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Swindon 01/09/2015 September 1993

At the first event, National Power was sponsor and provided the venue. After a few years at a social club, the event is now held in the Even Swindon Committee Centre.

Jitka Bartova Swindon Go Club
Shropshire 01/09/2015 September 1989

When Brian Timmins moved from Cheshire to Shropshire he started the Shrewsbury Tournament, it being held in the riverside Gateway Centre. It has since had a couple of changes of organiser and has now become the Shropshire Tournament, held in the Memorial Hall in Hinstock.

Bruno Poltronieri
Cornwall 13/09/2015 September 2000

3 round McMahon held in Penzance.

It replaced the Devon tournament in 2000, using the same trophy now known as the "Devon and Cornwall Go Stone".

John Culmer Penzance
Northern 01/09/2015 September 1975

The Northern was originally a two-day event, with accommodation at one of the Manchester University halls of residence. It was a European Grand Prix event in 1993 and 1994 instead of London. It then was part of the MSO from 2003, when that was held in Manchester, and has since become a 3-round McMahon. For some years it was held in Stockport...

Ngoc-Trang Cao
Cornwall Handicap 12/09/2015 September 2000

Normally held the day before the main Cornwall tournament

Paul Massey
Wessex 25/10/2015 October 1970

One of the oldest events in the UK, this event was for many years run by Bristol club in the town hall in Marlborough in Wiltshire, a location chosen to easy driving in pre-motorway days. It then moved to Keynsham before settling down in Bath, with that club taking over running it.

Now a 3 round McMahon, but formerly 4 rounds, taking...

Tongzhou Cai Bath Go Club
East Midlands October 2006

Until 2012 was held at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

It replaced the Leicester Tournament.

Jon Diamond
London International Teams October 1992

This is a twice yearly team match held in London, where teams compete for a trophy donated by Yukata Kobayashi. In recent years there has also been a second division of teams (winners shown in brackets below).

North London
Sheffield 01/10/2015 October

New event.

Coventry November 1988

Midlands Tournament in 1988 and then Coventry Tournament until 2002 and from 2008, Leamington from 2003 to 2006.

Philip Leung Warwick Go Society