British Go Journal No. 9. October 1969. Page 1.

1969 European Go Congress

The XIIIth European Go Congress was held in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia from the 3rd to the 16th August. Due to a combination of circumstances only three British players attended.

The results of the European Individual Championship are as follows:

1 Wimmer Austria 8 wins
2 Mattern W. Germany 7.5
3 Mutabzija Yugoslavia 6
4= Rebattu Holland 5.5
4= De Vries Holland 5.5
6 Ekart Yugoslavia 4
7= Katscher W. Germany 3
7= Skrob Austria 3
9 Goddard England 2
10 Pecenko Yugoslavia 0

The Team Championship results are:

1 Holland 62.5%
2 W. Germany 61.8%
3 Austria 50.0%
4 Yugoslavia 43.4%

The other British player competing in competitions was Tony Cooper who came first in Zone 1 for 2nd and 3rd Kyus.

1970 British Go Congress


Secretarys notes




There seems to be an increasing difference in real strength between British and other players of the same nominal rating, and it is becoming necessary to stop this inflation.

Kyu-rated members are asked to be especially cautious and conservative in assessing their own strength, and to remember that it is of little importance to beat weaker players. Promotion should be made on the basis of consistently beating stronger players with the correct handicap.

Any player who desires promotion to a Dan grade, whether from a kyu or a dan grade, should apply to the Secretary in writing, supplying evidence to support the claim. All such requests will be considered by the Committee. In future, each issue of the B.G.J. will contain a list of those members recognised as Dans.


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