UK Results: 2002

London Open 28/12/02-31/12/02

100 players attended the London Open at ISH, Great Portland Street. The main tournament was a major in the Toyota-Pandanet European Go Tour with 98 players. After 4 rounds top players unbeaten were Vladimir Danek and Li Hiaou. After six rounds Li Hiaou had a clear lead. Vladimir Danek was one behind. This order did not change so the winner was Li Hiaou (6 dan from China/Liverpool). Second was Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czechia) who only lost to Li. Marco Firnhaber (5 dan Berlin) was third with 6/8. 4th was TMark Hall (4 dan London), 5th Oleg Mezhov (5 dan Russia) and 6th Alex Rix (4 dan London) on 5/6. Jonathan Englefield (15 kyu High Wycombe) was top junior with 7/8. Players winning 6/8 were Marco Firnhaber, Natasha Regan (1 dan Epsom), Fabien Letouzey (2 kyu France), Conny Irl (4 kyu USA), Richard Mullens (5 kyu St Albans) and Alec Edgington (8 kyu). Best newcomer was David Upsdale (14 kyu) on tie-break from Matthew Bolwell (10 kyu). Best games award went to David Ward for his game against Sergei Mezhov. Best improver was Weiguo Sun (3 dan Norway). All on 5 wins got a prize certificate, other winners getting wine or London Open wooden Go stones.

Winners of the 16 player Pair Go were Mihoko Isoda and Masashi Sugiyama (Oxford) and the runners up were Sue Paterson (Brighton) and Piers Shepperson (Slough). The 4-team Rengo was won by Saber Khan (13 kyu) and Tom Urasoe (3 dan) from London, with second Anglo-French Paul Barnard (1 dan), Fabien Letouzy (2 kyu) and Mike Nash (1 kyu). Young Li Shen (4 dan China) beat Saber Kahn on time in the Lightning final (a 16 stone game). Losing semi-finalists were Masashi Sugiyama (2 dan Oxford) and Martin Gomilschak (4 kyu Austria). 28 took part. At the continuous 9x9 Roger Daniel (2 kyu London) was runaway winner having played more than 60 games. Celia Marshall (11 kyu Isle of Man) was second. Guest of honour was professional player Yuki Shegeno. She analysed kyu-players games and the top game before prizegiving.

1st Scottish Barlow 14/12/02

17 players 1 kyu to 15 kyu from Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Cambridge attended the first Scottish Barlow in Edinburgh. Winner on 4/4 was Jim Cook (2 kyu Edinburgh). Runners up were Art McEndrick (1 kyu Edinburgh) and Shinpei Tanaka (3 kyu Edinburgh). Also on 3/4 were Claas Roever (5 kyu Newcastle), Phil Blamire (5 kyu Edinburgh) and Georg Martius (12 kyu Edinburgh).

West Surrey Handicap 08/12/02

Taiko Nakamura (5 dan Epsom) won the Tournament. Second was Tim Hunt (3 dan Open University). On 4/4 were Kay Dackombe (35 kyu) and Guy Plowman (12 kyu Epsom). On 3/4 were Alan Thornton (2 dan St. Albans), Geoff Kaniuk (2 kyu London), Bill Streeten (5 kyu Wanstead), David Denholm (5 kyu high Wycombe), Erwin Bonsma (6 kyu), Toby Anderson (8 kyu Bournemouth) and Chris Dunthorne (19 kyu Reading). Three Reading players won prizes in the 13x13: Chris Dunthorne (19 kyu), Richard Brand (11 kyu) and Ron Bell (4 kyu). 38 players took part.

National Small Board 24/11/02

At Whittlesford near Cambridge. 28 players and more than 80 Chess players.
Champion Jinhoon Yoon (6 dan Cambridge) with 8/9.
Second was David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) with 6/9.
Handicap Winner William Brooks (6 kyu Cambridge) with 8/9.
Prize winners (including handicap games): Stephen Burgess (9 kyu Cambridge), Qian Yong Dong (3 kyu Milton Keynes), Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey), Phil Hand (7 kyu Cambridge).
Winner of the Go junior beginners event and Go problems was Matthew Harris of Cambridge.

Three Peaks Tournament 09/11/02-10/11/02

A record 66 players attended the Three Peaks Tournament held as usual at The Marton Arms in the Yorkshire Dales. Winner was Jinhoon Yoon (6 dan Cambridge) who is still unbeaten in UK events. Second was H.G. Choi (3 dan Durham) with 4/5. Celia Marshall (12 kyu Isle of Man) won all 5 games and the following won 4/5: Mike Cockburn (1 dan St Albans), Clive Hendrie (1 dan Bracknell), Andrew Morris (1 kyu Lancaster), Robin Hobbes (3 kyu Manchester), Fred Holroyd (4 kyu Open University), Richard Moulds (4 kyu Manchester) and Stephen Streater (11 kyu Epsom).

33rd Wessex Tournament 27/10/02

Despite high winds 89 players took part in the Wessex at Marlborough. Winner of the Fred Guyatt 13x13 was Paul Barnard (1 dan Swindon) and Bracknell's team Eeyore won the team prize. Winner was Jinhoon Yoon (6 dan Cambridge). Winners of the other divisions were: 2 Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell), 3 Chris Scarff (1 dan Swindon), 4 Sai Young Park (1 kyu Epsom), 5 Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester), 6 Philippe Bourrez (4 kyu West Surrey), 7 Julian Davies (6 kyu Bristol), 8 Nicola Hurden (11 kyu Bracknell), 9 Paul Blockley (15 kyu Worcester). Only Jinhoon and Nicola won all 4 games.

Women's Weekend 20/10/02

Winner of the go ban trophy for the side event at the Women's Weekend was young Elly Culmer from Penzance, narrowly inching out Rasa Norinkeviciute from Eastbourne. Main focus of the weekend was teaching by Guo Juan (7 dan).

London International Teams 19/10/02

Five 6-player teams attended the autumn team match at the Crosse Keys. Yet again the winners were Cambridge with 18 points, including on their side Jinhoon Yoon and David Ward who both won all 4 games. There were quite a few upsets with a 2 kyu beating a dan player and a 1 dan beating a 3 dan. The highest graded players on 3/4 were Piers Shepperson, Jim Barty, John Fairbairn and Quentin Mills. The other teams scores were CLGC 16, Reading 10, Oriental 10 and Epsom 6.

Wanstead 12/10/02

58 players attended Wanstead including some first timers. Winner was Jinhoon Yoon (6 dan Cambridge). Also winning 4/4 was Patrick Donovan (9 kyu Eastbourne). The following got prizes for 3/4: Young Kim (5 dan London), Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Mike Cockburn (1 dan St. Albans), Charles Leedham-Green (1 dan Wanstead), Helen Harvey (1 kyu Chester), Matthew Selby (2 kyu Epsom), Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey), Ron Bell (4 kyu Reading), Richard Mullens (5 kyu St. Albans), Erwin Bonsma (6 kyu Unattached), Jonathan Englefield (17 kyu High Wycombe). Also on 3/4 were Andy Marden (10 kyu) and Craig Young (11 kyu). A special prize was donated by Syd Noah for the worst dan player.

Milton Keynes 29/09/02

64 players attended the Open University for the annual Milton Keynes Tournament. Unbeaten winner was Min Yang (4 dan Oxford). He beat Young Kim (5 dan London) and then David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) in the last round. Second with 3/3 was Simon Goss (2 dan Bracknell). Also on 3/3 were Niall Cardin (1 dan Oxford), Chris Pooley (5 kyu Oxford), Erwin Bonsma (7 kyu Unattached) and Jonathan Englefield (18 kyu High Wycombe). With 2.5 was Roger Daniel (2 kyu London). Oxford won the team prize and William Brooks (8 kyu Cambridge) won a prize for 5/5 on the MK Map Go Board.

Cornwall Tournaments 14/09/02 - 15/09/02

19 players took part in the Cornish Handicap Tournament on the Saturday in Penzance. Winner of the Go Bowls trophy on 4/4 was Annie Hall (30 kyu Bracknell) and second on 4/5 was Ian Marsh (1 dan Bracknell).
26 players took part in the Cornwall Tournament on the Sunday. Winner of the Devon Go Stone for second year running was Alistair Wall (4 dan Wanstead). Runner up was Toby Manning (3 dan Leamington). Players winning wooden stones for 3/3 were: Elly Finnis (22 kyu) and Rebecca Fearn (26 kyu), both from West Cornwall.

Northern 07/09/02-08/09/02

62 players attended the Northern at St. Anselm's Hall University of Manchester. Winner with 6/6 was Li Haiou, a Chinese 6 dan who has just moved to Liverpool. Second was Tim Hunt (2 dan Open Uni) on 5/6. Other prize winners for 6 wins: Will Segerman (11 kyu Brighton) and Eleanor Thomas (21 kyu); for 5 wins: Andrew Morris (1 kyu Lancaster), Charles Shin (2 kyu Manchester), Steve Bailey (4 kyu West Surrey), Paul Russell (4 kyu Cambridge), Michael Pickles (7 kyu York), Gary Beman (9 kyu Leamington Spa).

 Li Haiou receives the trophy

Isle of Man 18/08/02-23/08/02

The Isle of Man Go Week was held at the Falcon's Nest in Port Erin. 36 players took part in the main Open event - Winner on 5/5 was Piers Shepperson (4 dan CLGC), second was David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) and third Tony Atkins (1 dan Bracknell) both on 4/5. Also on 4/5 were father and son from Portugal Jose (6 kyu) and Miguel (14 kyu) Teles de Menezes. On 3/4 was Gary Beman (9 kyu Leamington).
The 29-player Afternoon Tournament was a win for Francis Roads (4 dan Wanstead). Simon Bexfield (1 dan Letchworth) and Alistair Brooks (20 kyu Swindon) also won 3/3. Francis Roads also won the 16-player 13x13. David King and Eric Hall (Swindon) won the 12-pair Rengo. Top prize winner was young William Brooks (8 kyu Cambridge): he won the Die-Hards, the Lightning and the Handicap and was in the winning team for the Quiz (Clean Shaven) and the Team Lightning (Still Clean Shaven). David Ward and Ian Marsh (1 dan Bracknell) won 5/6 in the Handicap. Alex Beman (25 kyu Leamington) was second in the Lightning.

Mind Sports Olympiad 15/08/02

Held at Loughborough University the 6th MSO featured a beginners Go event and the main Go Championship. Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) took Gold for the second time, with Silver going to loosing finalist Alex Selby (3 dan Cambridge). Mark Collinson (1 kyu York) won 3/3 to earn him Bronze. Chris Goldsmith (11 kyu Cambridge) also won 3/3. 18 players took part.

Epsom Tournament 10/08/02

The first Epsom Tournament attracted 60 players including a very strong top group. Also the first British Championship game was held. Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan). All players on two and three wins got prizes thanks to sponsor Forbidden Technologies Plc. Those with three were: Alan Thornton (2 dan St Albans), Paul Clarke (1 dan Maidenhead), Epsom's David Pemberton (4 kyu), Brian Kelly (5 kyu) and Roland Halliwell (9 kyu), and Reading's Richard Brand (14 kyu) and Chris Laker (19 kyu). Best team was the Epsom Duffers. Roland Halliwell also won the 9x9 and Alison Bexfield (2 dan) the 13x13.

Letchworth Tournament 13/07/02

40 players attended the first tournament at Letchworth Garden City which launched the new go club there. Winner was David Ward (4 dan Cambridge) who beat Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford) in the final. Organiser Simon Bexfield was one of those on three wins. The others were Richard Mullens (5 kyu Stevenage), Shawn Hearn (6 kyu Bracknell), Nicola Hurden (10 kyu Bracknell). Roger Daniel won the first to enter award and Jil Segerman got a prize for playing all four games in the 13x13 competition.

Welsh Open 29/06/02-30/06/02

44 players attended the tenth Welsh Open in Barmouth. Winner for the tenth time (48 wins unbeaten) was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington). On 5 wins was Shawn Hearn (7 kyu Bracknell). On 4 wins were Dan Gilder (2 dan Manchester), Gerry Mills (1 dan Monmouth), David King (1 kyu Swindon), Andrew Marshall (13 kyu Isle of Man) and Jonathan Englefield (20 kyu High Wycombe). The team prize was won by the Eeyore team comprising Simon Goss, Shawn Hearn, Emma Marchant and Jonathan Englefield. In the 9x9 the highest winning % was by Ron Bell and the Marathon man (most games) was Roger Daniel. A booby prize went to Edward Marshall.

Leicester Tournament 15/06/02

38 players took part in the 25th Leicester. A top group jigo meant Tim Hunt (2 dan Open University) was judged the winner ahead of previous champion Simon Shiu (4 dan Bristol). Phil Ward-Ackland (6 k West Wales) was only player to win all 3 games. Tony Atkins (2 dan Bracknell) won the most games in the 13x13 and Shawn Hearn (7kyu Berks Youth) played the most games.

Birmingham (Jubilee) Tournament 01/06/02

31 players assembled alongside the 4NCL chess event at the Grand Hotel in the centre of Birmingham. Winner was Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan Leamington) and second was Piers Shepperson (5 dan CLGC). With 3 wins were Mike Cumpstey (2 kyu Manchester) and Gareth Jones (11 kyu Leicester ). Continuous 9 by 9 winner was Peter Fisher (4 kyu Leicester) with 10 wins.

British Pair Go Championships 19/05/02

Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen retained the Pair Go Championship. Like last year they beat Natasha Regan and Matthew Cocke in the final. Best of the handicap group were Nicola Hurden (10 kyu) and Shawn Hearn (7 kyu). Best dressed pair were Alison and Simon Bexfield. Quiz winners were Emma Marchant and Simon Goss.

Bracknell 12/05/02

Best of the 50 players was Seong-June Kim (6 dan) who beat XiaoDong Wu (5dan), T.Mark Hall (4 dan) and Tracy O (5 dan Bournemouth). Winners of 3 games were Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey), Phillippe Bourrez (4 kyu West Surrey), Shawn Hearn (7 kyu Brakenhale) and Simon Cozens (13 kyu Oxford). Nicola Hurden (10 kyu Bracknell) won the 13x13 and Jim Clare (3 dan Reading) won the flexigon Go puzzle.

Cambridge MSO Go Events 05/05/02-06/05/02

26 kyu players (including a dan level ghost) played the Bar-Low. Winner was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). On 5/5 was Andrew Gardner (14 kyu Cambridge), and on 4/5 were Andrew Walkingshaw (11 kyu Cambridge) and Phil Hand (10 kyu Cambridge). The 9-player Junior event was won by William Brooks (Cambridge).
The Dan's event was won by Jon Diamond (6 dan) on 5/5 and second was Peter Smith (2 dan Cambridge) on 4/5; 10 took part.

Challenger's League, Cambridge 03/05/02-06/05/02

Winner was Matthew Cocke on 6/7 (lost to Cann), second was Seong-June Kim (lost to Cocke and Rix) on 5/7. On 4/7 were David Ward, Young Kim and Des Cann; Alex Rix scored 3, Mike Charles 2 and Alistair Wall was eighth.

London International Teams 28/04/02

Cambridge retained the trophy at the Nippon Club with 15 ahead of Wanstead 14, Nippon 12, Reading 10 and Central London 9. On 4/4 were Roger Daniel and Seong-June Kim. On 3/4 were James Aspden, Itsuo Ishikawa, Kiyohiko Tanaka, Simon Goss, Nick Mandache, David Ward, Andrew Grant and Bill Streeten.

Candidates' Tournament 06/04/02-07/04/02

Seong-June Kim won with 4 wins out of 4. On 3 wins in order (after sos tie-break) were Alex Rix, Alistair Wall, David Ward, Mike Charles and Piers Shepperson. Piers had the worst sos tie-break through missing round 1. The Challenger's League is at the start of May where the first five above join Matthew Cocke, Des Cann and (unconfirmed) Young Kim; Piers is first reserve. There were 18 players at the Oddfellows Hall Leamington.

Leamington Tournament 07/04/02

This year this was a four round rapid played at the Oddfellows Hall Leamington alongside the Candidates' and replaced the former Coventry Tournament. Winner was Des Cann (4 dan Coventry). On 3/4 were Tristan Jones (1 kyu Chester), John Lowe (2 kyu Coventry), Roger Daniel (2 kyu London), Chris Kirkham (2 kyu Manchester), Claas Roever (5 kyu Newcastle), Phil Ackland-Ward (6 kyu Barmouth), Jonathan Englefield (25 kyu High Wycombe). There were 28 players and Matthew Macfadyen and Des Cann did game analysis lectures.

Thames Valley Team Tournament 01/04/02

Bracknell Drunk was the best of six teams with Clive Hendrie and Ian Marsh being the only undefeated players. Special guest Tim Hunt won the continuous 10x10 ahead of Francis Roads.

British Go Congress Edinburgh 23/03/02-24/03/02

48 players took part. Winner was Piers Shepperson (5 dan) who won all 6 games. Second on 5/6 was Francis Roads (4 dan) and third T.Mark Hall (4 dan) on 4/6. Jim Cook (3 kyu Edinburgh) won 5/6. Andrew Marshall (14 kyu Isle of Man) and Richard Thompson (5 kyu Leicester) got prizes for 4/6 and Claas Roever (5 kyu Newcastle) for 4/5. Continuous lightning 13x13 winner was Jonathan Chin (1 dan Cambridge). Nippon Club Cup for best team was retained by Wanstead.

British Lightning Edinburgh 22/03/02

Winner was Shawn Hearn (8 kyu Bracknell). Mike Nash and Roger Daniel both won 4/5. 24 players.

British Youth Go Championships 10/03/02 at Bloxham School

Winners and runners up were:

  • Overall Jimmy Mao (Bristol) Tom Blockley (Worcester)
  • Under 18 Jimmy Mao (Bristol) Tom Blockley (Worcester)
  • Under 16 Shawn Hearn (Bracknell) Matthew Smith (Bloxham)
  • Under 14 William Brooks (Cambridge) Ian McAnally (Manchester)
  • Under 12 Paul Blockley (Worcester) Oscar John (Cambridge)
  • Under 10 (no entrants)
  • Under 8 Ken Dackombe (London)
    The Brian Castledine Trophy was won by the Cambridge Junior Chess and Go Club (William Brooks, Oscar John, Ben Hill-tout). Prizes for 4/5 were won by Jimmy Mao (Bristol), Jonathan Englefield (High Wycombe) and William Brooks (Cambridge). Prizes for the quiz were won by Nathan Harwood (Bloxham), Ben Hill-tout (Cambridge) and Tom Robinson (Norwich).
  • Cambridge Trigantius 03/03/02

    79 players took part in the HITACHI sponsored Trigantius and 5 in the beginners tournament (where Bernd Schmidt, Oscar John and George Matthews, all got 3/4). Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan CLGC) and others on 3/3 were Alison Bexfield (2 dan Letchworth), Erwin Bonsma (8 kyu Ipswich), Andrew Gardner (17 kyu Cambridge), Paul Taylor (4 kyu Cambridge) and best kyu player Simon Rosenblatt (1 kyu Paris). The continuous 13x13 was won by William Brooks (8 kyu Cambridge). The team with no name won the team prize.

    Oxford Tournament 16/02/02

    82 players attended the Oxford. Seong-June Kim was toppled from the top spot by winner Piers Shepperson (5 dan Slough). Players on 3/3 were Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey), Neil Moffatt (6 kyu Cardiff), Mats Karlof (7 kyu CLGC), Shawn Hearn (8 kyu Bracknell), Arthur Sommerville (9 kyu Reading) and Nicola Hurden (10 kyu Bracknell).

    5th Cheshire 09/02/02

    Held during the Crewe Chess Congress, Saturday 9th February 2002 at Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motors Works Restaurant, Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, 30 players attended. Winner of the open section was Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford); second was Tim Hunt (2 dan Milton Keynes). Winner of the handicap section was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). On 4/5 were Brian Timmins (4 kyu Shrewsbury), Stephen Streater (12 kyu Epsom), Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester). Paul Blockley (18 kyu Worcester) was best youth. David Hooper (25 kyu Liverpool) won the 10x10.

    Furze Platt Maidenhead 19/01/02

    78 players attended the HQ of HITACHI Europe Ltd for the 11th Furze Platt.
    Winner was Seong-June Kim (6 dan London) for the third year running.
    Winning 3/3 were second placed Des Cann (4 dan Leamington), Tim Hunt (2 dan Open University), Jason Smith (6 kyu Reading), Ivan Watling (6 kyu Bradford), Roland Halliwell (9 kyu Epsom) and Matthew Clapp (15 kyu Reading). Shawn Hearn (8 kyu Berkshire Youth) won 2.5.
    Thanks to generous sponsorship from HITACHI all on 2/3 got prizes too.
    Team winners were Milton Keynes, Shawn Hearn won the 9x9 and Richard Mullens won a free entry to Paris in a draw run by the London Open organiser.

    Kisei Youth Tournament 13/01/02

    Thanks to Kisei match sponsors Yomiuri Shimbun and Japan 2001 generous prizes and travel expenses were available to the young players at this event. Also unique was the chance to play professionals Michael Redmond and Yuki Shigeno. Michael beat Tom Blockley and Jimmy Mao. Yuki won 5, lost 1, 1 jigo. Winner of the tournament was Jimmy Mao (1 dan Bristol), second was Tom Blockley (Worcester) and third William Brooks (Cambridge). Paul Blockley (18 kyu) and Tom Robinson (35 kyu) won all their games in the handicap section.


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