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Tournament Next Date Normal Month Overview Start Yearsort icon Title Holder Trophy
Manchester Summer May

New event in Manchester.

2018 Alistair Wall
Not the London Open May

New event alongside Challengers' League

2018 Weijin Chen
T Mark Hall Rapid Play Tournament 29/09/2018 September 2018
South Manchester March

New event 2017

2017 Yangran Zhang
Sheffield September

One day McMahon tournament

2015 Toby Manning
DDK Grand Prix

Annual Grand Prix for players 10 kyu and below.

2012 Alan Stokes
Welwyn Garden City May

McMahon tournament held in Hertfordshire

2011 Min Yang
Skye March

Weekend McMahon Tournament, with Friday evening lightning, held alternate years.

2010 Rab Fulton
Edinburgh Christmas December

Annual McMahon tournament held just before Christmas in Edinburgh.

2009 Alistair Wall
Our Online League (Teams)

Team matches, played online, in leagues

2009 Cambridge A
Galway April

Annual tournament held in Galway, Ireland

2008 Thomas Shanahan
Arundel 01/09/2018 August

McMahon tournament held in Arundel, West Sussex

2008 Jon Diamond
Cork November

Weekend tournament held in Cork, Ireland, at UCC

2008 Kim Ouweleen
Belfast September

Annual weekend McMahon tournament in Belfast, Ulster.

2007 Daqun Wang
Durham June

Annual weekend McMahon tournament, with side events, at Durham University

2004 Matthew Cocke
UK Go Challenge Finals 14/07/2018 July

For all youngsters (under-18) - forms finals of the UK Go Challenge. Played on 13x13.

2004 George Han
Scottish Championship

Championship for players from Scotland: qualifying then finals

2003 Boris Mitrovic
London Open Pair Go December

Part of London Open

2002 Joanne Leung & Ho Yeung Woo
Cornwall 09/09/2018 September

Annual McMahon tournament, Cornish Open, held in Penzance. Teaching and handicap event the day before.

2000 Toby Manning
Cornwall Handicap 08/09/2018 September

Handicap tournament held in Penzance, day before Cornish Open with teaching in the morning

2000 Paul Massey