Editorial and Announcements

British Go Journal No. 13. April 1971. Page 2.


I would like to thank the Bristol Club for keeping me so well informed of their activities, and would encourage other Clubs to do likewise.

I apologise for the delay in the publication of this issue, part of which is due to the postal strike.

Secretary's Notes

Following the tragic death of John Barrs, President of the Association, the Committee have appointed Francis Roads as acting President, until a new President can be elected at the A.G.M. Francis Roads has been proposed for this post, but any other nominations should be submitted to the Secretary, with the names and addresses of the proposer and seconder in writing.

All correspondence should now be addressed to the Secretary at: [Address omitted] . Cheques for books, subscriptions, etc., which are not normally supplied on credit, should be made payable to the British Go Association.

Subscriptions were due far 1971 on 1st January, at the rate of 2Op for registrations through club secretaries, and 30p for unattached members.

Members are reminded that any requests for promotion into or in the Dan grades should be sent to the Secretary, together with evidence in writing.

Annual General Meeting 1971


British Go Congress 1971


European Go Congress 1971

[announcement - to be held in Bristol]


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