Overseas Results: 2002

European Fujitsu Cup, 28/11/02-01/12/02

What was announced as the last edition of this top European event was held at the European Go and Cultural Centre in Amsterdam. Romanians dominated. Three favorites went out in round 2: Guo Juan to Bajaneru, Rob Van Zeijst to Csaba Mero and UK's Matthew Macfadyen to Galchenko. Winner was the professional in Japan, Romania's Catalin Taranu.

Kiev Tournament, 22/11/02-24/11/02

The Ukrainian Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour event was won by local 6 dan Dmitrij Bogackij on 6/6. Second on 5/6 was Russian lad Oleg Mezhov (5 dan). Mihail Galchenko and Jurij Plusch, from Kiev, won 4/6. 107 players took part, including lots of local 20 kyus.

World Pair Go Championships, 16/11/02-17/11/02

14 yearold Wang Niqiao and her partner 13 yearold Qian Leping from China won the World Amateur Pair Go. Second was Japanese Pair Kanai Kazuko and Harada Minoru. Next placed were North and South Korea; top western team were Germany in 10th, Russia were 12th, Canada 14th and Romania 15th. UK's Helen and Martin Harvey were 28th beating Indonesia in the first round and losing to Korea, Canada, Taipei amd Denmark

Brussels Tournament, 02/11/02-03/11/02

84 players assembled in Brussels for the annual event, which this time was part of the Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour. Guo Juan (7 dan Netherlands) won despite losing to Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia). Second and third on tie-break (SOS) were Frederic Donzet (5 dan France) and Ion Florescu (6 dan Romania). Nechanicky came fourth ahead of Marco Firnhaber (5 dan Germany). A regular attender from the UK, T.Mark Hall, was 11th.

Copenhagen Tournament, 12/10/02-13/10/02

40 players took part in the Copenhagen Open in the Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour. Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia) was winner on tie break from Ulrik Bro-Jorgensen (3 dan Denmark) and Farid Ben-Malek (6 dan France), as these three each lost to one of the other two. Claudia Bergsaker won the continuous 9x9 event with 9/12.

Bucharest Tournament, 28/09/02-29/09/02

The Romanian Toyota-PandaNet European Go Tour event was won by Dragos Bajaneru with runner up Christian Pop, both Romanian 6 dans. 58 players took part.

Brno Tournament, 13/09/02-15/09/02

The Czech major Toyota European Go Tour event left Prague and was held in Brno (during a time of celebration in that town and not because of Prague's floods). 115 players took part, many local including Vera Zmedkova who won all 6 games at 12 kyu. The winner as expected was Guo Juan (7 dan Netherlands) who narrowly won on tie-break after she lost her last game to a below-bar player. This was young Oleg Mezhov (4 dan Russia) who ended second on 6/6. The group of top players on 4 wins was: Radek Nachanicky (6 dan Czechia), Dmitrij Bogackij (6 dan Ukraine), Marco Firnhaber (5 dan Germany), Csaba Mero (6 dan Hungary) and Mikhail Galchenko (5 dan Ukraine).

US GO Congress, Chicago, 03/08/02-10/08/02

The 18th US Go Congress was held at Concordia University in River Forest just west of Chicago. 21 professionals attended and 227 players took part in the US Open. Jung Hoon Lee won the Open, ahead of Jie Li and Hosuk Yi. Li beat Lee to win the North American Ing Cup and in the Masters Jujo Jiang beat Feng Yun. Pair Go winners were Ted Ning and Wang-yu Chen. There were lots of side events including several events for children. The prizes in the Bob High Memorial Poetry and Song Competition nearly all went to Bob Felice. German Horst Sudhof won nearly all the self-paired prizes; Sinikka Siivola from Finland won the Optimist prize.

European Go Congress, Zagreb, 20/07/02-03/08/02

About 300 took part in the Championships. At the end, Alexandr Dinerstein, the pro from Russia, was unbeaten to be European Champion. Second on 8/10 was Dmitrij Bogackij (Bogatskiy) (6 dan Ukraine). On 7/10 were Mikhail Galchenko (5 dan Ukraine), Svetlana Shikshina (6 dan Russia), Kai Naoyuki (6 dan Japan) and Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany). Heading the 6 wins group were Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia), Csaba Mero (6 dan Hungary), Andrej Cheburakhov (Tchebourakhov) (5 dan Russia) and previous Champion Andrej Kulkov (6 dan Russia). Child star Ilja Shikshin (5 dan) was 11th. Highlight of T.Mark Hall's tournament was a game on board 7 against Ilja's sister, the other Russian pro, Svetlana Shikshina; he ended top Brit at 26th with 6/10. Of the 10 UK players the only other player on half wins was Colin Adams (1 kyu). Winning 9/10 was Gabor Szabo (4 kyu Hungary) and winning 8/10 were Michel Spode (3 kyu Germany), Michal Hola (3 kyu Slovakia) and Jan Milian (5 kyu Slovakia). The Weekend Tournament was also won by Dinerstein, with runner up Csaba Mero and Radek Nechanicky third. Just over 200 took part. Nechanicky beat Dinerstein in the final of the Lightning (Piers Shepperson made the last 16).

World Amateur, 03/06/02-06/06/02

61 countries took part in the World Amateur in Takayama Japan. Unbeaten winner was Li Fu of China. Hong of Korea was second with 7 wins. The group on 6 wins was: Kikuchi of Japan, Ri of North Korea, Victor Chow of South Africa, Cristian Pop of Romania, Yu of Taipei, Guo of Australia, Pierre Colmez of France. USA topped the 5-win group in 10th. Britain's Matthew Cocke (5 dan) was 22nd beating Slovakia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Lithuania, Austria, but losing to Australia, Hong Kong and USA. Ireland's John Gibson was 57th beating Ecuador and Indonesia.

Hamburg, 18/05/02-19/05/02

The Hamburg Affensprung (monkey jump) was the third Toyota Tour event and attracted 118 players. Guo Juan did not falter as she won a perfect 6. German resident Du Jingyu was second with 5. Germany's own Christoph Gerlach headed the group on 4 wins to be third.

Amsterdam Tournament, 10/05/02-12/05/02

The 31st Amsterdam attracted 109 players to the Go Centre and it was a Toyota Tour event. Winner on 6/6 was Fan Hui. Guo Juan and Du Jingyu both lost to the winner to end on 5/6.

Bled, 19/04/02-21/04/02

60 players went to the first Toyota Tour of the new season in Slovenia. Czech players dominated, Radek Nechanicky won on sos tie break from Vladimir Danek, who had beaten him but lost to local 5 dan Eduard Ekart. Jan Hora was third with 4/6.

Paris Toyota Tour Finals, 30/03/02-01/04/02

229 players took part including six from UK. Quentin Mills, Natasha Regan and Richard Mullens won 3/6. Winner on 6/6 was Fan Hui. On 5/6 were Du Jingyu, Guo Juan and Miyakawa Wataru.

European Youth Goe Championships, 14/03/02-17/03/02

Held in Prague in Czechia, Pal Balogh (5 dan Hungary) won the 109-player under-18 section. Second was Timur Dugin (3 dan Russia) and third Oleg Mezhov (4 dan Russia). All three won 5/6. Best of the 88 under-12 players was Andrej Kravec (2 kyu Ukraine) and Andrej Lashaev (5 kyu Russia), both on 5/6.

Ing Cup, 08/03/02-10/03/02

The Ing Cup in St Petersburg was won Alexandr Dinerchtein ahead of Guo Juan (who lost to Pop). Matthew Macfadyen was equal sixth with 4 wins out of six.

Irish Open, 08/03/02-11/03/02

Winner of new trophy presented by Gerry Mills: Toby Manning (3 dan England). Second Michael Marz (3 dan Germany), third Stephen Flinter (1 dan Ireland), fourth Gerry Mills (1 dan Wales). 4/4 Frederic Mircovic (8 kyu France). 24 players.
Irish Rapid: (games played handicap + 1) 1. Tony Atkins (2 dan), 2. Michael Marz (3 dan), 3= Colin Adams (1 kyu), Toby Manning (3 dan); 20 players.
Irish Handicap: winner Cian Synnott (9 kyu Ire), 2. Colin Adams, 3 Michael Marz.

European Pair Go Championships, Cannes, 01/03/02-03/03/02

First France (Myrtille Cristiani and Paul Drouot) on tie break from Germany (Daniela Trinks and Lutz Franke) and Romania (Irina Suciu and Mihai Petre Bisca). Natasha Regan and Matthew Cocke (UK) were fourth (lost Romania and Germany, beat France Netherlands and Italy). Ten pairs took part.

Toyota & Denso European Go Oza Championship

This new big event was held at the Go Centre in Amstelveen (NL) from 07/02/02-10/02/02.
Matthew Macfadyen won 3/4 to get to knockout stage where he lost to Franz-Josef Dickhut.
Winner of the Oza was Alexandr Dinerchtein beating Dragos Bajenaru in the final. Other events included Pair Go, Children's and the Open (won by Fan Hui).


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