Overseas Results: 1996

Gothenburg GP

Matthew Macfadyen won this GP tournament; due to a mix-up it clashed with the Ukranian GP.

European Teams

The UK team of Matthew Cocke (since promoted to 5 dan), Alex Selby (now 3 dan), Paul Smith (2 dan) and Mark Wainwright (1 dan) drew all five matches and narrowly avoided a placing. Matthew won all his games including a win over Frank Janssen (6 dan NL).

US Open Cleveland

Ing Invitational: 1 Kim Woo Jin, 2 Lee Jong Moon, 3 Lee Jung Hoon. Open: Jiang Danning (6 dan). Masters: Jujo Jiang vs Rui Nawei 2-1. Lightning: Martin Mueller. Pair Go: Thamas Hsiang & Debbie Siemon.

European @ Abano Terme Italy 20/07/96-03/08/96

34 British players were part of the 500 go fans from all over Europe and the world who attended the 40th European Go Congress. Winner of the Open was Guo Juan, the lady from China who now lives in Amsterdam. Second was the other seven dan, Rob van Zeijst from the Netherlands who now lives in Japan. The other positions were: On 7/10: 3. Lee Hyuk (6 dan Korea), 4. Laurent Heiser (6 dan Lux), 5. Pierre Colmez (5 dan F), 6. Pei Zhao (5 dan D), 7. Sorin Gherman (6 dan Rom), 8. Gilles van Eeden (5 dan NL); on 6/10: 9. Sumikura Yasuyuki (6 dan Jap), 10. Miyaka Wataru (6 dan Jap). Top Brit at 34th was Piers Shepperson (5 dan Slough) with 6/10 and Jim Clare (3 dan Reading) was 44th with 7/10. Players on 6/10 were Paul Donnelly (1 dan Ireland), Francis Weaver (10 kyu Brakenhale), Andrea Smith (17 kyu Cambridge), Neil Ings (20 kyu Brakenhale) & Claire Boxall (20 kyu Brakenhale).

For full details see: http://www.eurogofed.org/results/congress/egc1996.htm

The Weekend tournament was won by the Korean from Moscow, Lee Hyuk. Second equal were Miyakawa Wataru and Pierre Colmez who both live in France.

In the EGF Liar Dice the previous champ Jan Rueten-Budde was knocked down to third by Emma Marchant and the winner Des Cann. In the Pits Card Game GP winner was Niek van Diepen from Tony Atkins and Jan Rueten-Budde. Francis Weaver won a prize for being in the team second in the rengo.

World Amateur

46 countries took part in Omachi Japan.

1. (8/8) Jun Liu China 2. (6/8) Hirata Hironori Japan
3. Yong Man Lee Korea 4. Ying Kan Hong Kong 5. Thomas Ko USA
6. Hsiang Jen Huang Taiwan 7. (5/8) Myong Choe DPR Korea
8. Viktor Bogdanov Russia
Britain's Matthew Macfadyen was 19th on 4/8 due to a very tough draw system. His results: +Turkey +Germany (von Arnim) -Romania (Bisca) +Taiwan +Singapore -Canada -Hong Kong -DPR Korea


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