Tournaments and Events

There are many tournaments and other events held around the UK. Often these are run by clubs and are coordinated by us. We run the national British Go Championship, Pair Go Championship, Junior events such as the UK Go Challenge and some other tournaments. In addition there are team events, teaching events and activities, and promotional events. Sometimes the UK hosts top events such as a European Go Championship or a game in a professional title match.

The rules of Go used in our tournaments and championships can be seen here.

Tournaments Games at a tournament

There are more than 30 open tournaments each year in the UK. They have different formats, styles and locations. Date and tournament information is published on our Tournament Calendar. We also have a list of all our current tournaments.

We list the full results, plus news reports on each one. We also publish a list of Current Title Holders, which links to a listing of all past winners.

We also have pictures of the trophies.

The top players in each event compete for points in the Stacey Grand Prix, Double Digit Kyus players in their own DDK Grand Prix. and junior players in their own Junior Grand Prix.

If you're thinking of entering your very first face-to-face tournament then we have some advice for you.

Team Events London International Team players

As well as the individual events there are some team events held. Often an individual tournament will award a prize for the team or club with the best results. We have a list of team and Grand Prix winners.

The BGA League Tournament is held online.

The BGA also fields a team in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

British Go Championship A British Championship game

We organise an annual multi-stage British Championship. This ends with a best of three or five games title match between the top two players. It is usually broadcast live online, often with pro commentary.

We award trophies for this and several other Championships including the British Open, British Lightning, British Small Board, British Pair Go, British Pair Go Handicap, British Open Team, Online League and Stacey Grand Prix.

Pair Go A Pair Go game

Pair Go is the mixed doubles of the Go world. An annual championship is held every year; it is a very unique and social event held within the spirit of Pair Go.

UK Go Challenge A UK Go Challenge game

There is an active Junior Go program of events including the annual British Youth Go Championship and the UK GO Challenge for schools.

Pro Visits Pro player playing simuls

From time to time we get professional player visits the UK. They perform teaching at a tournament or at a variety of clubs. In addition there is an online teaching presence by various pros. Sometimes professionals visit as part of a top pro title game.

International Representation BGA rep in Korea at KPMC

We are asked to nominate official representatives for various international tournaments, such as the World Amateur Go Championship and the International Amateur Pair Go Championship, and also for some top European events. In some cases a points system is operated for deciding who receives the nominations.

World Mind Sports Games Official Logo

The 1st World Mind Sports Games were held in Beijing, China from 3rd to 18th October 2008. The event was instigated by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) and received great support from the Chinese government and sports bodies. We sent a team of 18 players to take part.

The 2nd WMSG was held in Lille in 2012, with a UK team of 17 players.

Top Events Analysing the Kisei game

From time to time we are involved in hosting a top event such as the 1992 European Go Congress, the 2005 European Pair Go Championship, the 2014 European Youth Go Championship and the 2002 Kisei Title Match game.

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