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Macfadyen, M. et alAmsterdam (Tournament 1982)*T8219825622-
Macfadyen, M. et alBritish Championship (1979) M. Macfadyen v. T. Stacey*Gam1980475-
Macfadyen, M. et alBritish Championship (1983)*Gam1984616-
Macfadyen, M. et alBritish Championship (1989)*Gam19897715-
Macfadyen, M. et alCandidates (Tournament) '85*T851985658-
Macfadyen, M. et alCastledine v. Pirani**Gam1978425-
Macfadyen, M. et alChallengers Tournament 1980*T801980495-
Macfadyen, M. et alDiamond v. Macfadyen**Gam19784012-
Macfadyen, M. et alGood Start, A -*Gam19887228
Macfadyen, M. et alGrand Finale*Gam19897423-
Macfadyen, M. et alHeavens v. Nagahara**Gam1981549-
Macfadyen, M. et alInternational Pair Go Tournament 1995, The -*T95199610229
Macfadyen, M. et alLife in the Slow Lane*Gam19815121-
Macfadyen, M. et alMacfadyen v. Diamond**Gam19784012-
Macfadyen, M. et alNagahara v. Heavens**Gam1981549-
Macfadyen, M. et alParis (Tournament 1982)*T8219825618-
Macfadyen, M. et alPastures Green*Gam1982556-
Macfadyen, M. et alPirani v. Castledine**Gam1978425-
Macfadyen, M. et alRehm v. Suc**Gam19804714-
Macfadyen, M. et alStacey's Victory*Gam1986674-
Macfadyen, M. et alSuc v. Rehm**Gam19804714-
Macfadyen, Matthew13 Stones -Is it Real Go?*Gam19835816-
Macfadyen, MatthewAbsolute Go*Gam19928941-
Macfadyen, MatthewAbsolute Go. Part 2*Gam19939142-
Macfadyen, MatthewAbsolute Go. Part 3*Gam19939346-
Macfadyen, MatthewAGM (1979) Report*BGA1979457-
Macfadyen, MatthewAGM (1981) Report*BGA19815320
Macfadyen, MatthewAGM (1981), Agenda for the -*BGA1981524
Macfadyen, MatthewAGM (1982)*BGA19825513
Macfadyen, MatthewAmsterdam (Tournament 1981)*T8119815314-
Macfadyen, MatthewAmsterdam Go Congress 1976, Game from -*Gam1976334-
Macfadyen, MatthewBarmouth Triple Ko**Tec199610429
Macfadyen, MatthewBeer-drinking Suji*Gam19928832
Macfadyen, MatthewBeijing (World Amateur Championship 1987)*T8719877021-
Macfadyen, MatthewBook Review*Lit19825627
Macfadyen, MatthewBook Review*Lit19846214
Macfadyen, MatthewBook Review*Lit19939320
Macfadyen, MatthewBook Survey*Lit199610538-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1978)*T7819794410-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1981)*T8119825515-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1982)*T821982576-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1984)*T841985644-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1987) Game 4*Gam1988736-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1990) Game 3*Gam1991825
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1996)*T96199610534-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1996)*T9619971064-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1997)*Gam19971084-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship (1998)*Gam19981124-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1977*T771978394-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1988*T881989746-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1990*T901990818-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1991*T911992865-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1991*T911992875-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1992*T921993904-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1992*T921993914-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1993*Gam1993934-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1994*Gam19959918-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1995*T9519951016-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1995*T9519961024-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Championship 1997*Gam19971095
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Congress (1981)*T8119815311
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Congress (1985)*T851985656-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Rengo Selection Tournament 1991*T9119918515-
Macfadyen, MatthewBritish Women's Tournament (1991)*T911991855-
Macfadyen, MatthewCandidates Tournament (1983)*T8319836016-
Macfadyen, MatthewCandidates Tournament and Challengers League 1977**T7719773711
Macfadyen, MatthewCapture, Rescue and -**Lit199811021
Macfadyen, MatthewCapturing Race*L+D19959942-
Macfadyen, MatthewCastledine, Brian (obit)*PAm1979453
Macfadyen, MatthewChallengers League (1983)*T8319836020-
Macfadyen, MatthewChallengers League, Candidates Tournament and -1977**T7719773711
Macfadyen, MatthewChallengers Tournament (1981)*T811981533-
Macfadyen, MatthewConnecting Stones & Ingenious Puzzles**Lit19971088
Macfadyen, MatthewCopenhagen (EGoC 1982)*T821982573-
Macfadyen, MatthewErrata*Lit19928921
Macfadyen, MatthewEuropean Congress (1984)*T8419846310-
Macfadyen, MatthewEuropean Congress 1980*T801980505-
Macfadyen, MatthewEuropean Congress 1981*T811981543
Macfadyen, MatthewEuropean Go Championship (1979)*T791979464-
Macfadyen, MatthewEuropean Go Congress 1976, Game from -*Gam19763417-
Macfadyen, MatthewFour Stone Game*Gam19763114-
Macfadyen, MatthewFriesian Frolics*L+D19856614
Macfadyen, MatthewFujitsu Cup (World Championship 1990), The -*T901990796-
Macfadyen, MatthewGet Strong at Joseki**Lit199610440
Macfadyen, MatthewGo Schools*Tch1990804
Macfadyen, MatthewGotools 1.3 for PC*CNp199610228
Macfadyen, MatthewGrading Committee, The -And What it Does*Rat199610235
Macfadyen, MatthewHandicap Go, Pro-Pro -**Lit19971077
Macfadyen, MatthewHandTalk version 96.09*CPl199710653
Macfadyen, MatthewHonourable Defeat*Gam1982568-
Macfadyen, MatthewIngenious Puzzles & Connecting Stones**Lit19971088
Macfadyen, MatthewInsei, How to Be an -*Tch19959834-
Macfadyen, MatthewInternational Pair Go Tournament (1992)*T9219939046-
Macfadyen, MatthewJanssen -Shaw**Gam19856612-
Macfadyen, MatthewJapan -and Beyond*T811981536-
Macfadyen, MatthewJoseki, Get Strong at -**Lit199610440
Macfadyen, MatthewJoseki, Whole Board Thinking in -**Lit199710645
Macfadyen, MatthewKikashi*L+D19856524-
Macfadyen, MatthewKikashi*Tec19856616-
Macfadyen, MatthewKo, Barmouth Triple -**Tec199610429
Macfadyen, MatthewLadies' Go and Social Weekend (1998)*Tch199811125
Macfadyen, MatthewLadies' Tournament (1990)*T9019908133-
Macfadyen, MatthewLadies' World Amateur Selection Tournament (1994)*T9419949620
Macfadyen, MatthewLife and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -*Lit199710645
Macfadyen, MatthewLondon Go Centre Championships (1977), 2nd -*T7719773818
Macfadyen, MatthewLondon Open (1982/83)*T831983583-
Macfadyen, MatthewLondon Open Go Congress (1977/78)*T7819784011-
Macfadyen, MatthewMassacre, Classical Style*Gam19815210-
Macfadyen, MatthewMeijin Title (1989) Game 1*Gam1989777-
Macfadyen, MatthewMills v. O'Callaghan**Gam1979456-
Macfadyen, MatthewMills v. Stacey**Gam1980488-
Macfadyen, MatthewMiura v. West**Gam19804717-
Macfadyen, MatthewNorthern Congress (1978)*T7819784311
Macfadyen, MatthewO'Callaghan v. Mills**Gam1979456-
Macfadyen, MatthewOmachi (World Amateur Championship 1996)*Gam199610446-
Macfadyen, MatthewOxford (Tournament 1983)*T831983588-
Macfadyen, MatthewPair Go*T97199710827
Macfadyen, MatthewPair Go Tournament (1992)*Gam19928936-
Macfadyen, MatthewPicking Daffodiles on the Piccadilly Line*Gam1983585-
Macfadyen, MatthewPrague (Tournament 1981)*T811981525-
Macfadyen, MatthewPrague Tournament (1979)*T7919794512-
Macfadyen, MatthewPrague Tournament (1980)*T8019804821-
Macfadyen, MatthewPro-Pro Handicap Go**Lit19971077
Macfadyen, MatthewProdigal's Return*Gam19897618-
Macfadyen, MatthewRandom Go*TCd19908012-
Macfadyen, MatthewRengo, 1,2,3, -*T8519856628-
Macfadyen, MatthewRenju*Lit1981548
Macfadyen, MatthewRescue and Capture**Lit199811021
Macfadyen, MatthewRevelations*Anl19825620-
Macfadyen, MatthewRevelations*Str19815122-
Macfadyen, MatthewReviews*Lit19981126
Macfadyen, MatthewRobbery?*Gam19805014-
Macfadyen, MatthewRomania on the March*T97199710716
Macfadyen, MatthewSecond Book of Go, The -*Lit199811111
Macfadyen, MatthewSemeai, How to Fight a -- Diederen v. Cross*Gam19794610-
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*L+D19815218-
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*Tec19815116
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*Tec19815322-
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*Tec1981547-
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*Tec1982558-
Macfadyen, MatthewShape*Tec19825624-
Macfadyen, MatthewShapes*Tec19825725-
Macfadyen, MatthewShapes*Tec19835823-
Macfadyen, MatthewShapes*Tec19835912-
Macfadyen, MatthewShapes*Tec19836026
Macfadyen, MatthewShaw -Janssen**Gam19856612-
Macfadyen, MatthewSlow Motion Action Replay*Gam19835910-
Macfadyen, MatthewSlug of the Month*Gam19836018-
Macfadyen, MatthewSouthern League (1976/77)*T7719773812
Macfadyen, MatthewStacey v. Mills**Gam1980488-
Macfadyen, MatthewStaying Alive*Gam19866714-
Macfadyen, MatthewSwindon Tournament 1995 T95199510111
Macfadyen, MatthewTeach Go, Learning to -*Tch19949713
Macfadyen, MatthewTeaching, Action on Go -*Tch1995987
Macfadyen, MatthewTeaching, Go -in 1996*Tch199610214
Macfadyen, MatthewTriple Ko, Barmouth -**Tec199610429
Macfadyen, MatthewTwo Moves in a Row, The Value of -*Gam19939033-
Macfadyen, MatthewWest v. Miura**Gam19804717-
Macfadyen, MatthewWhole Board Thinking in Joseki**Lit199710645
Macfadyen, MatthewWorld Amateur Championship (1992)*T921992886-
Macfadyen, MatthewWorld Amateur Championship 1980*T8019804813-
Macfadyen, MatthewWorld Amateur Championship 1984*T841984624-
Macfadyen, MatthewYose Corner*Yos1983587
Macfadyen, MatthewYose Corner*Yos19835925-
Macfadyen, MatthewYose Corner*Yos19836024-
Macfadyen, MatthewYose Corner*Yos19846126
Macfadyen, MatthewYose, A Simple -*Yos19763310
Macleod, DonaldScottish Gathering 1997*T97199710944
Maeda NobuakiMaeda's Tsume-go Vol. 3 Lit1975297-
Maeda NobuakiProblem-Go fur Fortgeschrittene Lit1975297-
Magari ReikiLondon Go Centre, Match Played at the Opening of the -*Gam1975283-
Manning, TobyAGM (1977), BGA -Summary*BGA19773818
Manning, TobyAGM 1976, Notes of the -of the British Go Association*BGA19763313
Manning, TobyBGA, The Financial Position of the -**BGA19825514
Manning, TobyBlack to Play?* 19752710
Manning, TobyBoring Go, Do You Play -?*Jos19825626-
Manning, TobyCastledine Trust, The -**Prm19866717
Manning, TobyClare v. Manning, Game: -*Gam1974243-
Manning, TobyFighting is Good for You*Gam19846327-
Manning, TobyFinancial Position of the BGA, The -**BGA19825514
Manning, TobyFrench Go Tournament (1975)*T7519752813
Manning, TobyFuseki Problem*Fus1978391-
Manning, TobyGo Bores of Today*Hum19951004
Manning, TobyHitchens, Bob -- A Short Profile of the BGA's New President**PAm19763311
Manning, TobyLuxembourg (Tournament 1981)*T8119815311
Manning, TobyMeijin Sen (1989)*T891989754
Manning, TobyMeijin Week*T891989775-
Manning, TobyPresident, Bob Hitchens -A Short Profile of the BGA's New -**PAm19763311
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*BGA1979463
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*BGA1980494
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*BGA1981514
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*BGA19815413
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*PAm1979458-
Manning, TobyPresidential Letter*Prm19815320
Manning, TobyPresidential Notes*Pub19835819
Manning, TobyPrizes at Go Tournaments**TAw19971087
Manning, TobyProblem*L+D19742414
Manning, TobyRevelations*Tec19815326-
Manning, TobyTie for Open Championship (1979)*T791979454
Manning, TobyTournaments, Are There too Many -?*Tou19846122
Manning, TobyTournaments, Prizes at Go -**TAw19971087
Manning, TobyTrust, The Castledine -**Prm19866717
Manning, TobyWessex Go Tournament (1977), 8th -*T7719783912
Manning, Toby et alBritish Championship (1983)*Gam1984616-
Manning, Toby et alBritish National Go Championship (1975), Third Game in the -*Gam1976324-
Manning, Toby et alEuropean Go Congress 1974, 18th -*T7419752615
Manning, Toby et alHazelden, Tim (obit)*PAm19951015
Manning, Toby et alIrving v. Manning**Gam19753016-
Manning, Toby et alLondon Open Go Congress 1975, A Game from the -*Gam19752910-
Manning, Toby et alManning v. Irving**Gam19753016-
Margetts, PaulChina, Go in -*Cou1994966-
Margetts, PaulEpsom Downs*Clb19939253
Margetts, PaulGiant Leap for Go, A -*PAm199610215
Margetts, Paul et alEpsom Downs, Fun & Games in -*Gam19949712
Marshall, PhilipGo-Mann-Go*T9719971099
Marxer, HermannIGS, Replay Over -*Gam199510050-
Marxer, HermannInternational Go Server*CNw19951007-
Matsuda TakaoMatsuda Go Letters Lit196712
Matsuda TakaoMatsuda Go Letters Lit1970115
Matsuda TakaoMatsuda Go Letters Lit1973206-
Matsuda TakaoMatsuda Go Letters Lit1974234
Matsui Akio et alLearn to Play Go Lit196711-
Matthews, CharlesAttach-Extend Mysteries. Part 1*Jos199710825-
Matthews, CharlesAttach-Extend Mysteries. Part 2*Jos199710928-
Matthews, CharlesAttach-Extend Mysteries. Part 3*Jos19981104-
Matthews, CharlesBeauty and the Beast*Lit199811111
Matthews, CharlesBGA, The -and the Regions**BGA199811237
Matthews, CharlesCanada Dry Run*T9719971076
Matthews, CharlesCentre, The -Cannot Hold*Gam199811244-
Matthews, CharlesChampionships Systems, New -*TSy199710942
Matthews, CharlesDifficulty Focussing, Having -*Fus199710738-
Matthews, CharlesEight Stone Game*Gam199610419-
Matthews, CharlesEnvironmental Exhibition*Var199811120-
Matthews, CharlesEuropean Go Championship 1976, Review: The -*Lit19773510
Matthews, CharlesHarnessing the Force*Tec199710654-
Matthews, CharlesJiang, Fast Forward with -. Part 1*Fus19961056-
Matthews, CharlesJiang, Fast Forward with -. Part 2*Fus199710620-
Matthews, CharlesJiang, Fast Forward with -. Part 3*Fus199710718-
Matthews, CharlesKido Yearbook 1997*Lit199811111
Matthews, CharlesKorean Package*Cou199811023
Matthews, CharlesNiren-sei. Part 1*Fus199811112-
Matthews, CharlesNiren-sei. Part 2*Fus199811221-
Matthews, CharlesPosters*Pub19981126
Matthews, CharlesProblem of Precision, A -*Yos19825717-
Matthews, CharlesPublicity*Pub199811024
Matthews, CharlesPublicity, Web -**Pub19981117
Matthews, CharlesQuirk in the Corner, A -*Yos199510026
Matthews, CharlesRegions, The BGA and the -**BGA199811237
Matthews, CharlesRevelations*Str19825522-
Matthews, CharlesSan-san Worries. Part 1*Jos199610314-
Matthews, CharlesSan-san Worries. Part 2*Fus199610411-
Matthews, CharlesSan-san Worries. Part 3*Fus199610514-
Matthews, CharlesSan-san Worries. Part 4*Fus199710646-
Matthews, CharlesSan-san Worries. Part 5*Gam199710733-
Matthews, CharlesSeong-June, So Long, -! Part 1*PAm199710848-
Matthews, CharlesSeong-June, So Long, -! Part 2*Fus199710945-
Matthews, CharlesSeong-June, So Long, -! Part 3*Fus199811042-
Matthews, CharlesServers, Go -*CNw199710914
Matthews, CharlesServing Go*CNw199811125
Matthews, CharlesShimari, Fun with a -*Mid19794515-
Matthews, CharlesSix Stone Game*Gam199710943-
Matthews, CharlesSmiths, Interview with the -*T97199710922-
Matthews, CharlesSonoyama (League 1997)*T97199710944
Matthews, CharlesStand, Taking a -*Pub199710936
Matthews, CharlesSummer Schools*Tch199811015
Matthews, CharlesWeb Publicity**Pub19981117
McKendry, IreneWidow, On Being a Go -*Ply199610316
Mcleod, John et alEuropean Go Championship 1976, The - Lit19773510
Meiklejohn, IanEuropean Congress (1983)*T831983604-
Meiklejohn, IanFighting Spirit*Gam19846221-
Meiklejohn, IanParis (1985), Springtime in -*T8519856521-
Meiklejohn, IanParis (Tournament 1983)*T8319835921-
Meiklejohn, IanParis (Tournament 1984)*T8419846216
Meiklejohn, Ian et alParis (Tournament 1982)*T8219825618-
Meiklejohn, Ian et alWorld Amateur Championship (1986)*T861986688-
Mellor, PaulElectronic Mail Game*CNw1991845-
Mills, GerryBGA Books Ltd**Cpy199510114
Mills, GerryBooks Ltd, BGA -**Cpy199510114
Mills, GerryPrices*Cpy199510020
Milne, DavidAuckland Go Club News*Clb1976328
Mitchell, DavidAncient Game*Gam19794421
Mitchell, DavidBalance*Str19794517-
Mitchell, DavidBritish Championship (1980)*Gam1981518-
Mitchell, DavidDan Players, Why are -Strong?*L+D19804724-
Mitchell, DavidExtend, How Far Should I -from My Wall?**Tec19794519-
Mitchell, DavidHane, At the Head of Two Stones Play -*Tec19794622
Mitchell, DavidJoseki, Go Terms: -*Jos19794618
Mitchell, DavidKo, How to Play -*Tec19794420-
Mitchell, DavidKo, Mannen -and Its Effect on a Game**Rul19763317
Mitchell, DavidMannen Ko and Its Effect on a Game**Rul19763317
Mitchell, DavidMay v. Mitchell**Gam19784013-
Mitchell, DavidMitchell v. May**Gam19784013-
Mitchell, DavidProfessional Game*Gam1977363-
Mitchell, DavidProverbs that Save Lives*L+D19794418-
Mitchell, DavidProverbs that Save Lives*L+D19794518
Mitchell, DavidQuote of the Century, Go -*Hum19804713
Mitchell, DavidTerm Time*L+D19794417
Mitchell, DavidWall, How Far Should I Extend from My -?**Tec19794519-
Mitchell, DavidWhite to Play and Live?*L+D1973206
Mitchell, NoelIreland, Letter from -*Cou19897615
Mitchell, Noel et alIreland, News from -*Cou19907928
Miyamoto NaokiBreakthrough to Shodan, The - Lit19763217
Miyamoto NaokiRating, What's Your -? Lit19763216
Miyamoto NaokiShodan, The Breakthrough to - Lit19763217
Miyamoto NaokiStrength, Test Your Go - Lit19928638
Miyamoto NaokiStrength, Test Your Go - Lit1994955-
Miyamoto NaokiTest Your Go Strength Lit19928638
Miyamoto NaokiTest Your Go Strength Lit1994955-
Miyamoto NaokiWhat's Your Rating? Lit19763216
Miyamoto Naoki et alFujitsu Finals (1994), Second EGF -*Gam19959936-
Miyashita Shuzo et alDiamond v. Miyashita**Gam1971158-
Miyashita Shuzo et alMiyashita v. Diamond**Gam1971158-
Moore, J. A.Cleveland Go Club*Clb19763220
Moore, J. A.Future Champion*PAm19752914
Moore, RobinLibrary, Go in the -*Pub19918235-
Naef, LionelGetting High on Go*Cou19856430
Nagahara Y. et alBasic Techniques of Go Lit1970115
Nagahara Y. et alVital Techniques of Go**Lit19691014-
Nagahara Y. et alEuropean Championship 1967*Gam1968451-
Nagahara Y. et alHandicap Go Lit19835827
Nagahara Y. et alHandicap Go Lit19887219
Nagahara Y. et alTechniques, Basic -of Go Lit1970115
Nagahara Y. et alTechniques, Vital -of Go**Lit19691014-
Nagahara YoshiakiEuropean Championship (1967) Game No.1*Gam1967225-
Nagahara YoshiakiProfessional Commentary*Gam19815424-
Nagahara YoshiakiStrategic Concepts of Go Lit19731912
Nagahara YoshiakiStrategic Concepts of Go Lit19742511-
Nakayama NoriyukiTreasure Chest Enigma, The - Lit19846214
Newman, BillWally CPl19949441
Nihon Ki-inGo Perspective Lit19783919
Nihon Ki-inGo Review Lit196712
Nihon Ki-inGo Review Lit1970115
Nihon Ki-inGo Review Lit1976333
Nihon Ki-inGo Review Lit19949530
Nihon Ki-inHandicap Go, Pro-Pro - Lit19971077
Nihon Ki-inKido Yearbook Lit19887327
Nihon Ki-inKido Yearbook 1997 Lit199811111
Nihon Ki-inPro-Pro Handicap Go Lit19971077
Oeda YusukeRanka Yearbook Lit19907821
Osman, EricProverb, A New -?*Str19877134
Otake HideoOpening Theory Made Easy Lit19939029
Otake Hideo et alGrand Finale*Gam19897423-
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