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Qualifiers for BGA Championship 2025 - updated from ratings on 24/07/2024

The following list identifies UK players who have met the British Championship rating criteria (GoR>=1900) during the current qualifying year. Please see the British Championship page for full details of other requirements including British residency and tournament attendance, which must be met in order to qualify.

The qualifiers table lists players in order of qualification date, and shows your rating details on the date you first qualified. If the list does not show, please ensure your URL has scheme http: and not https: (i)

Yang, Yaoling7d1.9p2024/05/04272625Bristol
Woo, Ho_Yeung6d5.7d2024/05/04257314Nottingham
Game, Jake4d4.1d2024/05/0424134Swindon
Calota, Lucretiu4d3.9d2024/05/042387115St Albans
Poltronieri, Bruno4d3.6d2024/05/04235856Cambridge
Zhang, Ryan3d2.9d2024/05/04228658London City
Rix, Alexander3d2.5d2024/05/042247105London Go Centre
Hunt, Tim2d2.0d2024/05/042196169Milton Keynes
Bithell, Sam2d1.8d2024/05/04218029Durham
Elliot, Mark1d1.2d2024/05/0421227Manchester
Scarff, Christian1d1.0d2024/05/042097142Swindon
Wheeldon, Richard1k0.6k2024/05/04203891London Go Centre
Manning, Toby1d0.7k2024/05/042031342Leicester
Smith, Paul1k0.9k2024/05/04201595Cambridge
Zhang, Mark_Baoliang1k1.2k2024/05/04198544Manchester
Guan, Ai1k1.2k2024/05/04197767Birmingham
Smith, Edmund1k1.3k2024/05/041973111Cambridge
Eurenius, Bjorn2k1.5k2024/05/04194930Lancaster
Xue, Peikai4d4.2d2024/05/11242153UCL
Xiao, Yicheng7d6.9d2024/05/2526639UCL
Yuan, Ziyin6d6.2d2024/05/2526162No Club
Xing, Yuhang6d6.0d2024/05/2525971No Club
Cao, Guodong4d4.2d2024/05/2524187Oxford University
Peng, Yuyang3d3.9d2024/05/2523903No Club
Cobbold, Scott4d3.9d2024/05/25238987London Go Centre
Zhao, Lingyun3d2.9d2024/05/2522923UCL
Wall, Alistair2d1.6d2024/05/252158346No Club
Leung, Kam_Chuen1d0.7d2024/05/2520697London Go Centre
Pountney, Sebastian1k0.6d2024/05/25206013No Club
Coulthard, Tom1k0.5k2024/06/01204622Newcastle
Pavon, Jose-Manuel1k1.1k2024/05/25198922South London
Bentley, Richard2k1.6k2024/06/01194361Durham
Ng, Chun_Yin2k1.7k2024/05/2519297No Club
Michelson, Rawle2k1.8k2024/05/25192415London Go Centre
He, Zihao4d3.7d2024/06/2923695No Club
Hunter, Richard1d1.4d2024/06/29213570Bristol
Kay, Andrew4d4.3d2024/07/14243293Swansea

Qualifiers for 2025: 37

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