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  • The Agendas for the 2024 AGM, and the EGM that will precede it, have been published in the members area of the website at

    The Annual Report for 2023 has also been posted to that page.

  • The UK won their sixth match in row to put them in an unbeatable lead at the top of the C-League. They beat Slovenia by three games to one, with wins for Bruno, Scott and Tim. Their last match will be against South Africa who beat Denmark to stay three points behind, but only one point ahead of Spain.

    League Page with game records

    Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won my game by resignation against Andrej Kralj. I gained my initial lead when he started a joseki but then misplayed it. The lead probably wasn't too big but my opponent then took gote a second time to kill off a ladder unnecessarily. I was also able to exploit some dodgy shape on the other side of the board to get a good…

  • On 23rd of May 2024 at 20:00 the British Go Association will be holding both an EGM and its annual AGM. As in recent years the meeting will be by ZOOM video call, for which a link will be provided nearer the date.

    The EGM will be held first in order to consider some small changes to the Company Articles concerning the election of Directors. The AGM will follow immediately after, and will include amongst other things the election of Officers and Directors, and members of the Disputes Panel.

    As he announced last year this will be Toby’s last meeting as President. Please do attend if you can, but if that isn’t possible you can still have a say by nominating a member who is attending to have your proxy vote (e-mail secretary…

  • The first event of 2024 was Lancaster on 3rd February won by Peikai Xue (4d UCL) with 45 players. Report Results

    The Ulster Open in Lisburn on 17th Feb was won by the only visitor from the UK mainland amongst the 14 players, Lucretiu Calota (4d St Albans). Results

    Oxford was on 24th February at the West Oxford Community Centre. Best of the 54 players was Tianyi Chen (6d Liverpool). Also on 3/3 were Michael Mitcham-Harding (4k York), James Taylor (6k Oxford University) and Si Qi Adam Chen (17k Oxford City). Results

    Cheshire, in Frodsham on 2nd March, had 48 players.…

  • Cambridge’s annual Trigantius tournament was again held at the excellent St Philip’s Church venue. This time it was a week later than usual, on 16th March. Regrettably this was now out of term for local students, making attendance of 61 lower than 2023’s 79 players.

    Top results were again dominated by Chinese students. The winner was Zeyu Qiu (5d Birmingham) - shown left with the trophy. Second was Zihao He (3d) and third was Tianyi Chen (6d Liverpool), squeezing out Lucretiu Calota into fourth. Other prizewinners on three wins out of three were Matt Reid (1k Cambridge), who was also best kyu grade player second year…