Overseas Results: 2000

Fujitsu Cup Amsterdam 08/12/00-10/12/00

24 top European players took part. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen beat Emil Nijhuis, Alex Dinerstein, Geert Groenen, but lost to Ion Florescu who had already beaten professional Catalin Taranu. The other semi-final was between Guo Juan who had beaten Christian Pop and Robert Mateescu who had beaten Rob van Zeijst. Guo won the final.

11th International Amateur Pair Go Championships 18/11/00-19/11/00

Winners were Kwon Mi-Hyon and Rim Hyon-Chol, both students, from North Korea. They beat South Korea in the last round. On 4/5 were pairs from Japan, Taipei and South Korea. Best Europeans scoring 3/5 were France, Hungary and Poland. Germany won a best dressed prize. The event was held in Tokyo at the Hotel Metropolitan. The UK did not have a place this year.

Gothenburg TT 04/11/00-05/11/00

31 players took part at the Swedish Toyota Tour Tournament. Britain's own Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) won first place yet again with 5/5. Second was Vladimir Danek (6 dan Czechia) with 4/5 and Li Xiangdong (3 dan Sweden) topped the group on 3/5 in third place.

Ing Computer Goe Championship

This year was to be the last for this competition, and it was held in Guiyang, China. 14 programs competed, and as usual, the top finishers have full time programmers. The lesson for the go programmers is that accurate life and death reading has become really important. Many games between the top programs were decided by life/death reading failures. The winner was Wulu, programmed by Lei Xiuyu (China), in 2nd place Goemate by Chen Zhixing (China), and 3rd was Go4++ by Michael Reiss (Great Britain).

Brussels TT

66 players. First Guo Juan on tie break from Vladimir Danek, Emil Nijhuis and Geert Groenen all on 4/5. Fifth was Belgium's own Allain Wettach, sixth Filip van der Stappen and seventh UK's T.Mark Hall all on 3/5.


First was Diana Koszegi with 5/5, second Tibor Pocsai, third Ondrej Silt and Vladimir Danek.

Bucharest TT

63 players. First was Cristian Pop with 6/6, second Dragos Bajenaru and third equal Victor Bogdanov and Vladimir Danek.

Praha TT

98 players. Won by Leszek Soldan on tie break from Viktor Bogdanov and Diana Koszegi. Fourth was Martin Kuzela and fifth Radek Nechanicky.

Obayashi Cup

202 players took part in the 9th Cup at the EGCC in Amsterdam. Four players from Britain took part: Sally Prime (7 kyu Oxford) and Christin Meiklejohn (2 dan London) won 2/4. The top 16 players (3 or 4 wins 3 dan to 7 dan) proceded to the knockout. Danek knocked out Guo, but lost to van der Stappen. Dickhut knocked out Kuin, Janssen and van der Stappen. Du Jingu knocked out Roebertie, Zhao, Colmez and Dickhut to win the first prize.

US Open 05/08/00-13/08/00

The 16th US Go Congress was held at Denver University in Colorado. 238 players took part. Top British hope was Piers Shepperson who had chosen to play in the 4 dan section. He won his first four games and ended up second in the section behind young Eric Lui. The main Tournament winner was Ted Ning who finished ahead of Thomas Hsiang and Jong Moon Lee. The Lightning winner was Piers Shepperson who beat Ned Phipps in the final.

European Go Congress 29/07/00-12/08/00

This was held in Strausberg near Berlin in Germany. Winner of the 501 player Main Tournament was Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea) with 10/10. Second was Alexander Dinerstein (7 dan Russia) with 9/10 and third was Zhao Pei (6 dan China) with 8/10. T.Mark Hall (4 dan) was placed 55th and Francis Roads (4 dan) was 60th with 5/10. Natasha Regan (3 kyu) won 4/5 games. The Weekend Tournament was won by Kim Se Hyun (7 dan Korea) with 5/5. On 4/5 were Alexander Dinerstein (7 dan Russia), Lee Hyuk (7 dan Korea) and Du Jingu (7 dan China). Of the British entrants, Ian Meiklejohn (2 dan) came highest at 133 out of 403 players, and Pauline Bailey (14 kyu) had the most wins on 4/5. The Rapid was won by Andrej Kulkov (5 dan, Russia); Francis Roads came 45th out of 195.

Russia TT

The fifth Toyota Tour event was held as part of a week-long Russian Go Congress in Moscow ending on the 9th July. 119 players took part. Alexei Lazarev finished first by 1 SOS point ahead of Alexander Dinerstein, both on 5/6. Third was Andrei Kulkov (still only 17), fourth Mikhail Galchenko and fifth Roman Gatallin.


115 players took part in Hamburg Toyota Tour Tournament and the result was a repeat of Amsterdam of a week earlier: Du Jingu won and Guo Juan was second with 6/6 and 5/6 again. Stefan Budig (4 dan) only lost to the top two to be third. Fourth was Egbert Rittner (6 dan) and fifth was Benjamin Teuber (4 dan), also on 4/6.

World Amateur

56 countries attended the World Amateur in Sendai Japan. Britain's Charles Matthews was 32nd with 4/8. His results were -Netherlands +Mexico -Chile +Venezuela -Thailand +Spain -Slovenia +South Africa. First was Sakai of Japan and next places were DPR Korea, Korea, China, Singapore, Netherlands (Geert Groenen), Germany (David Schoffel), Romania (Ion Florescu). Stephen Flinter for Ireland was 46th.

Amsterdam TT   01/06/00-04/06/00

The third Toyota Tour tournament was held at the EGCC in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Four of the 148 players had travelled from the UK - Harry Fearnley (2 dan) scoring 4/6. Winner of the tournament was Du Jingu with 6/6, second was Guo Juan with 5/6 and third was Frank Janssen the best on 4/6. The only other player to win 6/6 was young Kei Shinada (3 kyu) who is living in Belgium.

Zagreb   27/05/00-28/05/00

The Croatian major was attended by 36 players and won by Zoran Mutabzija (5 dan), the best on 4/5.

Budapest   13/05/00-14/05/00

58 players attended the major tournament in Hungary. Winner was Tibor Pocsai (5 dan) on 5/5 and second was Diana Koszegi (5 dan Hu) on 4/5.

Bled TT   06/05/00-07/05/00

59 players attended the second Toyota Tour tournament, held in Bled, Slovenia. Joint winners on 5/6 were Vladimir Danek (6 dan Cz) and Tibor Pocsai (5 dan Hungary); third on tie-break was Gert Schneider (5 dan Austria).

Milan TT 29/04/00-30/04/00

Best of the 73 players at the first ever European Toyota Go Tour event was Vladimir Danek (Czech) on 5/5. On 4/5 was Viktor Bogdanov (Russia) and best of the group on 3/5 was Leon Matoh (Slovenia).

Paris 22/04/00-23/04/00

The 2000 Paris was won by Du Jingyu (7 dan China) with 6/6; 2. Pei Zhao (6 dan China), 3. Miyakawa Wataru (6 dan Japan) both 5/5; 4 Erik Puyt (5 dan NL), 5. Jeff Seailles (5 dan F), 6. Frank Janssen (6 dan NL), 7. Guo Juan (7 dan NL). 6 of the 239 players were from UK, best scorer being Malcolm Schonfield (1 kyu London) with 4/6.

European Pair Go

Brno in Czech Republic was the venue for the 2000 event. 15 counties attended. As usual Germany won with 5/5. Next came Hungary and the Netherlands on 4 and Romania and the UK lead the group on 3/5. Jackie Chai and Francis Roads won the furthest traveled pair prize and had results +Yugoslavia, +Czechia B, -Germany, +Croatia, -Hungary.

Dublin 31/03/00-03/04/00

The 11th Irish Open was attended by 33 players. Winner was Richard Hunter (4 dan Tokyo). Second on tie-break was Des Cann (4 dan Leamington). Third was David Ward (3 dan Cambridge). Winners on 5/5 were Alan Held (3 kyu Switzerland) and Roger Murby (7 kyu Cambridge), and on 4/5 Natasha Regan (5 kyu Epsom) and Gerry Mills (1 dan South-East Wales). Rapid Tournament winner was Konagai (7p) with 5/5. Second was David Ward (4/5 including beating Saijo 8p) and third was Michael Marz (2 dan Germany). Handicap Champion was Des Cann.

Ing Chang Ki Memorial Cup

24 players from 12 countries in strength from 4 to 7 dan responded to the invitation to attended the Ing Chang Ki Memorial in Helsinki from 10th to 12th March. Unbeaten in first place was the Korean from Moscow: Lee Hyuk. On 5/6 was second placed Alexander Dinerstein (Russia) who only lost to the winner. Guo Juan (Netherlands) lost to both the top players to come third. Also on 4/6 were Robert Mateescu (Romania), Matthew Macfadyen (UK), Felix von Arnim (Germany), Christian Pop (Romania) and Gert Groenen (Netherlands). Matthew's results were +Soldan, +Florescu, -Mateescu, +Eijkhout, -Hyuk and +Lazarev to give him fifth equal.

5th European Youth

This was held in picturesque mountain town of Sinaia in Romania from 3rd to 5th March. A large number of Romanian children took part in the two McMahon system sections. Professional Yuki Shigeno was on hand to teach and encourage them. In the Under-18 section there were 64 players, the winner being Hungarian 5 dan Diana Koszegi. On 5/6 were Andreii Kulkov (3 dan Russia) and Timour Douguine (2 dan Russia). In the Under-12 section there were only 61 players. Winner was Ilia Chikchine (2 kyu Russia) and runner up on 5/6 was Mykola Gluschenko (1 dan Ukraine).


Barcelona, 19/02/00-20/02/00 was won by Miyakawa Wataru (6 dan F) on 5/5. Second was Du Jingyu (7 dan D). Two UK players won 3/5: Natasha Regan (6 kyu) and Matthew Selby (7 kyu).


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