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  • 2023-03-22

    The UK team was matched against Denmark in round five and won three games to one; as Ireland also beat Spain 3-1 the UK remains second in League C behind Ireland, with two matches to play. [See here for League Page with game records.]

    Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won my game against Mathis Isaksen by half a point. Pandanet says 1.5 but it doesn't seem to know that there are no points for eyes in seki under Japanese rules. The game didn't start very well. I started a fight in the top left corner, that I didn't really understand to be honest, and ended up playing a few slack moves to settle the position. My opponent was then 5-10 points ahead for quite a while until he tried to invade my…

  • 2023-03-09

    In case you have not noticed it the inaugural UCL tournament on April 15th now has an entry form ready - access it from the events calendar.

    Please support this new event if you possibly can.

  • 2023-03-01

    We are now under a month away from the British Congress in Belfast, and I am pleased to say that so far we have 43 entries, including 8 double-digit kyu players. As a result we have just expanded our playing space in the hotel by booking two more rooms. This should ensure we have adequate space to play in comfort, as well as giving us room to accommodate plenty of further entrants before the Congress.

    Eoghan Barry of the Irish Go Association has been working with us to put on and promote the event, and in the latest IGA newsletter he said "... the upcoming British Go Congress in Belfast promises to be the largest tournament on the island in 2023".

    If you have not yet entered please do consider joining us for what promises…

  • 2023-02-27

    After holding the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) online in 2020 and 2021, it was decided to continue with an online games festival each winter to balance the actual MSO each August. The second such MSO Grand Prix, as it is called, started in February 2023 and features two Go events. The first of these was the 19x19 which attracted 45 players. Beacuse of the large increase in players, up from 11 to 45, it was run as a McMahon not a Swiss. It was nice to see a lot of juniors taking part, including a large group from Turkey, and indeed one of the juniors nearly won one of the medals.

    Winning all four games to take the gold medal place was Ho Yeung Woo (5d Nottingham). Second on tie break was Yat Hin Yorkson Cheung (5d Hong Kong) and…

  • 2023-02-22

    A draft agenda for the 2023 AGM has been published and can be found on

    This year as part of the transfer to incorporated status, two AGMs will be held on the same evening, using the same ZOOM session. The structure is explained in the joint agenda for the evening.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In law the only people allowed to vote in the AGM of the incorporated company are members of that company. At present in excess of 150 people have become members of the new company, with more arriving each month as their old memberships come up for renewal. If you wish to vote in the AGM of the new company please make sure your membership has been transferred by Sunday 16th…