Youth Go Online

Many school pupils have little opportunity to play other people from outside their own school.

Of course, if you have internet access, you can use a Go Server. But many of the users of Go servers are either strong players, or people who have no idea of the rules. Pupils may prefer to use a game or Go Server where you can meet and play against pupils from other schools.

The place where the BGA organises events and meetings from time to time is the PlayOK game server (formerly known as Kurnik - Polish for "chicken coop"). It based in Poland, but used all around the world to play many different games in many different languages. The Go players you find there are usually beginners and happy to play on small boards. It is at:

Watch out for announcements of events here, usually held on a Monday evening.

KGS Go Server

The best Go server for improving pupils to use is


It is easy to find players slightly better than beginner level here and UK players are usually in the British room.

It is easy to use the java connection directly available on the KGS web site. Your pupils can just follow the "Play Go Now!" link.

However we suggest instead for pupils to download and install the Go Client program, CGoban3. This can be downloaded from KGS Download page; it uses Java Web Start (which is also available from there). This is better than the direct java connection, because the client program allows a teacher and pupil to look at a completed game on line, discussing it and trying out other moves, and you can use it to edit locally held game records that are in SGF format.

Once you have installed the client program, it is easy to connect, you just run the client program and click its "Play on KGS" button.

Schools Internet Goserver

Some schools have restricted Internet access and cannot use KGS. We have set up a special Schools Internet Goserver (SIG) which they can use. It is possible to join the BGA's Schools Go League or play inter-school matches on SIG.

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