British Go Journal No. 60. September 1983. Page 14.


Since our last issue, John Rickard has been promoted to 3 Dan, and Dave Artus to shodan. Congratulations to both of these.


A tough tournament for teams of four was held in Dusseldorf in June. The overall winners were Berlin, who were able to field a 6 dan on board 2. London finished in an undistinguished 11th. place, but had no cause at all to complain of the firework display, the beer or the hospitality. Next year, with a little more concentration on spotting ataris, we might do better.


This years championship was won by Jurgen Mattern, as usual. The ride to Japan goes to David Schoffel who was second.


John Power will shortly be back from a honeymoon in his native country to continue his labours on Go World. We wish him the best of luck.


42 players attended the tournament on 3 July. Quentin Mills won all his games for the second year running. Other prizes went to:

P. Froggatt (3 kyu, Sheffield);

T. OBrien (5 kyu, Bracknell);

and A. Thompson (15 kyu, Monmouth).

Qualifiers for the 1984 Candidates Tournament were Bob Thompson and Gerry Mills.

The raffle was drawn with complete impartiality by Jeremy Smithers (aged 4), and resulted in Bob Thompson acquiring a bottle of sake.


Cho Chikun is having a bit of trouble holding on to his titles. He seemed to have the Honinbo well under control with Rin Kai Ho 3-0 behind, but Rin came back to win four in a row and regain the title which he lost to Ishida in 1971. Meanwhile, Otake has almost finished winning the Meijin league, and will challenge Cho next month. Otake has been keeping his eye in by defending the Gosei title, but he is making heavy weather of that, and was 2-1 down against Awaji Shuzo last time we heard.


Malvern finished as clear winners of the 1982-3 Midland League. The table finished up as follows:

Notts A521210106
Notts B50237133


Mike White reports:

"31 Go players crammed themselves into a small room in York University on 9 June, while outside, half the people of York were milling about eating ice creams and waving balloons at the University" Summer spectacular" Fete. A common feature of these events was that very few people won prizes. Bottles of sake and Japanese woodblock prints were won by Terry Barker (Bolton, 1 dan); A.Atkins (Nottingham, 5 kyu);   A.Creed (Hull, 6 kyu);   C Rasbash Hull, 10 kyu) and J. Ridgeway (Leeds 18 kyu), all of whom won all their games, and by John Smith (Manchester 2 dan) who sneaked in with 2.5.

Nobody won the car at the Fete, but I managed to win a bottle of mushroom ketchup at the Amnesty tombola.

"Another chance to try your luck is planned for the same time next year."


This years Northern congress was won by John Smith from the local club. Richard Granville came second. Full details in our next issue.


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