How we can help you?

This section is about learning and teaching. If you want to know about Go in Schools, please refer to our Junior section.

One of the best ways of learning is by informal discussion at your local Go Club; record your games and then play through them, if possible discussing them with other, preferably stronger players.

Our Game Review Service offers our members the opportunity to submit their games for comment. This is a very effective way of learning as points are tailored to the individual.

We organise a range of teaching workshops across the country. Most of these events are aimed at the 10 kyu – 2 kyu range, but at least one every year is aimed at stronger players. Details are included in our Calendar of Events.

There is a lot of teaching material on YouTube including London Go Centre's YouTube Channel which has Game reviews and teaching at various levels including material aimed at kyu-level players and the new BGA YouTube channel.


Several strong players provide professional teaching services (usually done over the Internet), some of whom also provide introductory lessons for beginners.

The BGA has a Teaching Accreditation system as a means of ensuring the quality of teachers, especially for schools. These teachers can teach from beginners up to mid-kyu level.

We also provide guidance for existing and prospective teachers with further tools such as puzzles for a class, in the resources section.


We have some ideas as to what to do on our Self Study pages. There's advice on how to do this effectively as well as links to many resources that you can use.


There is a wide range of books on Go. These pages provide guidance on what's appropriate for any level of play, as well as links to suppliers.

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