Solutions (p11, p15, p21)

British Go Journal No. 60. September 1983. Page 27.

The problems to these solutions are to be found on page 11, page 15 and page 21.

Solution (p11)

White 1 is the only way to start, but there is no point in capturing one stone with 3', since black 3 would then escape, leaving White with a false eye. White 3 starts a ladder. After 27 Black has to go back to 28. We leave 29 as an exercise for the reader.

Solution (p15)

The 1 - 2 exchange is the key to this one. Now Black can pull out his stone at 3 and play the calm eye stealing move at 5. When White captures at 6, Black throws in at triangle and White is unable to make his other eye.

Solution (p21)

Black 1 allows White to capture at 2, but now his group is just a ring of false eyes, so the atari at 3 leaves White with no reply,


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