Overseas Results: 2001

Italian MSO, 07/12/01-09/12/01

This 71 player Fujitsu Qualifier was won by Federick Donzet (5 dan France).

Fujitsu Cup, Amsterdam, 06/12/01-08/12/01

Winner was Rob van Zeijst (Netherlands). Second was Alexandr Dinerchtein (Russia). Losing semi-finalists were Guo Juan (Netherlands) and Svetlana Shikshina (Russia). Britain's Matthew Macfadyen lost to Svetlana in the quarter-finals. He beat F-J. Dickhut (Germany) in the previous round.

Brussels, 10/11/01-11/11/01

Guo Juan (7 dan Netherlands) was not put off her stride by the recent death of her husband, Wiet Bouma, after a long illness. She was easily the best of the 76 players at the annual Belgian event winning all 5 games. Second and third were two 5 dans, Paul Drouot (France) and Filip Vanderstappen (Netherlands), who finished ahead of three six dans but avoided playing Guo. T.Mark Hall was tenth, Mark Cumper who is still living in Antwerp was 18th and David Hall was there from the UK too.

Moscow FQ, 27/10/01-28/10/01

74 players at the last Fujitsu qualifier of 2000-2001 season. Winner Alexei Lazarev (6 dan Russia) on 6/6. Second Dmitrij Surin on 5/6.

Belgrade TT, 19/10/01-21/10/01

45 players at Yugoslavian Toyota Tour event. Winner Csaba Mero (6 dan Hungary) on 5/6. Second Tibor Pocsai (6 dan Hungary) also 5/6.

Bratislava TT, 05/10/01-07/10/01

59 players at Slovakian Toyota Tour event. Winners Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czechia) and Csaba Mero (6 dan Hungary). Third Victor Bogdanov (6 dan Russia).

Prague TT, 14/09/01-16/09/01

114 players at major Toyota Tour event in Czech Republic.
Winners on 5/6 Ion Florescu (6 dan Romania) and Radek Nechanicky (6 dan Czechia).
Third Tibor Pocsai (6 dan Hungary). UK's Harry Fearnley (2 dan) was 36th.

World Youth Goe Championships

In Maui, Hawaii, Korea won both sections of the WYGC. Under-18 winner was Kim Hyung-Hwan and under-12 was Kwon Hyung-Jin. Russia's Ilia Chikchine was third under-12 and 8 year old Curtis Tang of the USA was fourth. Unfortunately the Chinese could not get Visas.

US Go Congress 22/07/01-29/07/01

The seventeenth US Go Congress was held in York, Pennsylvania. The American Go E-Journal reported that 255 players entered the main tournament from American and around the world. Also 14 professionals were there to provide teaching and there were many side events of course. The Congress Champion was Yongfei Ge; Ke Huang won the American Ing Cup. Thomas Hsiang and Debbie Siemon won the Pair Go and Eric Lui the Junior Handicap.

A party of Russian and Ukrainian players attended on their way to the World Youth Goe Championships in Hawaii. Victor Bogdanov was third in the 6 dan section of the Championships and Sergei Ouspenski, Dina Bourdakova, Ilia Chikchine and Mykhalo Koslov all won at least one prize.

European Go Congress Dublin 21/07/01-04/08/01

Sarajevo Open Bosnia 14/07/01-15/07/01

This 19-player event was won by Yugoslavia's Mijodrag Stankovic (5dan); his only loss was to Bosnia's Dragan Baraiac (5 dan).

European Team Go Championship 06/07/01-08/07/01

The infrequently fought European Teams was in held in Moscow, Russia. First was the Russia-2 team from Tatarstan with 9 points out of 10. Second was Russia-1. Third was Ukraine, fourth was United Asia, fifth was Germany, then the Russian Juniors, Slovakia and lastly Finland.

CEMSO 01/07/01-08/07/01

The Central European Mind Sports Olympiad was a new event held this year in Prague. Tibor Pocsai won the 62-player main event. Fellow Hungarian Gabor Szabics won the Lightning. Julian Toma of Romania won the Handicap (group A) and Radek Nechanicky won the Czech-only Championship. Pair Go Champions were Kamila Holeckova and Martin Valek, and Petr Nechanicky won the two small board events.

Helsinki 30/06/01-01/07/01

Matti Siivola, European Secretary and local organiser, won the Finnish Toyota Tour event, including a win over second placed Viktor Bogdanov. There were 22 players in what must be the smallest Tour event so far.

Warsaw TT (Poland) 23/06/01-24/06/01

Danek was again the winner of a TT event. Second was Gheorge Colne Burzo (5 dan Romania) and third was Tobor Pocsai (5 dan Hungary). Piers Shepperson was 10th out of 80 players.

World Amateur, Hyuga Japan 10/06/01-15/06/01

Des Cann of UK won 3/8 to take 39th. He lost to Bisca of Romania, beat Peru (Alberto Kohatsu), lost to Harry Taari of Sweden and lost to Vesa Laatikainen of Finland in Round 4. Round 5 he beat Hatame Araki of Morocco. Round 6 was lost against Leonid Entin of Israel, but in round 7 he beat Fernando Manrique Ochoa of Columbia. Round 8 was a loss to Radek Nechaincky (Czechia).

Brian Gallagher of Ireland also win 3 to take 47th but beat Jose Teles de Menezes of Portugal, Mandish Singh of India and also Columbia.

Top clash in round 6 was Japan v China. China survived and Dai Chun Li won the championship with a straight 8. Kanazawa of Japan ended second on 7/8. The next seven players all won 6/8. Third was Liu of Australia, 4 was Ko of Korea, 5 was Lazarev of Russia, 6 Yu of Canada, 7 Wang of Hong Kong, 8 Lin of Taiwan and 9 Fernando Aguilar of Argentina. The countries on 5/8 were in order Luxembourg (Heiser), Czechia (Nechanicky), USA (Kim), France (Roche), Hungary (Koszegi), Netherlands (Eijkhout), Ukraine (Yatsenko), Austria (Huttler), Germany (Dickhut), Romania (Bisca) and Poland (Giedrosz).

Hamburg Affensprung TT 02/06/01-04/06/01

Guo Juan (7 dan) won this, the top German event with 6/6. Second was Du Jingyu and third Christoph Gerlach, both with 5/6. 144 took part.

Amsterdam TT (EGCC) 24/05/01-27/05/01

As expected Guo Juan (7 dan) won her local Toyota Tour event with a clean 6/6. Fellow Dutch with 5/6 were Michael Eijkhout and Emil Nijhuis. UK's Piers Shepperson (5 dan) won 3/6. 121 players took part.

Zagreb TT (Croatian Open Championship) 19/05/01-20/05/01

The top 3 places went to Hungarians. First Tibor Pocsai (5 dan) with 4/5, and joint second was Gabor Szabics and Pal Balogh. Fourth was top Croatian player Zoran Mutabzija and fifth Russian Viktor Bogdanov. 46 players took part.

Budapest TT (Hungary) 12/05/01-13/05/01

69 players played in Budapest, the first Toyota Tour of the new cycle. Winner of a tie for first was Czech Vladimir Danek ahead of Pop, Florescu and Pocsai.

Bled FJ Qualifier 28/01/01-29/04/01

62 players (10 graded 5 dan or over) took part in the top Slovenian event. Winner was Czech 6 dan Radek Nechanicky with 6/6, second was Danek on 5 and third Bogdanov with 4.

Milan FJ Qualifier 21/04/01-22/04/01

57 players took part in the 7th Mauro Brambilla Memorial. Winner was Czech 6 dan Vladimir Danek with 5/5, Russia's Victor Bogdanov scored 4/5 and Dejan Stankovic (5 dan Yugoslavia) was third with 3/5.

Toyota Tour Placings 2000-2001

First was Victor Bogdanov with 103.83 from 7 events. Second was Vladimir Danek with 100.16 from 9 events. Others in the top ten were Du Jingu (78), Diana Koszegi (60.5), Guo Juan (58), Matthew Macfadyen (40), Fang Hui (38), Miyawaka Wataru (30), Radek Nechanicky (29) and Geert Groenen (28.56). Seong-June Kim was 14th with 24. Other UK places: Shepperson 46, Wang 48, Rix 51, Hall 52.

Paris TT Finals 14/04/01-16/04/01

204 players from 7 dan to 20 kyu took part in the last event of the first Toyota Go Tour. First was China's Hui Fan (7 dan) with 6/6, second Du Jingyu (7 dan 5/6) and third Miyakawa Wataru (7 dan 5/6). On 4/6 were Koji Watanabe, Jean- Francois Seailles, Diana Koszegi, Jean Michel, Victor Bogdanov, Frank Janssen, Gabor Szabics and Julien Roubertie.

European Pairs Bosnia 06/04/01-08/04/01

Seven Pairs, mostly from east Europe took part. First was Martina Simonkova from Czechia (5/5), second Liliana Iacob and Iulian Toma from Romania (3/4), Ann and Jan Lubos from Poland (3/5), fourth Natasha Regan and Alex Selby of UK (2/4).

Irish Open, Dublin 31/03/01-01/04/01

The 12th Irish Open was attended by 16 players. Winner for the second time was Gerry Mills, 1 dan Wales. He won 4/5 and had a better SOS tie-break than Noel Mitchell (2 dan Ireland) who was 2nd. Third was Alistair Wall (4 dan England), one of Gerry's victims, and Tony Atkins (2 dan England), who was the only player to beat Gerry.

Velden 25/03/01

The Austrian Toyota Tour event was attended by 54. Joint winners on 4/5 were 6 dans Victor Bogdanov and Vladimir Danek. Third by SOS was Radek Nechanicky and fourth was Gabor Szabics. Christian Nentwich scored 2/5.

Ing Cup Amsterdam 09/03/01-11/03/01

24 of the top European players were selected to take part in the Ing Cup. No player was unbeaten but the winner on tie-break was Alexander Dinerchtein (7 dan Russia). Losing the tie were Guo Juan (7 dan NL), Laurent Heiser (6 dan Lux) and Christian Pop (6 dan Romania). Best of the 57 players in the open event was Geert Groenen (6 dan) ahead of Filip van der Stappen (5 dan) and Wijnand Hijkoop (1 dan) all from the Netherlands.

European Youth Poland 01/03/01-04/03/01

A huge number of children plus their teachers and families went to Ustron in south-west Poland for the European Youth Goe Championships. 65 took part in the under 12 section. Ilie Chikchine (2 dan Russia) was the winner on 6/6. Second was Jan Prokop (4 dan Czechia) on 5/6 and third was Mykola Gluschenko (1 dan Ukraine). Under 18 winner was Pal Bologh (4 dan Hungary). Second by a small tie-break score was Diana Koszegi (5 dan Hungary), also on 5/6. Ondrej Silt (4 dan Czechia) topped the list of 4/6 winners. A tour party from Japan lost a match.

Barcelona FJ Qualifier 17/02/01-18/02/01

Winner of the 63 player Barcelona was Miyakawa Wataru (6 dan) who lost to fourth placed Mikaki Masaru. Close second was the 1 dan pro from Korea, Kim. Heading the group on 3/5, in third was the Czech Vladimir Danek. Also in the 3/5 group were David Ward and Alistair Wall.


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