets below).

North London
London Open December 1974
The Nippon Club ...
Yuanbo Zhang London Open Go Congress
London Open Lightning December 1979

Part of London Open, the Lightning Tournament is held on one of the evenings.

Mikko Siukola London Open
London Open Pair Go December 2002

Part of London Open, the Pair Go Tournament is held on one of the evenings.

Boris Mitrovic & Fynn Bachmann London Open
Maidenhead-Hitachi January 1992

A 3-round McMahon tournament sponsored by and held at Hitachi Europe's headquarters.

It was called the Furze Platt Tournament until 2010.

Toby Manning
Milton Keynes July 1989

Originally held in a hall in Wolverton, the Milton Keynes Tournament has made its home at the Open University. Various different buildings on the campus have been used. It is a 3 round McMahon.

Alistair Wall
MSO 13x13 August 1997

This is the small board tournament that is part of the Mind Sports Olympiad, held each August in London.

Aja Huang Mind Sports Olympiad
MSO 9x9

This is the 9x9 small board tournament that is part of the Mind Sports Olympiad, held each August in London.

9x9 boards

Aja Huang
MSO Open August 1997

This is main open event at the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) in London each August.

Aja Huang Mind Sports Olympiad
Nippon Club Cup April 1986

Awarded to the Club team with the best percentage in the British Open at the British Go Congress.

Northern September 1975

The Northern was originally a two day event with accommodation at one of the Manchester University halls of residence. It was a European Grand Prix event in 1993 and 1994 instead of London. It then was part of the MSO from 2003, when that was held in Manchester, and has since become a 3 round McMahon and is now held in Stockport.


Ngoc-Trang Cao
Nottingham February 1983

The Nottingham Tournament was held at the University six times in the 1980s, but it was not held between 1989 and 2009. In 2010 the Nottingham University Go Society restarted the event.

Sin Voon Chin
Our Online League (Team) 2009

Our League Tournament is designed to be played mainly over the Internet. The purpose is to encourage interaction between players in different areas of the country and to encourage online play amongst members of our Association.

An Individual League ran from January 2011 to October 2012.

Edinburgh A Leagues
Oxford February 1983

The Oxford Tournament's roots go back to the 1960s, but the current series started in 1983. It has been held in various colleges, and Freud's Cafe, but the venue for most recent years has been St Edmund Hall.

  • A 3-round McMahon Main Tournament, interleaved with ...
  • An optional Novices Tournament (with gifts, and...
Li Shen Oxford 2013
Scottish Championship 2003

Scottish nationals or residents can qualify for the Scottish Championship at various events in Scotland and the UK. Four players play a knockout to determine the champion, games often being played online to avoid travel.

David Lee
Scottish Open May 1981

Early events were called the Edinburgh tournament and subsequently developed into the two-day Scottish Open. After several years in Edinburgh, it moved to Glasgow, before moving via Aberdeen to Dundee. From 2013 it returns to Glasgow.

David Lee
Shropshire September 1989

When Brian Timmins moved from Cheshire to Shropshire he started the Shrewsbury Tournament, it being held in the riverside Gateway Centre. It has since had a couple of changes of organiser and has now become the Shropshire Tournament, held in the Memorial Hall in Hinstock.

Bruno Poltronieri
Skye March 2010

This is held alternative years in the Tongadale Hotel in Portree. It is a 6 round McMahon, held over a weekend in March.

Matthew Macfadyen
South London Kyu Players 06/12/2014 December 2013

In the main tournament students were split into three groups, each of which played a Swiss tournament with handicap equal to grade difference.

In the side tournament the teachers all play each other, together with any other dan players present, in a round-robin tournament with all games even.

Natasha Regan Kyu players' Tournament and Teaching day
Swindon 28/09/2014 September 1993

At the first event, National Power was sponsor and provided the venue. After a few years at a social club, the event is now held in the Even Swindon Committee Centre.

Jitka Bartova Swindon Go Club
Terry Stacey Grand Prix 1990

This is not a specific tournament, but runs throughout the year.

All players score a point for every game won in UK tournaments in games played above the McMahon bar. The year ends at the British Go Congress, where the trophy in memory of Terry Stacey is presented.

Andrew Simons Stacey Points Page
Thames Valley Team Trophy April 1985

A team event for clubs located in the tideless part of the Thames Valley. It was a League until 1993 and has been a one day tournament on Easter Monday since then (often known by lots of Ts, eg TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT).

Note the Broken Go Stone Trophy is not the original broken stone as it got broken.

2013 awarded on team result at...

Three Peaks 15/11/2014 - 16/11/2014 November 1993

Originally held in The Marton Arms in Thornton in Lonsdale, which was then owned by Go player Tim Hazleden. It continued for several years there after Tim's tragic death and raised money for local charities. Eventually it had to find a new location and moved via another pub, which closed shortly thereafter, to the Commodore Inn in Grange-over-...

Toby Manning
Trigantius March 1977

This originated as the Cambridge Tournament, but it was renamed in 1977 in honour of Nicolaus Trigantius, a monk who travelled to China in the 17th Century and wrote about Go.

A 3 Round McMahon tournament, still held in Cambridge.

Jon Diamond
UK Go Challenge Finals June 2004

Based on the UK Chess Challenge, the UK Go Challenge is for schools and junior players. Heats are run in schools, with an overall Final which can be also attended by junior players who did not play in a heat. See

Melchior Chui Go Challenge
Welsh Open June 1993

Apart from the first year, which was 3 rounds on one day, this is a 5-round McMahon tournament held over a weekend in June. It has always been held in the West Wales seaside resort of Barmouth.

Alistair Wall
Welwyn Garden City March 2011

A 3-round McMahon originally held in the Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club room at Gosling Stadium in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Paul Taylor
Wessex 26/10/2014 October 1970

One of the oldest events in the UK, this event was for many years run by Bristol club in the town hall in Marlborough in Wiltshire, a location chosen to easy driving in pre-motorway days. It then moved to Keynsham before settling down in Bath, with that club taking over running it.

Now a 3 round McMahon, but formerly 4 rounds, taking...

Alex Kent Bath Go Club
Youth Grand Prix 1993

This runs throughout the year and is not a specific tournament. Junior players score points for each tournament they enter, with additional points being scored for each game that they win.

The top three players at the end of the year hold the trophies for a year and receive a winners' certificate plus a cash prize, presented at the...

Edmund Smith Youth GP Winners