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Jon Diamond wins his first Trigantius 10 Mar 2014 UK Tournament Report
Jon does his duty for UK 25 Nov 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
Jon takes first at Space Centre 29 Nov 2010 UK Tournament Report
Jonathan Green Wins First Notts Kyu Event 26 Feb 2018 UK Tournament Report
Junior Go Grade Badges 04 Sep 2018 Junior News
Junnan Jiang Becomes British Champion 19 Feb 2017 UK Tournament Report
Junnan Jiang Ties Title Match 03 Dec 2016 UK Tournament Report
Junnan Jiang Wins Candidates' 02 May 2016 UK Tournament Report
Junnun Jiang Wins the British Open 30 Mar 2015 UK Tournament Report
Karl Irwin wins Belfast 11 Aug 2015 UK Tournament Report
Kath is oldest Cheshire winner 11 Feb 2012 UK Tournament Report
Ke Jie Ends in Tears vs AlphaGo 27 May 2017 Foreign Tournament Report
Kobayashi Chizu 5p Visited UK 22 Oct 2011 UK Tournament Report
Korean Pros and Welsh Open 25 Jun 2012 UK Tournament Report
Korean Win at KPMC 13 Oct 2013 Foreign Tournament Report
Latest Details of Learn Go Week 25 Aug 2014 UK News
Learn Go Week in Chester 18 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn Go Week in Stevenage 18 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn Go Week Update – Promotional Materials 10 Sep 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn to Play Go day! 24 Jan 2014 UK Teaching Event
Learn to Play Go Week 31 Jul 2014 Council News etc.
Leo Phillips 29 Jul 2015 UK News
Les Bock retires as Archivist 01 Nov 2013 UK News
Letchworth club opens 19 Apr 2013 UK News
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Tournament 05 Sep 2014 UK Tournament Diary