Grading List

British Go Journal No. 60. September 1983. Page 13.

6 dan J.P.Diamond (Central London);   M.R.Macfadyen (Central London)

5 dan

A.M.Goddard (Overseas);   P.G.Prescott (Not known);   T.W.Stacey (Hammersmith)

4 dan

J.P.J.Barty (Central London);   J.L.F.Bates (Central London);   F.May (Central London);   D.G.R.Mitchell (Central London);   R.Ochser (Central London);   A. Pirani (Hammersmith)

3 dan

S.Clark (Hammersmith);   A.Daly (Overseas);   S.Dowsey (Unattached);   R.J .Granville (Malvern);   T.M.Hall (Central London);   X.T.He (Edinburgh);   M.Hollings (Malvern);   D.M.Jones (Canute);   C.Matthews (Cambridge);   R.Moss (Not known);   J .R.Rickard (Cambridge);   F.M.Roads (Wanstead &   E.London);   D.Sutton (Reading);   N.Webber (Epsom);   D.Wells (Not known)

2 dan

J.E.Allen (Central London);   R.Berry (Huddersfield);   D.Cann (Coventry);   J.Clare (Reading);   C.Clement (Harwell);   B.Chandler (Unattached);   P.S.Fage (Central London);   J.Fairbairn (Central London);   J.Faraway (Cambridge);   H.Fearnley (Oxford);   D.Goto (Central London);   W.Gregory (Coventry);   J.Hawdon (Central London);   D.G.Hunter (Reading);   T.Hazelden (Hammersmith);   R.M.Hunter (Overseas);   H.Lee (Central London);   P.T.Manning (Central London);   J .McLeod (Not known);   Q .Mills (Monmouth);   F. Pratt (Not known);   J.Ruten-Budde (Cambridge);   K.Seaman (Soton);   M.E.Shaw (Central London);   P.Shepperson (Edinburgh);   J.H.Smith (Manchester);   P.J.Smith(Reading);   R.J.Smith (Cheltenham);   A.P.Stout (Not known);   J.S.Tllley (Not known)

1 dan

M.Amin (Manchester);   S.Bailey (Not known);   T.Bailey (Oxford);   C.Barwood (Hammersmith);   D.Artus (N.W.London);   T.Barker (Manchester);   L.Bock(Not known);   W.R.Brakes (AHNO);   P.Christie (Not known);   J.C.Cook (Not known);   A.G.P.Cooper (Not known);   M.Culver (Hammersmith);   M.C.Cumper (Hammersmith);   A.Pean (Soton);   P.Dunn (Not known);   S.Fawthrop (Overseas);   A.Grant (Wanstead &   E London);   C.Grant (Hammersmith);   T.Goodey (Overseas);   A.Hall (Not known);   A.Harrison (Soton);   H.Harte (Manchester);   R.G.Hitchens (Monmouth);   J.Hobson (Baldock);   S.E.Hughes (Oxford);   C.Irving (Overseas);   M.C.Lerner (Central London);   I.Meiklejohn (S.London);   T.Oxenham (Overseas);   T.Parker (Not known);   B.Philp (Birmingham);   J.Rastall (S.London);   Mark Roberts (Warwick);   Mike Roberts (Bristol);   P.D.Robinson (Malvern);   A.Scarff (Reading);   C.Stevenson (Overseas);   N.Symes (Not known);   R.H.Thompson (Central London);   B.Uzzell (Birmingham);   A.Wall (Huddersfield);   J. Welch (Bristol);   C. Whitehouse (Hammersmith)


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