News: June 1982

British Go Journal No. 56. June 1982. Page 14.


A brief run down on the top people:

SHUKO: Fujisawa has won the Kisei title for the sixth time, beating Rin Kaiho by 4-3.

CHO: beat Otake 3-1 in the Judan match, becoming the first man ever to be Meijin, Honinbo and Judan simultaneously.

KOBAYASHI: Koichi has won the Honinbo league with 7/7, and is 1-0 up against Cho in the match. He is also doing well in the Meijin league and has reached a playoff with Cho to become Gosei challenger.

ISHIDA: Whatever happened to Ishida you may wonder. In the early 70s he seemed to be winning everything in sight, now its five years since he won a title. Last year he was all Japan MAH JONGG champion - maybe that explains a little.

IWAMOTO: Having tried unsuccessfully to establish permanent go centres in London, New York and Paris. Kaoru Iwamoto is planning to leave Japan shortly to set one up in Sao Paolo in Brazil. Now aged over 80, his enormous energy, and dedication to the spread of Go throughout the world show no signs of waning. This will not be his first visit to Brazil, where he lived for some years between the wars.

Oxford vs Cambridge

This annual event took place on 28 February at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Two rounds were played with one hour time limits. The result was an 11-7 win for Cambridge.


73 People turned up for the Cambridge Trigantius tournament on March 13. Terry Stacey won the trophy for the second time, beating last years winner, Kong Ven-nien and Jon Diamond. Other prize winners were: Martin Lerner (3 kyu), Stewart Hinsley (5 kyu), John Portwood (8 kyu) all with three wins, and Steve Hughes with 2 wins and a jigo.

British Championship

The rules have been changed again. Next year there will be a Candidates tournament, open to all 2 dans and above, and with qualifying places for shodans and kyu players, the top four players go on to the Challengers league, with 8 players (the other four being the loser of this years match and those placed 2, 3, 4 in this years Challengers tournament).


This years Bracknell tournament was attended by an impressive 74 players. Terry Stacey won the first prize with a perfect record. Others with perfect results were S. Hughes (Oxford), I. Marsh (Bracknell), A. Sommerville (Reading), I. Rocke (Malvern), S. Winter and M. Talary (S. London) and M. Trent. The two places available for next years Candidates tournament went to Steve Hughes and to Ian Meiklejohn, for being the best 1 kyu and shodan respectively. The club with the most suspect grades was South London, who won 73% of their games.

Moscow - Leningrad

A trip is planned to both these cities from 5 September for a week, playing lots of Go and meeting players from Osaka (Japan) as well as Russia.

Club Secretaries Forum

It is still planned that this event should happen during this years Northern Congress (Sept 4 and 5).

World Championship

A slight change in the rules for selecting the British representative. It remains true that no-one can go to Japan in successive years (so that in 1983 Jim Barty will be the British representative whether or not he wins the title match) but now the Committee reserve the right to select the representative, stating that this will normally be done on the basis of the British Championship.


Ronald Schlemper is the new Dutch champion, having returned from Japan to complete his medical degree. His one year sabbatical was not quite enough to become professional, although he did reach first place in the insei league (for trainee professionals).


Since our last issue, Piers Shepperson, John Rickard and Mark Cumper have been promoted to shodan, Harold Lee to 2 dan, and Richard Granville to 3 dan, Congratulations to all these.


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