British Go Journal No. 12. August 1970. Page 2.

European Go Congress


British Go Congress 1971


Fifteenth European Go Congress 1971


British Open

The playoff to decide the British Open Championship, which had ended in a three way tie at Cambridge, was held soon afterwards in London. Akiyama, 4 dan, beat both Diamond, 3 dan, and Hokari, 3 dan, to win the Championship. Diamond beat Hokari to win second place.

Inter-Club Matches

On 28th February, University of East Anglia played Bristol Go Club at the R.A.F.A Club at Coventry, where the premises were kindly provided by the R.A.F.A. University of East Anglia won by 16 matches to 9.

On 4th March Enfield and Imperial College played a return of their match in January, and again Enfield won, this time by 5-0.

Later in March Newcastle traveled to Edinburgh with a team of 4 led by John Fairbairn, 2 dan, but were beaten by the home club by 4 to 3 with one jigo.

Newcastle are trying to organise a telephone match with Bristol, which apparently is not as expensive as one might suppose. No further details are available as yet.


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