British Championship Title Match 2004 Pictures

Game 1: Pictures

These photographs were taken by Kiyohiko Tanaka, or with his camera.

Great Portland Street tube station, looking towards the International Student House.   Great Portland Street tube station, seen from the International Student House.
The International Student House, where the game was played.
Nigiri. Simon Mader looks on.
Ready to play; Matthew Macfadyen on the left, David Ward on the right.
The first move. The referee is Kiyohiko Tanaka.
The position at adjournment for lunch
Lunch outside a nearby Italian restaurant. From left to right: David Ward, challenger; Matthew Macfadyen, defending champion; Nick Wedd, game recorder; Simon Mader, spectator.
The game is over: filling in the territories.
The game is over: counting. Each player has 29 points on the board, so White wins by komi.
After the game the players discuss it... front of an audience.
After the game, winner David Ward and referee Kiyohiko Tanaka joined some members of Central London Go Club for a balti.

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