Overseas Results: 1999

European Results

Brussels30/10/99-31/10/99:68 players.1st Guo Juan (7 dan), 2nd Pierre Colmez.
Gothenburg06/11/99-07/11/99:32 players.1st Harry Taari (3 dan) on tie-break from Magnus Kylemark and Kasper Hornbaek.
Prague20/11/99-21/11/99:96 players.1st Radek Nechanicky (6 dan) on tie-break from Leszek Soldan; third Vladimir Danek.
Fujitsu Cup11/12/99-12/12/99: 1st Rob Van Zeijst, 2nd Viktor Bogdanov, 3rd Guo Juan Catalin Taranu. Bogdanov beat Dinerstein, Pietsch and Guo.


This is the Pro's Pair go competition in Japan. Winners of the final were Yoshida Mika and Toono Hiroaki; they beat Hosaka Mayu and Yamada Kimio by resignation on 08/01/00 in Osaka. Umezawa Yukari and Kataoka Satoshi (lost by 2.5 points) and Chinen Kaori and Rin Kaiho (lost by 4.5) were the losing semi-finalists.

World Amateur Pair Go Championships

32 teams from 22 countries took part in the 10th annual tournament. Winners were Goto Naoko and Taga Bungo from Osaka. Japan were also second, Korea third, China 6, USA 12, Germany 13, New Zealand 15 and France 16. UK's Alison Jones and Tony Atkins were 24th beating Malaysia and Belgium, but losing to North Korea, Taipei and France.

International Cities Wei Qi Competition 25/11/99-28/11/99

Held in Guilin, China, with teams from Guilin (two), Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kaohsiung, London, Macau, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. The third round was played on a boat travelling from Yangshuo to Guilin on the Li river. The London team were John Fairbairn (Team Leader), T Mark Hall and Alex Rix. The top places were: 1. Guilin no 1, 2. Taipei, 3. Tokyo, 4. Macau, 5. London, 6. Hong Kong.

European Results

Copenhagen   11/09/99-12/09/99: 21 players. Janick Rassmussen (DK) won on
                                tie-break from Farid Ben Malek (F).
Bucharest    02/10/99-03/10/99: 80 players. Won by Lucretiu Carlota (Ro).
Bratislava   09/10/88-10/10/99: 46 players. Won by Vladimir Danek (Cz).
Brussels     30/10/99-31/10/99: 68 players. Won by Guo Juan (NL).

Obayashi Cup

05/09/99 and 06/09/99 in Amsterdam was won by Guo Juan. She beat Katsura Atsushi (2p) in the semi-final and Franz-Joseph Dickhut (6d) in the final. The other losing semi-finalist was Geert Groenen.

US Open in San Francisco

Francis Roads won the Bob High Memorial Song Contest. Simon Butler was third equal in the shodan band.

European in Slovakia

First was Alexander Dinerstein the 6 dan Russian who has been studying go in Korea. Second Ion Florescu (6d Ro), third Dmitrij Surin (5d Ru), fourth Lee Hyuk (7d Ru), 5th Leszek Soldan (6d Pl). At the weekend first was Lee Hyuk, second Dinerstein and third Florescu. 10 players from the UK (including Germans and Japanese) attended but won no prizes.

European GP Results

Russia       1. A. Dinerstein 2. Lee Hyuk      3. V. Bogdanov
Helsinki     1. V. Bogdanov   2. M. Siivola
European     see above

Final placings: 1 Viktor Bogdanov (84.5), 2. Vladimir Danek (65), 3. Ion Florescu (63.5), 4. Christoph Gerlach (61), 5. Guo Juan (60), 24. M. Macfadyen

CGF Cup 1999

The winner of this computer competition in Japan was Britain's Go++ by Michael Reiss. Second was a new Japanese program called Haruka.

European GP Results

Bled         1. V. Danek      2. V. Bogdanov   3. D. Yatsenko
Budapest     1. D. Bogatskii  2. L. Soldan     3. T. Pocsai (all 4/5 + B. Nagy)
Amsterdam    1. F-J. Dickhut  2. C. Gerlach    3. Guo Juan
Hamburg      1. Guo Juan      2. C. Gerlach    3. F-J. Dickhut (all on 5/6)
Zagreb       1. L. Matoh      2. M. Zakotnik   3. Z. Mutabzija
Warsaw       1. R. Nechanciky 2. A. Gomenyuk   3. D. Yatsenko

World Amateur

55 countries took part in Oita, Japan. Winner was Jae-sung Yoo of Korea (8/8) and second was Sakai of Japan (7/8). Top European was Diane Koszegi of Hungary who was 9th with 6/8. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 16th on tie-break scoring 5/8; he lost to Korea, South Africa (Victor Chow) and Romania (Sorin Gherman). Ireland's Noel Mitchell was 44th with 3/8.

Other GP

The Austrian GP was in Velden this year. First was Victor Bogdanov (6 dan Russia) ahead of Gabor Szabic (5 dan Hungary). 210 attended Paris at Easter. Guo Juan (7 dan Netherlands) was first on tie-break (she lost to Farid Ben Malek). Second was Gerlach, third Colmez and fourth Malek who lost to Danek. Top Brit was Piers Shepperson in 12th place with 3/6. Milan was won by Christoph Gerlach (6 dan Germany), ahead of Victor Bogdanov and Tonny Claasen (5 dan Netherlands). At this point Bogdanov was ahead in the GP points with 47.5, then Danek (38), Gerlach (37), Florescu (36) and Guo (35).

Dublin 19/03/99-22/03/99

A record 32 players from 14 countries took place in the Open. Matthew Macfadyen remained unbeaten to win and take the maximum 15 European Grand Prix points. Eduardo Herrero (6 dan Argentina) lost to David Ward (3 dan) but held on to second place. Third was Andrew Grant (2 dan) who beat David Ward back into fourth. Fifth was Michael Marz (2 dan), sixth Francis Roads (4 dan), then Paul Smith (2 dan), Tony Atkins (2 dan), Ruud Stoelma and Ralph Tiefenthalia (both 1 dan). Best lady, scoring 4/5, was Paula Maneggia (13 kyu Italy), the same score as Peter Nuebel (5 kyu Germany).

22 players contested in the Rapid for prizes donated by keen local go player, Daniel Dulzin, Mexican Ambassador. After five rounds there was a four way tie, so after play-offs Tony Atkins (2 dan) and Peter Nuebel (5 kyu) were third, Ralph Tiefenthalia (1 dan) was second and Ruud Stoelma (1 dan) was first. 12 players played in the Irish Handicap. Placed third on tie-break was Colin Adams (1 dan), behind Andrew Grant in second and Ruud who took his second Irish title.

European Results

Prague GP: 1. Radek Nechanicky (6d Cze), 2. Adrian Passau (4d D), 3. Leszec Soldan (6d Pol), 4. Christoph Gerlach (5d D).

Barcelona: Dominated by professional players: 1. Kong Xiangming (8p), 2. Zhang Zhujiu (9p), 3. Yoshioka Kaoru (7p), 4. Rui Naiwei (9p), 5. Kim (?p Korea), 6. Pierre Colmez (5d F), 7. Yoshida Mika (6p). Pierre played the top 2 so had a good SOS to be highest amateur. GP Ranking after Barcelona: 1. Dickhut 29, 2. Danek 28, 3. Florescu and Yatsenko 27, 5. Mero 25

Ing Youth Under 18: 1. Andrei Kulkov (2d Russia), 2. Diana Korzegi (5d Hungary), 3. Melijn Kuin (3d NL), 26. Tom Blockley (4k UK) on 4/6; 69 players Ing Youth Under 12: Natalia Kovaleva (3k Russia); 21 players

European Pairs (also in Cannes): 1. Germany (Britta Trepczik/Christoph Gerlach), 2. UK (Kirsty Healey/Matthew Macfadyen), 3. France (Marie-Claude Chaine/Farid Ben Malek). 15 countries.


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