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12-Jan: UK Youth team playing Hungary

Alison Bexfield, Team Captain, sent us 2 posts on Sat. 12 Jan. re this UK Youth Go Team match.

--- Pre-match ---
The British youth go team are back in action today, playing Hungary.
This is our 3rd match in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC).

Our line-up for today's match is:
U20 Yueran Wang
U16 Edmund Smith
U16 Josh Gorman
U12 Yanyi Xiong
U12 Emily Oliviere

We welcome Emily from Harpenden to the squad as our newest member, making her debut today. She joins the squad after a strong showing at the British Youth championships (which I use for talent spotting).

Three boards commenced play at...

07-Jan: New Stevenage (North Herts) Go Club

The group which has been meeting in Letchworth and Stevenage as Letchworth Go Club (adults) has reconstituted as the Stevenage (North Herts) Go Club and will no longer meet in Letchworth, but only in Stevenage, every Tuesday from 7.30pm till closing time (11pm). The first meeting is on 8th January 2019 at:

Cafe Green, IBIS Hotel, Danestrete, Stevenage, SG1 1EJ.

The venue is five minutes' walk from Stevenage Railway Station (map at the link) and parking is available at the nearby Westgate Multi-storey for £2...

01-Jan: Oh Chi-Min Wins Third London Open

The BGA's flagship tournament - the [45th] London Open - started as usual on Friday 28th December and ran until 31st December at its new venue of the London Go Centre. The event was limited in numbers because of it was being run at the London Go Centre for the first time and the organisers wanted to make sure things worked with a smaller venue, but still 89 players (including ghosts) took part. Next year they will be able to accept more registrations. Representing 14 countries, the players ranged from 30k to 7d, including...

28-Dec: London Open Under Way

The 45th London Open got under way on Friday 28th December at its new venue of the London Go Centre. The event had to be limited in numbers because of the size of the venue, but still more than 80 players sat down to play the first round. Representing 14 countries, the players ranged from 30k to 7d, including some children, and there was a large party from Germany. Top British youth player Tom Bradbury is seen right in a warm up game before the event started. The person to beat this year is likely to be Oh Ch-Min (7d) from France, who is seen at the bottom in his first round...

17-Dec: Club President Wins in Edinburgh

The annual Edinburgh Christmas competition - a challenging format of four 45-minute main-time rounds with overtime starting at 30 stones in 5 minutes - was won convincingly by club president, Boris Mitrovic (2d), who beat the other four players starting ‘above the bar’ and was the only entrant to win in all four rounds.

James Richards (1k), Alistair Wall (1d) and Roger Daniel (6k) each won three of their four.

The competition lost out badly to the weather, with only 17 of the 21 entrants actually playing at the event in the hall of St Columba’s by the Castle Episcopal Church.


17-Dec: Germany Too Strong for our UK Youth team

The UK Youth team played a strong German team, on Saturday 15th December, and lost 4-1.

This was our 2nd match in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC).
So, after our first game vs Croatia, in matches, we've won 1 and lost 1.

This match against Germany was always expected to prove a hard test, as the UK was out-graded on 4 boards:

------------ Germany -------------- ------------- UK ----------------- Result

Feiyang Chen (feiyang) 3d (b) U20 -------------- Yueran Wang (jrstone) 3d (w) U20-------------- 1-0

Manuel Jacobsen (ManuelGJ) 1d (w) U16 ---------- Edmund Smith (dnumde) 3k (b) U16 ------------ 1-0


14-Dec: UK Youth team announced for Sat. 15 Dec.

The UK Youth Team Captain, Alison Bexfield, writes:

The youth team is playing Germany on Saturday 15th December and teams have been chosen.

This is our 2nd match in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC).

The match is interesting. We narrowly won our opening match against Croatia. Germany may prove an even harder test. They have a very strong squad, but are wisely and sportingly giving mid-order players some match experience. We thus have an outside chance of winning it, but only if everyone plays up to their top level.

We wish the team luck especially Yanyi, who is making his...

12-Dec: UK Team Slump to Bottom of B-League

Our team lost three games to one against a strong team from the Netherlands. This put our team down to bottom place in the Pandanet B division, behind Denmark. After four rounds, in the B League out of A-D, four teams have three wins: Serbia, Sweden, Austria and Belgium. This win left Netherlands in fifth place. The next match will be on Tuesday 22nd January, against Austria.

Alex Kent wrote: I lost by resignation against Geert Groenen, but I feel I played a lot better this game (at least in the opening) so I'm not too regretful! Probably the hardest choice I faced...

05-Dec: Youth Championship Grows in Size

The 2018 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) featured 57 competitors, aged from 5 to 18. This is believed to be the second largest such event (the largest was in 2005 with 74). There were two minibuses from Cheadle Hulme School and groups from two new clubs, Rednock School (Dursley) and Sheffield Chinese School. The event would have been bigger but the Edinburgh team had to withdraw through illness and there were no locals from the host, King Edward VI (Aston) School.

This year, due to an easing of the qualifying rules,...

27-Nov: Philip Leung Wins Coventry Again

The 2018 Coventry Tournament was held on 24th November in its usual Warwick University location. This year 38 players took part and Philip Leung (4d University of Warwick) won the event for the third time in a row and the fourth time overall. This is particularly noteworthy as Philip was also the event organiser. Honghao Lu (2d Manchester University) and Peikai Xue (1d Central London) were first and second runner up respectively, with two wins out of three, both only losing to the winner. The picture shows Philip (right) with Peikai. James Taylor (8k...

25-Nov: UK Youth team wins 3-2 against Croatia

Alison Bexfield, UK Youth Team Captain, brings us these 2 stories - the first pre-match, and the second post-match - to follow on from her UK Squad announcement. The 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC) is held online over four rounds, on KGS.


The UK Youth team is today (24th November 2018) playing its first international match of the season, with a game against Croatia. The UK is starting in the second half of the 12 national teams, so is playing another of the teams in our half of the draw.

My UK team selection takes account of a number of things...

25-Nov: Some new UK Juniors in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship

Alison Bexfield, UK Youth Team Captain, writes:

I am pleased to announce this year's UK Youth Team for the European Youth Go Team Championship 2018/19 (EYGTC). This is held online over four rounds on KGS.

The standard in the UK team has increased every year, with this year no exception. I put together a talented UK Team Squad with up to 15 Juniors, and then I select a team of 5 for each match, from three age groups. Each match is played over five boards - one U20, two U16 and two U12.

Traditionally we have done quite well in the U12 age groups, but less so at the top end, where often board 1 is a mid-rank dan player...

20-Nov: Jamie Taylor Only Winner Against Belgium

Jamie Taylor was the only one of our team to win a game in the third round match against Belgium. He wrote: I won my game against Lucman Bounoider, despite my best efforts. I think we were both a bit tired, as my opponent died big quite early on, then I made a colossal mistake to allow it to live instead. After that I think we both just started playing worse and worse, donating points to each other all over the board. Eventually he resigned, after I got out of several narrow scrapes, none of which I had any business being in in the first place. I can't complain though, a win's a win.

Alex Kent wrote about his board one game against Lucas Neirynck: I lost by resignation. As black I opened with a Kobayashi style...

18-Nov: Sam Aitken New British Champion

On Sunday 18th November the third and deciding game of the British Championship 2018, between Andrew Simons and Sam Aitken, took place in Cambridge. After a long game involving a big ko fight, Sam Aitken won by 14.5 points to win the match. The game relay is available; an audio commentary was also provided on KGS by Andrew Kay.

Sam had not previously played the title match; Andrew had in 2013, 2015 and 2017, winning it in 2015.

12-Nov: 17 BGA volunteers demo Go all day to youngsters

On a pleasant autumnal day, this year - as ever - the splendidly organised Doki Doki Festival was held in Manchester, helped a lot by members of the friendly Japan Society North West (JSNW).

This is an exciting event, with all imaginable Japan-themed activities, stalls & competitions, attracting a huge and youthful attendance. For each such occasion, the organisers invite us back (we're the British Go Association - BGA), to give free Go demos to large numbers of the public....

11-Nov: Youth Championships Entry Forms Out

The entry forms for the BYGC are now on the BGA Calendar - the event is in Aston on Saturday 1st December 2018. Please note the qualifying rules were initially incorrect and a modified form was issued on 15th November.

05-Nov: Three Peaks Ends in Tie

The Three Peaks Tournament was held, as the previous two years, at the Wheatsheaf in the centre of the picturesque small Yorkshire town of Ingleton. 34 players took part, but six played just the Saturday. The tournament ended in a tie as both Matthew Cocke and Chao Zhang ended with four wins out of five. Chao had beaten Matthew but had lost to Peikai Xue, who was third (just ahead of Alistair Wall). Chun Yin Wong (8k) from Lancaster was the only other prize winner for four wins. Bob Scantlebury won the prize for being the first to enter and a prize this year was given to the youngest competitor, Ryan Zhang, who is only 5.


01-Nov: UK Lose to Strong Serbian Team

Our team lost all four games against Serbia. The result was not a surprise, as Serbia has an extremely strong team, quite likely the strongest in this league. They went top, just ahead of Sweden, after this match. Our team had fallen to eighth position after this round, round two. The next match will be on Tuesday 20th November, against Belgium.

Alex Kent wrote: I lost my game against Nikola Mitic by 17.5 points. I made an effort to play a slightly calmer/simpler opening than I normally do, which gave me a playable position early in the middle game. I may have made a few moves which were too meek - in particular my pincer on move 20 probably would have been more effective if it was closer to the action. I think I should...

31-Oct: BGJ 185 Now Available in Members Area

The Autumn 2018 edition of the BGJ is now available for members to read.

29-Oct: Chao Zhang Wins the Wessex

29 players took part in the 49th Wessex Tournament, held as in the previous ten editions at St. Mark's Community Centre in Bath. Chao Zhang from London was the easy winner and is seen collecting the trophy from organiser Ian Sharpe (right). His young son Ryan also received a special prize for being the youngest and fastest player.

Three other players on three wins also won prizes: Toby Manning (1k Leicester), Eric Hall (6k Swindon) and James Taylor (8k Warwick University).


23-Oct: Chinese Strong in Northern

On a fine autumn day, 41 players attended this year's Northern tournament, including players from as far away as Dundee. Helen Harvey was on hand, selling items from the N-W's BGA stock of Go equipment and books. Cheadle Hulme School (CHS) once more kindly hosted the event, providing an excellent venue.

The overall winner, whose name will complete the array of mini-shields on the face of the Red Rose trophy, was Honghao Lu (2d 'Jason' from Manchester), pictured collecting the trophy and top prize...

13-Oct: Sam Aitken Ties Title Match

On Saturday 13th October the second game of the British Championship, between Andrew Simons and Sam Aitken, took place at Andrew's house in Cambridge. After a fighting game, Sam Aitken won by 4.5 points to level the match. The game relay and a commentary by Matthew Macfadyen are available. The deciding game will be announced on the BGA events page, with again live online relay in the British Room on KGS.

04-Oct: T Mark Hall Remembered at London Go Centre

22 players came to the London Go Centre to take part in the first T Mark Hall Rapid Play. Before the prize ceremony, Francis Roads said a few words to inform or remind the players who T Mark Hall was, how he liked fast games and how the London Go Centre was a consequence of his bequest to Go.

Winner of the tournament was Tunyang Xie (4d China) who won all five games. Second was Peikai Xue (1k London) on four wins and Zhanqi Kang (2d Winchester) was third. Lower down those who won four games were James Taylor (11k Warwick University) and Caleb Monk (20k Kings College Juniors),...

04-Oct: Team China Dominate in London

The London International Teams Autumn edition was held at the London Go Centre on the same weekend as the new T Mark Hall Rapid. 18 players in six teams came together on the Sunday to battle in reduced handicap games for the trophy and a cash prize. Two strong teams of Chinese dominated the event. It was Team China (shown right) that won two matches to come first, their Tunyang Xie (5d) winning all three games. Team Mango was second with one win and six games won, with their Peikai Xue (1k) winning all three. The team London Organisers was third, ahead of Nippon Club and Cambridge; Epsom...

30-Sep: Swindon won by Chao Zhang

Although spanning 25 years, the Swindon Tournament reached its 20th edition. Despite other events on the same day, a clutch of late entries pushed the attendance up to 27. As in recent years the venue was the back room of the Conservative Club in Swindon's old town, with the weather bright and sunny if players wanted to wander to the Town Gardens between games.

Winner was London's Chao Zhang (6d), pictured right against Christian Scarff. Chao then beat Simon Shiu (3d) in round two and then Alistair Wall (1d) in the final. The only other player to win three games was...