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Adams, ColinWWW*CNw199710657
Allen, JohnBritish Go Congress (1973), Sixth -*T731972181-
Allen, JohnBritish Go Congress 1973, Report: - Edinburgh*T731973204-
Allen, JohnGrading System for New Clubs, A -*Rat19773617
Anderson, GregPonnuki CNp19928612
Ansell, JeffBitten by the European Bug*Tou19835927
Aoki ShimpeiProfessional Game*Gam19742210-
Aoki ShimpeiSix Stone Handicap Game*Gam1973215-
Aoki Shimpei et alProfessional Game No. 2*Gam1967338-
Astashkin, Valeri et alAstashkin v. Hasibeder**Gam19784218-
Astashkin, Valeri et alHasibeder v. Astashkin**Gam19784218-
Atherton, John et alSummer Congress (Isle of Man 1991)*T911990794-
Atkins, TonyAGM (1988), EGF: -**EGF19887229-
Atkins, TonyAGM (1991)*BGA1991834
Atkins, TonyBGA Privatisation*Hum199510115
Atkins, TonyBook Review*Lit19897433
Atkins, TonyBritish Go Congress (1988), The -*T881988727-
Atkins, TonyBritish Go Congress 1987, ICL -**T871987705-
Atkins, TonyBritish Youth Championship (1986)*T861986687
Atkins, TonyCandidates, Qualifying for the -**TSy19928819
Atkins, TonyCanterbury (EGoC 1992) Prize Winners**T9219928937-
Atkins, TonyCanterbury, Summer in -*Cit19918522-
Atkins, TonyCase of the Wrong Japanese, The -*T95199510013
Atkins, TonyEGF: AGM (1988)**EGF19887229-
Atkins, TonyEmpire Strikes Back, The -*T8919897721-
Atkins, TonyEuropean Championship (1985)*T851985666-
Atkins, TonyEuropean Go Congress 1987*T8719877116-
Atkins, TonyEuropean Go Congresses*Tou19928645
Atkins, TonyFeng Yun in Britain*PPr1993926
Atkins, TonyGo Cards*Pub19918327
Atkins, TonyICL British Go Congress 1987**T871987705-
Atkins, TonyKazan, Go in -*Clb19887314
Atkins, TonyMuseums, Go in British -*Art1991825-
Atkins, TonyOrganiser's View, An -*T921992884-
Atkins, TonyOvertime*TCd19897714
Atkins, TonyOvertime, More on -*TCd19918315
Atkins, TonyParty Go*T8719877118
Atkins, TonyPhoto Puzzle Solutions*L+D19949634
Atkins, TonyPhoto Puzzles*L+D19949434
Atkins, TonyPrize Winners, Canterbury (EGoC 1992) -**T9219928937-
Atkins, TonyProblem "100"*L+D199510031
Atkins, TonyProblem "100" Solution*L+D199510157
Atkins, TonyProfessional Profile*PPr19939321
Atkins, TonyPublicity*Pub19959829
Atkins, TonyQualifying for the Candidates**TSy19928819
Atkins, TonyRoom with a View, A -*T901990807-
Atkins, TonySchools Go*Tou19918227-
Atkins, TonySchools Go. Part 2*Tou199510047
Atkins, TonyTesuji!*Tec19928940
Atkins, TonyTesuji! Solutions*Tec19939040-
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers*L+D19877126
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers*L+D19877137
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers. Part 2*L+D1988726
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers. Part 2 Update*L+D19887313
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers. Part 2, Answers to -*L+D19887216
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers. Part 3*L+D1988735
Atkins, TonyTony's Teasers. Part 3 Solutions*L+D19897434-
Atkins, TonyTournament Entry Forms, Rules for Producing -*Hum19887315-
Atkins, TonyWorld Amateur Quiz*T9319939222-
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19918216
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19918310
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou1991844-
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19928627
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19928817-
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19939011
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19939244-
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19949424
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19949611
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19959819
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19951004
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19961026
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou199610410
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou199710615
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou19971089
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou199811025
Atkins, TonyYears Ago*Cou199811213
Atkins, Tony et alWessex Tournament (1990) is Twenty-One*T901990815-
Atwell, Simon et alWessex Tournament (1990) is Twenty-One*T901990815-
Austin, LeoGo Vikings*Clb19908032
Austin, LeoIsle of Man 1995, Go -*T9519949527
Austin, Leo et alSummer Congress (Isle of Man 1991)*T911990794-
Bagot, BobBGJ Index*Lit199610234
Bagot, BobBook Review*Lit19897515
Bagot, BobBook Review*Lit19907821
Bagot, BobBook Review*Lit19928638
Bagot, BobBook Review*Lit19939029
Bagot, BobDavid and Goliath*Gam19928651
Bagot, BobDutch Three-Dans, Who's Afraid of -?**Gam19949714-
Bagot, BobLadders, If You Don't Know -*Jos199610543
Bagot, BobThree-Dans, Who's Afraid of Dutch -?**Gam19949714-
Bagot, BobTime, Using Our - Wisely?*Gam199510046-
Bagot, Bob et alReviews*Lit19949739
Bailey, PaulineGo Kiburi is Widowed*Hum19961039
Bailey, PaulineGo Kiburi's Dream*Hum19949724
Bailey, SteveAGM (1998), EGF -**EGF19981127
Bailey, SteveDiamond, The -. Part 1*L+D199610533
Bailey, SteveDiamond, The -. Part 2*L+D199710640-
Bailey, SteveDiamond, The -. Part 3*L+D199710731-
Bailey, SteveDraughts: An Alternative View*Tch19897732
Bailey, SteveEGF AGM (1998)**EGF19981127
Bailey, SteveElectronic Death*TCd19908132
Bailey, SteveEntry Forms, On the Back of -*L+D19959830-
Bailey, SteveGo Kiburi Goes on Strike*Hum199510044
Bailey, SteveRomania on Sea*Cou199811234-
Bailey, SteveSmallest Tournament, The -?**T97199710813
Bailey, SteveThree Generations*Ply19907929
Bailey, SteveTournament, The Smallest -?**T97199710813
Barker, TerryBlack to Play and Win*Gam19887219-
Barker, TerryCorners. Part 1*L+D19918311-
Barker, TerryCorners. Part 2*L+D19918420-
Barker, TerryCosmic Style, An Early Launch for the -*Gam19907921-
Barker, TerryEyes, Can't Take my - off You*Gam19897622-
Barker, TerryFree-for-All*Gam19897520-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 1*THs19918222-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 2*THs19918324-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 3*THs19918440-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 4*THs19918517-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 5*THs19928639-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 6*THs19928714
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 7*THs19928829-
Barker, TerryJubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 8*THs19928918-
Barker, TerryRusty Go*Gam19907930-
Barker, TerryTerms, Dictionary of Go -*Hum19918523-
Barnard, PaulDraw, The -*TSy19949530
Barnard, PaulHoist by His Own Invasion*Gam19949422-
Barnard, PaulSqueeze Plays*Tec199510028
Barnard, PaulSqueeze Plays Solutions*Tec199510052
Barnard, PaulSwingoclep*Lit19939310
Barnard, Paul et alClub Profile: Swindon**Clb19959944-
Barnard, Paul et alKyu Games Commented*Gam199811224-
Barnard, Paul et alSwindon, Club Profile: -**Clb19959944-
Barrs, JohnBook, Another New Go -*Lit19701214
Barrs, JohnBook, Which -?*Lit1970115
Barrs, John et alLearn to Play Go Lit196711-
Barthropp, StuartAnglo-Japanese Friendship Tournament (1989)**T8919907812
Barthropp, StuartJapanese-Anglo Friendship Tournament (1989)**T8919907812
Barty, JimArtus v. Horricks**Gam19784317-
Barty, JimChallengers League (1984)*T8419846322-
Barty, JimChallengers League 1986*T861986686-
Barty, JimHorricks v. Artus**Gam19784317-
Barty, JimKatowice (Tournament 1980)*T8019815113-
Barty, JimLuck of the Bold, The -*Gam19805010-
Barty, JimParis (Tournament 1981)*T8119815312-
Barty, JimParis Tournament (1979)*T7919794511-
Barty, JimRevelations*Anl19815222
Barty, JimRevelations*Fus19804820
Barty, JimRevelations*Tec19804922
Barty, JimRevelations*Tec19815423-
Barty, JimStacey, Terry (obit)*PAm1988725
Barty, JimVirtues of Vigour, The -*Gam19815216-
Barty, JimWorld Amateur Championship (1983)*T831983593-
Barty, JimYose Corner*Yos1981546-
Barty, JimYose Corner*Yos19825521
Barty, JimYose Corner*Yos19825617
Barty, JimYose Corner*Yos19825724
Barty, Jim et alAmsterdam (Tournament 1982)*T8219825622-
Barty, Jim et alBad Shape, The Pitfalls of -**Gam19804917-
Barty, Jim et alChallengers (Tournament 1982)*T8219825610-
Barty, Jim et alChallengers Tournament 1980*T801980495-
Barty, Jim et alLife in the Slow Lane*Gam19815121-
Barty, Jim et alPastures Green*Gam1982556-
Barty, Jim et alShape, The Pitfalls of Bad -**Gam19804917-
Bates, JimFuseki, Shin -**Fus19773515-
Bates, JimShin Fuseki**Fus19773515-
Bayliss, GeraldBook Review*Lit1973207
Berlekamp, E. et alEndgames, Mathematical Go - Lit19949528
Berlekamp, E. et alEndgames, Mathematical Go - Lit19949629
Berlekamp, E. et alMathematical Go Endgames Lit19949528
Berlekamp, E. et alMathematical Go Endgames Lit19949629
Blockley, EdwardCannes: The Games Festival (1998)**T9819981114-
Blockley, EdwardGames Festival, Cannes: The - (1998)**T9819981114-
Blom, Jaap K.Go Kiburi in the Army*Hum19949416
Boon, MarkGoliath CPl19866829
Boon, MarkGoliath CPl19928612
Boon, MarkGoliath version 3.5 CPl199710652
Boon, Mark et alFujitsu Finals (1994), Second EGF -*Gam19959936-
Boon, MarkTsume Go Goliath CNp199710652-
Bozulich, R. et alGet Strong at Joseki Lit199610440
Bozulich, R. et alHandicap Go Lit19835827
Bozulich, R. et alHandicap Go Lit19887219
Bozulich, R. et alJoseki, Get Strong at - Lit199610440
Bozulich, RichardAlmanac, The Go Player's - Lit19928825
Bozulich, RichardAlmanac, The Go Player's - Lit19928921
Bozulich, RichardAlmanac, The Go Player's - Lit19928931
Bozulich, RichardAlmanac, The Go Player's - Lit1993909-
Bozulich, RichardEndgame, Get Strong at the - Lit19971077
Bozulich, RichardEndgame, Get Strong at the - Lit199710836
Bozulich, RichardGet Strong at Invading Lit19971088
Bozulich, RichardGet Strong at the Endgame Lit19971077
Bozulich, RichardGet Strong at the Endgame Lit199710836
Bozulich, RichardGo Player's Almanac, The - Lit19928825
Bozulich, RichardGo Player's Almanac, The - Lit19928921
Bozulich, RichardGo Player's Almanac, The - Lit19928931
Bozulich, RichardGo Player's Almanac, The - Lit1993909-
Bozulich, RichardInvading, Get Strong at - Lit19971088
Bozulich, RichardSecond Book of Go, The - Lit199811021
Bozulich, RichardSecond Book of Go, The - Lit199811111
Bradley, Milton N.American Grade School Children, Cognitive, ... Deficits in -**Tch199811037-
Bradley, Milton N.Children, Cognitive, Reasoning and Learning Deficits in ... School**Tch199811037-
Bradley, Milton N.Deficits in American Grade School Children, Cognitive, ... -**Tch199811037-
Bradley, Milton N.School Children, Cognitive, Reasoning and Learning Deficits in ...**Tch199811037-
Bremner, LouiseJapanese, Just Enough*Lan19939249-
Bremner, Louise et alBarnes, Sue (obit)*PAm19846113
Brooks, ElinorGo Kiburi ... Nearly Gets Wed*Hum19959915
Browne, CourtneyTojo, The Last Banzai Lit199510145
Cann, DesmondBGC (1997), Two Games from the -*Gam199710842-
Cann, DesmondFour Stone Handicap*Gam199610220-
Cann, DesmondGo by Numbers*Anl19939329
Cann, DesmondGo by Numbers Answers*Anl19939344
Cann, DesmondHolland v. Scotland**Gam19949518-
Cann, DesmondKeeble v. Koester**Gam19939138-
Cann, DesmondKoester v. Keeble**Gam19939138-
Cann, DesmondLondon Open (1993/94), A Game from the*Gam19949442-
Cann, DesmondNever Say Die*Gam19949638-
Cann, DesmondPair Go Final 1994*Gam19959939
Cann, DesmondScotland v. Holland**Gam19949518-
Cann, Desmond et alLeicester (Tournament) 1995, Three Games from*Gam199610310-
Castledine, BrianAuckland Go Congress 1975, Game from the*Gam1976343-
Castledine, BrianChallengers League (1977)*Gam1977384-
Castledine, BrianLeicester Teach-in (1978)*Tch19784211
Castledine, BrianLibraries Exhibition*Pub19773710
Castledine, BrianPresident's Notes*BGA1978428
Castledine, BrianPresident's Notes*Prm1978413
Castledine, BrianRussia, Go in*Cou1978406-
Castledine, BrianTesuji, Review of a*Tec1976314-
Castledine, Brian et alEuropean Go Championship 1976, The - Lit19773510
Ch'ananda, ShriOrigins of Go, The -*Cou19907918-
Chandler, BrianBird Problem*L+D19939056
Chandler, BrianBird Solution*L+D19939242-
Chandler, BrianCandidates (Tournament 1984)*T8419846215-
Chandler, BrianEyes and Things*L+D19908038
Chandler, BrianEyes and Things Solutions*L+D19908131-
Chandler, BrianLoony Move - Answer*L+D19856631
Chandler, BrianLoony Moves*L+D19856621
Chandler, BrianMoonshine* 19908025
Chandler, BrianMoussa v. Shirae**Gam19928810-
Chandler, BrianNHK Cup (1990) Game*Gam19908033-
Chandler, BrianOkonomi-go*Gam19918525-
Chandler, BrianShicho, No Know -- No Play Go*Tec1992899-
Chandler, BrianShirae v. Moussa**Gam19928810-
Chandler, BrianSpot the Blunder*L+D1978391-
Chandler, BrianSpot the Blunder*Tec19773514
Chandler, BrianTsume-go*L+D1977369
Chandler, BrianTsume-go - Answer*L+D19773615
Chandler, BrianVideo Go*Gam19928926-
Chandler, BrianVideo Go Solutions*Tec19939258-
Chandler, BrianVideo Go, More -*Gam19939036-
Chandler, BrianWhisper Protect?*Lan19908023-
Chandler, Brian et alBGC (1988), A Game from the - Round 4*Gam19887210-
Chandler, Brian et alCandidates (Tournament) '85*T851985658-
Chandler, Brian et alEuropean Go Championship 1976, The - Lit19773510
Chandler, RaymondSt. Valentine's Day Massacre (1981)*T811981527-
Chen ZhixingHandTalk CPl1994955-
Chen ZhixingHandTalk version 96.09 CPl199710653
Chen, KenGo Intellect CPl19928612
Chen, RaymondEndgame Software, Mathematical Go - CPl19949528
Chen, RaymondMathematical Go Endgame Software CPl19949528
Chetwynd, J. et alEpsom Downs, Fun & Games in -*Gam19949712
Chetwynd, J. et alReviews*Lit19949739
Chetwynd, JonathanContact or Con-trick*Jos199610241
Chetwynd, JonathanHoninbo Cliff Hanger*Gam19949614
Chetwynd, JonathanOr Can't He?*Lan19959832
Chetwynd, JonathanYouth Go Championship (1995) Winners*T95199510029
Cho Chikun3-3 Point, The - Lit19928638
Cho ChikunAll About Life and Death Lit19939320
Cho ChikunEncyclopaedia of Life and Death CNp19961037-
Cho ChikunLife and Death, All About - Lit19939320
Cho ChikunLife and Death, Encyclopaedia of - CNp19961037-
Cho ChikunMagic of Go, The - Lit19897515
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 1*Mid19961034-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 2*Mid19961048-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 3*Mid19961058-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 4*Mid199710616-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 5*Mid199710714-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 6*Mid199710814-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 7*Mid199710910-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 8*Mid19981108-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 9*Mid19981118-
Cho ChikunMiddle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part 10*Mid19981128-
Cho Hun-hyunLectures on Go Techniques Lit19981126
Cho Hun-hyunTechniques, Lectures on Go - Lit19981126
Chun Poong-JhoRomania, A Game from -*Gam199811238-
Claasen, Tonny et alGood Start, A -*Gam19887228
Clare, JimPass*L+D19949720
Clare, Jim et alDan, When - Meets Dan ...*Gam19887316-
Clark, Simon et alJoseki, Demystifying -*Jos19835820-
Cobb, William S.Buddhist Philosophy, Go and -**Phi19959822
Cobb, William S.Capturing Game, In Defence of the -*Tch199610332
Cobb, William S.Philosophy, Go and Buddhist -**Phi19959822
Cocke, MatthewCocke v. Janssen, Zlin: -**Gam199710651-
Cocke, MatthewJanssen v. Cocke, Zlin: -**Gam199710651-
Collinson, Mark et alLeicester (Tournament) 1995, Three Games from -*Gam199610310-
Connolley, W. et alOne Match: Two Views*T9419949519
Cross, AlisonAnglo-USSR Telephone Match (1978)**T781978418-
Cross, AlisonBreakthrough to Shodan, The -**Lit19763217
Cross, AlisonBritish Go Congress 1980 and Report of AGM (1980)*T801980484-
Cross, AlisonCandidates Tournament 1976, Report on the -*T761976335-
Cross, AlisonEuropean Go Congress, Some Reasons for Going to a -*Tou1981545
Cross, AlisonQuestionnaire, The (BGA) -**BGA19773811
Cross, AlisonShodan, The Breakthrough to -**Lit19763217
Cross, AlisonUSSR-Anglo Telephone Match (1978)**T781978418-
Daly, AndrewAmsterdam (1976), British Success in -*T761976339
Daly, AndrewBritish Go Congress 1974*T741974247-
Daly, AndrewBritish System of Promotion Points, The -**Rat19877016-
Daly, AndrewCentral Fuseki**Gam19794419
Daly, AndrewComputer Go*Com19856422-
Daly, AndrewDaly, Andrew v. A.N.Other*Gam19784216-
Daly, AndrewDutch Miniature*Gam19794415-
Daly, AndrewFuseki, Central -**Gam19794419
Daly, AndrewGoing Down Fighting*Gam19794616-
Daly, AndrewGrading Debate, The Great -*Rat19877015-
Daly, AndrewKyus, Maxims for Eager -**Hum19846124-
Daly, AndrewMaxims for Eager Kyus**Hum19846124-
Daly, AndrewMcMahon System, The Origins and Future of the -*TSy19887214-
Daly, AndrewOxford (British Go Congress 1968)*T68196851
Daly, AndrewPresident's Notes*BGA1977383
Daly, AndrewPromotion Points, The British System of -**Rat19877016-
Daly, AndrewRAFA Go Challenge Trophy August 1972, Game: -*Gam1973205-
Daly, AndrewStick to Your Principles*Jos19752917-
Daly, AndrewThinking About Go*Fus19701210-
Daly, AndrewThinking About Go*Str1969108-
Daly, AndrewWhite to Play and Live??*L+D1974234
Daly, AndrewWoodford (British Go Congress 1972), Results at -*T721972175
Daly, Andrew et alSix Stone Victory*Gam19721810-
Daniel, RogerCentre Strategy*Gam19939118-
Daniel, RogerSpace, Go in -*Hum199510121
Davies, JamesKo, Man Nyun Peh Meets Super- -**Tec1991835
Davies, JamesLife and Death Lit19763216
Davies, JamesLife and Death Lit19959830
Davies, JamesMan Nyun Peh Meets Super-Ko**Tec1991835
Davies, JamesSuper-Ko, Man Nyun Peh Meets -**Tec1991835
Davies, Jameset al Attack and Defense Lit19804822-
Davies, Jameset al Basic Joseki, 38 - Lit19732111
Davies, Jameset al Defense, Attack and - Lit19804822-
Davies, Jameset al Joseki, 38 Basic - Lit19732111
Diamond, JonEuropean Go Congress (1972), Sixteenth -*T721972181
Diamond, JonEven Game Joseki. Part 6**Jos1969103-
Diamond, JonEven Game Joseki. Part 7**Jos1970128-
Diamond, JonEven Game Joseki. Part 8**Jos1971146-
Diamond, JonGo, Some Thoughts on -*Tch1972186-
Diamond, JonJoseki, Even Game -. Part 6**Jos1969103-
Diamond, JonJoseki, Even Game -. Part 7**Jos1970128-
Diamond, JonJoseki, Even Game -. Part 8**Jos1971146-
Diamond, JonProfessional Game, A -*Gam1970116-
Diamond, JonTokyo Diary*Cou19752611-
Diamond, JonTsume-go, Studies in -*L+D1972188-
Diamond, JonWorld Amateur Go Championship (1979)*T791979459-
Diamond, Jon et alAnglo-USA Telephone Match (1978)**T7819784214-
Diamond, Jon et alBritish Championship (1971) Final*Gam19711412-
Diamond, Jon et alBritish Championship 1972, The -. Game 1*Gam19721814-
Diamond, Jon et alCastledine v. Pirani**Gam1978425-
Diamond, Jon et alDiamond v. Miyashita**Gam1971158-
Diamond, Jon et alHandicap Game, A -*Gam19731914-
Diamond, Jon et alMiyashita v. Diamond**Gam1971158-
Diamond, Jon et alPirani v. Castledine**Gam1978425-
Diamond, Jon et alUSA-Anglo Telephone Match (1978)**T7819784214-
Diamond, Jon et alWeak Groups, Too Many -*Gam1973194-
Diepen van, Niek et alRecord, Is This a -?*TCd19939349
Dijkema, PeterGo Moon Lit19897621
Docherty, IanNetwork*CNw19939120-
Dowsey, StuartBritish Go Week (1980)*Pub1981515-
Dowsey, StuartChina, Go in -*Cou1979446-
Dowsey, StuartEtiquette, Attitudes & Advice*Beh19815421-
Dowsey, StuartHunter v. Yoshida**Gam19804716-
Dowsey, StuartLeeds -a Club in Profile*Clb19815324
Dowsey, StuartNihon Ki-in -Postwar to the Present*Ass19804818-
Dowsey, StuartNihon Ki-in -The Early Years*Ass19804719-
Dowsey, StuartNihon Ki-in, Birth of the -*Ass19794614-
Dowsey, StuartNihon Ki-in, How the -Works*Ass19804919-
Dowsey, StuartSchools Championship (1981)*T8119815323-
Dowsey, StuartShell, Wood, -and Stone**Equ19805020-
Dowsey, StuartShell, Wood, -and Stone**Equ19815220-
Dowsey, StuartShell, Wood, -and Stone**Equ19815325
Dowsey, StuartStone, Wood, Shell and -**Equ19805020-
Dowsey, StuartStone, Wood, Shell and -**Equ19815220-
Dowsey, StuartStone, Wood, Shell and -**Equ19815325
Dowsey, StuartTokyo Go Newsletter*Beh1971145
Dowsey, StuartTokyo Newsletter*Cou1971135-
Dowsey, StuartWood, Shell and Stone**Equ19805020-
Dowsey, StuartWood, Shell and Stone**Equ19815220-
Dowsey, StuartWood, Shell and Stone**Equ19815325
Dowsey, StuartYoshida v. Hunter**Gam19804716-
Draper, SteveHamburg (EGoC 1988), A Game from -*Gam19887226-
Ellul, FrancePrague (EGoC 1993) by Night*T9319939257
Ellul, SophiaGo*Hum199510121
Erbach, DaveBook Review*Lit19763113-
Erbach, DaveComputer Go Lit19876916
Erbach, DaveFuseki in the 14th Meijin League (1975)**Fus19783913
Erbach, DaveMeijin League (1975), Fuseki in the 14th -**Fus19783913
Erbach, DaveTrigantius Memorial Tournament 1977, The -*T771977379
Eve, AlexFurze Platt Do it Again!*T8819887217-
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