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Tournament Typesort icon Description Start Year Current Champion Trophy
RTP Handicap Handicap
South London Kyu Players Handicap

In the main tournament in 2013 students were split into three groups, each of which played a Swiss tournament with handicap equal to grade difference. In 2015 it was a single Swiss group.

In the side tournament the teachers all play each other, together with any other dan players present, in a round-robin tournament with all games even.

Was held in West London in 2015.

2013 Alison Bexfield
Weak Knee Dans Grand Prix Grand Prix
1996 Alan Thornton
MSO 9x9 Junior or Beginners Beginners
1998 Nicholas Calderwood
London Open Small Board 13 x 13
Ken Dackombe
MSO Novices 13x13 13 x 13
2000 Tom Cooper
London City

A 3 round McMahon, held in the City of London.

2012 Andrew Kay

Early events known as the Woodford tournament. Variously 3 or 4 rounds. The 1972 event was a handicap tournament. It ceased in 2010

1972 Matthew Macfadyen

3 round McMahon tournament. Run first 1983 and restarted by a different organiser in the 1990s. Held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and restarted in 2013.

1983 Andrew Kay
South Coast Handicap
1987 Tony Atkins
Korean Ambassador's Cup
2007 Bei Ge
Scottish Barlow
2002 Alex Kent

When Brian Timmins moved from Cheshire to Shropshire he started the Shrewsbury Tournament, it being held in the riverside Gateway Centre. It has since had a couple of changes of organiser and has now become the Shropshire Tournament, held in the Memorial Hall in Hinstock.

Includes a mystery problem set with associated brief teaching session. Homemade lunches available and post-tournament dinner locally. Registration by 10:20.

1989 Bruno Poltronieri
Cambridge MSO Dans'
Alex Selby
Isle of Man Die Hards
2008 Paul Barnard
2005 Paul Blockley
2005 Qi Chen
East Midlands

Until 2012 was held at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

It replaced the Leicester Tournament.

Registration by 09:45. Prize giving 18:15.

2006 Jon Diamond
New Malden
2003 Ben He

London School of Economics

2005 Yun He