How Good Is Your Go? - Part 2

British Go Journal No. 16. March 1972. Page 6.

J. T. Fairbairn

Based on the article 'Dan-kyu i shiken' in Kido. There are 6 questions, one on each phase of the game. Answer them, then check your score at the end.

(Editor's note: This is the second half of the article begun in the BGJ 15. Readers should not be too despondent if their grading on the scale at the end of the answers is rather low, as several strng players have tried the test already and scored five or six grades below their BGA rating!)

4. Sabaki

White to play. How should White cope in this situation? Give several moves.

Diagram 4

5. Best Plays

White to play. Give the best result for both Black and White.

Diagram 5

6. Mannen-ko

Black to play. White has just captured with triangle to make a ko.
Give your conclusions on the best result up to the very end.
(Rule: If neither player starts the ko, white can connect and make it seki.)

Diagram 6

[Start] The answers to part 2 are on page 14.

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