Have a go at the following!

Problem 1

Black to play

There is a clever way for Black to capture three white stones, if you can find the right move.

Problem 2

White to play

There is a way for White to capture five black stones. You need to read a few moves ahead to see the answer to this problem.

Problem 3

The Black group in this diagram cannot escape White's encirclement. If these stones are to live, they must make two eyes. Where should Black play?

If it is White's turn to play, can you see where to play in order to kill the Black group? There is more than one way to do this.

Problem 4

In this fight, three white stones are vulnerable to capture. From which direction should Black give atari in order to capture three white stones?

Here are the solutions to these problems .

Some more sources of Go problems are listed here.

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