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Games of Go on Disk: review 1997-12

One of the methods of study which has always been favoured by strong players is to go through games. The laborious method of placing 200 stones on a board from a diagram has shown its worth over the years. In the computer era there is a choice.

It is still much to early too say that the machine-assisted study of games brings the same benefits. It may be that it will influence the training of future professionals, in particular...

Many Faces of Go, version 10.0: review 1997-11
In Number 101 of the British Go Journal Journal, I wrote a review of version 9.0 of David Fotland's program "The Many Faces of Go". Since then, I have been recommending it as the best all-round Go program for someone who is willing to pay for the best.

Version 10.0 has just been released. Whereas version 9.0 was a Dos program (and therefore compatible with Windows), version 10.0 is a Windows 95 program. It...

GoGap: review 1997-07
GoGap is Windows software for playing through professional games, and counting how good you are at predicting the next move. It is published by Boyixun in Beijing. The review copy was the "Fujisawa Hideyuki" special.

Installation was very easy. However when I tried to run it on two PCs running Windows NT, it did not load, but produced ten "ding" sounds. Presumably this is an error message, stating that it does not like NT, or high-...

Goliath 3.5 and Tsume Go Goliath 1997-01

Goliath version 3.5

Goliath is a Go-playing program, written by Mark Boon. He wrote a version for the Atari many years ago, which won computer Go tournaments in 1989, 1990, and 1991. However version 3.5 runs on the Macintosh and on Windows 95 and NT. (A version for Windows 3.1 may be available: customers should enquire about this with the supplier, address below.) The Windows versions require a 486...
HandTalk version 96.09 1997-01

The advertisement says that the program has a 4 kyu diploma from Japan, this seems optimistic, the first game I played against it I gave it 9 stones and won by 241 (But I am a mean handicap player, I can normally give a real 4 kyu about 100 komi in a 9 stone game). However Handtalk is the first computer program I have seen trying a genuine premeditated swindle, and for much of the time it feels like playing someone who knows what is going...

Go Professional: review 1996-10

To run Go Professional, you will need a PC running Windows 95, with a CDrom drive and a graphics card that supports a 256-colour mode (or better).

Go Professional is a Go-playing program. It is the commercial version of Mick Reiss's "Go4++" program, which did very well in the FOST World Computer Go Championship last September. It took second place, having lost only the eventual winner, HandTalk.

To run Go Professional,...

Nemesis Software: review 1996-10

The following information was correct as of 1996, however as of February 2013 it's unclear whether it's still available.

It is primarily a Go-playing program, but has a number of features which add to its value for Go teaching. Installation is easy.

This review describes four software products: Nemesis Go Master, Nemesis Go Master Deluxe (a superior...
Gotools 1.3 for PC by Thomas Wolf: review 1996-03
Nick Wedd passed this program on to me for review since he had been involved too much in its production to be able to give an unbiased assessment.

The central tool of this program is a life and death problem solver, which is capable of getting the right answer to problems considerably more difficult than any other program I know of. It uses this capacity in several ways:

You feed in a problem and it solves it for you. Before...

Go Dojo - Contact Fights: review 1995-12

Go Dojo is a Go training program. It runs only on Windows (or Linux/Wine). Its author is Bruce Wilcox, the author of the Go-playing program EZ-Go, and originator of the concept of “sector lines”.

The structure of the program

It is easy to install and run. It does not use the Windows registry (something which I am very thankful for—my registry is now a hopeless mess and I don't know how to disentangle it). When you run...

Many Faces of Go, version 9.0: review 1995-11

Many Faces, unlike the two programs which beat it in the championship, is a complete Go package. It does everything from teach the rules of Go to a complete beginner, to playing near the highest levels so far achieved by computers.

The latest version of David Fotland's program Many Faces of Go has recently been released. This follows its success in the FOST World Computer Go championship this autumn, in which it came third...