Overseas Results: 1995

Fujitsu Finals 09/12/95-10/12/95

Matthew Macfadyen lost in the semi-finals to Guo Juan, who then beat Rob van Zeijst to win the trip to the Fujitsu Cup.

International Amateur Pair Go

Matthew Macfadyen and Kirsty Healey lost their first round game to a team from Osaka by one point. They went on to win some games in the handicap section though. The American couple did surprisingly well lasting for several rounds.

Irish Handicap 18/11/95-19/11/95

This was won by Tony Goddard (5 dan Belfast) on 6/6. Second was Paul Donnelly (Belfast) and third was Steve Flinter (Dublin). This was the first time the English let the Irish win the top prizes)!

Taiwan World Computer Championships

This tournament had the same result as the one in Tokyo. It was won by Handtalk by the Chinese programmer Chen (not Ken Chen). Second was Michael Reiss from London with Go4++ and third was Go Intellect.

FOST World Computer Championships

This tournament in Tokyo was won by Ken Chen's Handtalk (now rated at 5 kyu). Second was Michael Reiss from London with Go4++ (rated 7 kyu) and third was Go Intellect. The winning program beat a human 6 kyu on even game.

Brussels 28/10/95-29/10/95

84 players from ten european countries attended the Brussels ournament. The best of the four British who attended was Shutai Zhang who was placed joint second with Miyakawa, who both only lost to Guo Juan (7 dan) who won. Fourth was Colmez and fifth was Danek. Henk Hollman (2 dan NL) had a good result with four wins. Shutai also won a Danone bag in the draw from the game records submitted to the organisers.

European Go Congress 22/07/95-05/08/95

Held at Tuchola in rural Poland. Its motto was "Go in Nature". Only about 10 British players attended. Maybe Polish public transport put others off (Francis Roads has a tale to tell). Winner was Dutch 7 dan Miss Guo Juan. 2nd was Miyakawa from Paris and 3rd Sumikura from Japan. Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 7th. Alex Selby (1 dan Cambridge) won 4/5 in the second week. The weekend tournament was won by Kai from Japan. Matthew Macfadyen was fifth. Alex Selby again won 4/5. Simon Shiu (3 dan Teesside) was in the last 16 of the lightning and Wanstead got to the Teams semi-final.

World Amateur in Tokyo

Winner was Hirata Hironori of Japan ahead of China, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, Taipei, Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Romania. Edmund Shaw (UK) was 23rd with 4/8.

Irish Open 17/03/95-19/03/95

It was advisable to arrive early at the Irish. It meant you could watch the St Patrick's Day parade, play in the International Match (which Ireland lost to the rest of the world) and miss the worst of the Irish Sea weather. In the tournament proper, a Grand Prix event for the first time, Matthew Macfadyen (6 dan) won all his games as expected. In a close last game struggle Des Cann (4 dan Leamington) beat Tony Goddard (5 dan Belfast) to come second. The other GP placings were taken by Messers Kraszek, Roads, Andrew Jones, Olsson, Manning and Mitchell; Dave Ward and Alison Jones were equal 10th. D. Robby (3 kyu France) won a prize for 5 wins. Dave Ward and Giani Della Giovanna (Belgium) won the Pair Go. In the previous autumn, the Irish were not given a chance in their own tournament again. Mark Ivey from Preston won the Irish handicap ahead of Belfast's 5 dan, Tony Goddard, and club mate Colin Adams (1 kyu). in the Irish Championship, Steven Flinter beat Noel Mitchell 2-0 to take the Championship off off Noel after a Macfadyen-esque reign at the top.

Ing Cup 03/03/95-05/03/95

Britain's Matthew Macfadyen had perhaps his best tournament ever beating Bogdanov and Shen and others to come joint first with John Lee (USA), Shen Gruangji (D) and Catalin Taranu (Ro). Shutai Zhang also competed.


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