Tournament List (Current Tournaments)

Tournament Next Date Normal Monthsort icon Overview Start Year Title Holder Trophy
Swindon 30/09/2017 September

Annual McMahon Tournament in Swindon,Wiltshire

1993 Alistair Wall
Belfast 22/07/2017 - 23/07/2017 September

Annual weekend McMahon tournament in Belfast, Ulster.

2007 Daqun Wang
Cornwall Handicap 09/09/2017 September

Handicap tournament held in Penzance, day before Cornish Open with teaching in the morning

2000 Tony Atkins
Sheffield 24/09/2017 September 2015 Xinyi Liu
Wessex 29/10/2017 October

Annual McMahon tournament held in Bath

1970 Alex Kent
Northern 14/10/2017 October

Annual McMahon tournament, held near Manchester

1975 Xinyi Liu
London International Teams October

Team match held in London

1992 Wanstead
Coventry November

Annual McMahon tournament held at University of Warwick

1988 Philip Leung
Three Peaks 04/11/2017 - 05/11/2017 November

Weekend McMahon event held in Northern England

1993 Yangran Zhang
British Youth Championship 18/11/2017 November

Annual youth championships and school event.

1984 Zaki Betesh
South London Kyu Players November

Teaching morning and grouped-tournament afternoon for kyu players.

2013 Alison Bexfield
UCC Cork November

Weekend tournament held in Cork, Ireland, at UCC

2008 Zhiqing Zhang
Challengers' League May

Second stage of British Championship. League of 8 players.

1975 Daniel Hu
Candidates' 05/05/2018 - 07/05/2018 May

First stage of British Championship - for qualifiers based on post-tournament ratings

1976 Daniel Hu
Bracknell 13/05/2018 May

Annual McMahon tournament, held in Wokingham, Berkshire

1979 Lucretiu Calota
Welwyn Garden City 19/05/2018 May

McMahon tournament held in Hertfordshire

2011 Cheng, Gong
Bar-Low May

For kyu players only.

1997 Alison Bexfield
Scottish Open May

Weekend McMahon tournament, held in Scotland

1981 Boris Mitrovic
Trigantius March

Annual McMahon tournament held in Cambridge.

1977 Daniel Hu
Irish Open (Confucius Cup) March

Annual major weekend McMahon tournament - held in Dublin

1997 Kim Seong-Jin