British Go Journal No. 56. June 1982. Page 16a.

British Go Congress

The 1982 Congress was held at Nottingham University over March 19 to 21. The normal 6 round MacMahon tournament was held, with a lightning tournament on the Friday evening (won by Jim Bates, 4 dan from London in the upper division and by Tony Atkins, 9 kyu from Nottingham in the lower division).

The main tournament was won by Jon Diamond, 6 dan from London with a perfect record of 6/6; Jim Bates came second. Other players with 4.5 wins or more were: Y. Nakamura, 2 kyu, Sheffield (5/6); J. Rickard, 2 kyu, Cambridge (5/6); D. Buckle, 6 kyu, Reading (4/6); M. Starkins, 6 kyu, Coventry (5/6); D. MacMarfane, 12 kyu, Notts. (5/6) O. Pye, 18 kyu, Leeds (5/6); A. Cannel, 20kyu, York (6/6).

The team tournament was won by Sheffield.

The congress was very competently organised by Tony Atkins, Robert Loughrey and Toby Manning.


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