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Parmenter, GraemeKiwi Go*Gam199710610-
Paterson, SueFair Comment?*Ply19846321
Paterson, SuePair Go Meets Blind Date*T9119928624-
Payne, Jenny et alClub Profile: Swindon**Clb19959944-
Payne, Jenny et alSwindon, Club Profile: -**Clb19959944-
Pecorini, Daniele et alGame of Wei-Chi, The - Lit199510145
Pecorini, Daniele et alGame of Wei-Chi, The - Lit199610319
Perks, StephanieStephanie's Page*Pub19846319
Phillips, DavidGo Shield*T9019908031-
Phillips, DavidIsle of Man Go*T9319939261
Phillips, David et alSummer Congress (Isle of Man 1991)*T911990794-
Phillips, LeoI.O.M. 1997*T97199610525
Philp, Brian et alBad Shape, The Pitfalls of -**Gam19804917-
Philp, Brian et alShape, The Pitfalls of Bad -**Gam19804917-
Pindar, JohnGo Review*Lit1976333
Pindar, JohnGray Collection in Black and White, The -*Art1976336-
Pindar, JohnI Only Asked for Cufflinks*L+D19763316
Pindar, JohnMasters of Go. Part 1*Gam19773618-
Pindar, JohnNorthern Go Congress (1977), 3rd -*T7719773818
Pindar, JohnNorthern Go League (1976)*T7619763319
Pindar, JohnWidows, A Page for Go -* 1977368
Pintilie, CostelHow I Started ...*PAm199710718
Pirani, AdamChallengers (League 1978)*T781978423-
Pirani, Adam et alAnglo-USA Telephone Match (1978)**T7819784214-
Pirani, Adam et alUSA-Anglo Telephone Match (1978)**T7819784214-
Pitcher, HughPast Masters. Part 4*Hum19908023
Polkinghorne, PeterBibliography of Western Go and Wei-ch'i Material, A Partial -*Lit19794619-
Polkinghorne, PeterLondon Open (1984/85)*T8519856418
Polkinghorne, PeterTrigantius Memorial Tournament (1979)*T7919794515
Power, JohnGo World Lit19773713
Power, JohnGo World Lit1986679
Power, JohnGo World Lit19949530
Power, JohnInvincible Lit19825627
Power, JohnTournament Go 1992 Lit199710619
Prescott, PaulBook Review*Lit1975297-
Prescott, PaulBook Review*Lit19763216
Prescott, PaulBritish Championship 1977*T7719763311
Prescott, PaulBritish Go Congress 1976*T7619763210
Prescott, PaulChallengers League 1975*T751975298-
Prescott, PaulCongresses*Tou19763314
Prescott, PaulEuropean Championship (1974), A Game from the -*Gam1975294-
Prescott, PaulEuropean Championship (1975), Game from -*Gam19763116-
Prescott, PaulGolden Dragon Tournament (1976)*T761976339
Prescott, PaulGrading List, BGA -*Ply19763416
Prescott, PaulGrading List, BGA -*Ply19773612-
Prescott, PaulGradings, BGA -*Rat19763111-
Prescott, PaulJoseki, Entertaining -*Jos19763312
Prescott, PaulJoseki, Entertaining -. Part 1*Jos1975307
Prescott, PaulJoseki, Entertaining -. Part 2*Jos19763219
Prescott, PaulKo Threats, The Management of -*Tec1975274-
Prescott, PaulLondon Open 1974/75 T751975277
Prescott, PaulLondon Open Go Congress 1975*T751975277
Prescott, PaulLondon Open Go Congress 1977*T771977358
Prescott, PaulQuiz, Answers to Christmas -* 1976318-
Prescott, PaulQuiz, Christmas -* 19753014-
Prescott, PaulReading Congress 1974, Game Recorded from the -*Gam1975268-
Prescott, Paul et alBritish Championship 1976*Gam1977354-
Prescott, Paul et alEuropean Go Congress 1974, 18th -*T7419752615
Prescott, Paul et alIrving v. Manning**Gam19753016-
Prescott, Paul et alManning v. Irving**Gam19753016-
Pritchard, David B.Games and Puzzles Prm1973191
Pritchard, David B.Games and Puzzles*Lit1975264
Pritchard, David B.Games and Puzzles*Prm19721613
Pritchard, David B.Go -A Guide to the Game Lit1974229
Pusey, JohnTricks, Department of Dirty -*Tal1976322
Pusey, JohnWestminster Lunchtime Go Group*Clb19732116
Puxty, JohnGo Junki*Tch19959916-
Puxty, JohnLearning Go*Tch199510019-
Rapley, KeithArchives, Go -- Living or Dead?*Inf19784212
Rehm, RobertImaGo CPl19959845
Rehm, RobertMinimaGo CPl19959845
Rehm, RobertProgo CPl19949414
Rehm, Robert et alRehm v. Suc**Gam19804714-
Rehm, Robert et alSuc v. Rehm**Gam19804714-
Reiss, MichaelGo Professional CPl199610512-
Richard, SteveTelego CNp19959935
Richard, SteveTelego CNw19939215
Rin KaihoGolden Opportunities Lit199610440
Riper van, ErikNNGS, Introducing -*CNw19961026
Rix, AlexFeng Yun, Visit of -*Gam1993924-
Rix, AlexLadies' Tournament (1989)*T8919897741
Rix, AlexResponse*Cpy199610415
Rix, AlexRussian Visit*Cou19897515
Rix, AlexStandard Conditions of Play*TSy199610429
Rix, AlexStarting Colours, More on -*Jos1990799
Rix, AlexWomen's Tournament (1996)*T96199610448-
Roads, Francis19x19, Why -?*Phi19711310-
Roads, Francis2-1 Points, Strange Things Happen at the -*L+D19732011
Roads, Francis9x9 Go is a Real Game*T8519856622-
Roads, FrancisAbano Terme (EGoC 1996)*T96199610421
Roads, FrancisAGM (1973) of the BGA, Report: -*BGA1973203
Roads, FrancisAmerican Draws**TSy199610219
Roads, FrancisArmies, Why I Like -*Tch19773611
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -**Cou199710941-
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -**Cou199811025-
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -**Cou199811131-
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -. Part 1**Cou199710629-
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -. Part 2**Cou199710735-
Roads, FrancisAustralasia, Francis in -. Part 3**Cou199710838-
Roads, FrancisAustralia, A Game from -*Gam1993916-
Roads, FrancisAustralia, Letter from -*Cou19928923
Roads, FrancisBallad of Sir Edmund, The -*Hum19939038-
Roads, FrancisBarnes, Susan -Trust**Prm1985664
Roads, FrancisBarnes, Susan -Trust**Prm1989773
Roads, FrancisBerlin, A Night Out in -*Cit1991839-
Roads, FrancisBGA Individual Knockout Championship 1976*T761977359
Roads, FrancisBGA Press Officer, How to be -**Pub199811246-
Roads, FrancisBGA Small Board Championship (1980)*T8019804817
Roads, FrancisBGA, History of the -**Ass19908016-
Roads, FrancisBook Review*Lit19721813
Roads, FrancisBook Review*Lit1974229
Roads, FrancisBook Review*Lit19928825
Roads, FrancisBritish Championship, Matthew Wins the -*Gam19877121-
Roads, FrancisBritish Go Journal, History of the -**Lit199510053-
Roads, FrancisBuda, Beer and Battles in -*T8619866820-
Roads, FrancisCandidate, Electing a -*T861986684-
Roads, FrancisCandidates Tournament (1989)*T8919897512-
Roads, FrancisCandidates Tournament 1987, The -*T8719877018
Roads, FrancisCatch Them Young*Tch19732114-
Roads, FrancisChallengers League 1989*T8919897620
Roads, FrancisClerihews*Hum19949526
Roads, FrancisClub, Starting a Go -*Clb1973197-
Roads, FrancisCommittee News*BGA1974242
Roads, FrancisCommittee Notes*BGA1976316
Roads, FrancisConverts, How to Win -*Pub1969104-
Roads, FrancisCornerstone, The -*Hum19825526
Roads, FrancisDon't Play Go*Tec19907824
Roads, FrancisDon't Play Go Solutions*Tec19907919
Roads, FrancisDraughts, Five Games of -*Tch1989769
Roads, FrancisDraws, American -**TSy199610219
Roads, FrancisEuropean Championship, Yet Another Scheme for the -*TSy1991849-
Roads, FrancisEuropean Go and Cultural Centre, The -*Clb1992888
Roads, FrancisEuropean Go Championship Final 1987*Gam19877111-
Roads, FrancisEuropean Go Congress (1997) at Marseille**T97199710845-
Roads, FrancisEuropean Go Congress 1988, The -*T8819887222-
Roads, FrancisEx-Presidential Ruminations*BGA1976332-
Roads, FrancisFamily Holiday for Go Players, A -?*Tou19763312
Roads, FrancisFoot Voting*T9019907829
Roads, FrancisForsyth Notation for Go, A -*Inf1974245-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia**Cou199710941-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia**Cou199811025-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia**Cou199811131-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia. Part 1**Cou199710629-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia. Part 2**Cou199710735-
Roads, FrancisFrancis in Australasia. Part 3**Cou199710838-
Roads, FrancisFuture, Bright -*T8919897713-
Roads, FrancisGannets and Go*Tch19949736-
Roads, FrancisGender Bias?*Hum19949514
Roads, FrancisGo Kiburi*Hum199510115
Roads, FrancisGood Shape, What is -?**Tec19846224-
Roads, FrancisGood Shape, What is -?**Tec19846329-
Roads, FrancisGough, Gew or Geau?*Lan199610425
Roads, FrancisGrading Ladder, Woodford -**Rat19773712
Roads, FrancisHandicapping, Some Thoughts on -*Hcp1970126-
Roads, FrancisHane, At the Head of Two Stones Play -*Tec19732012
Roads, FrancisHistory of the BGA**Ass19908016-
Roads, FrancisHistory of the British Go Journal**Lit199510053-
Roads, FrancisHorse Trams and Barbecues*T9119918414-
Roads, FrancisI.O.M. 1997, Late News: -*T97199710824
Roads, FrancisIf Only I Had Known*T8919897415
Roads, FrancisInfluence, Using Your -*Gam1984634-
Roads, FrancisIreland, Go in -*Cou19897728-
Roads, FrancisIsle of Man (Go Congress) 1997*T97199710924-
Roads, FrancisIsle of Man Diary 1993*T9319939340-
Roads, FrancisIwamoto v. Roads*Gam19752915-
Roads, FrancisJapan 1982*T821982563-
Roads, FrancisKakari, Why the Keima -?**Jos199811049-
Roads, FrancisKeima Kakari, Why the -?**Jos199811049-
Roads, FrancisLeamington vs Wanstead (1993)*T9319949421
Roads, FrancisLiar Dice Underwater*OGm19949511
Roads, FrancisLondon Go Centre, The -*Clb1974242
Roads, FrancisLondon Open Go Congress (1988/89)*T8919897428-
Roads, FrancisMarseille, European Go Congress (1997) at -**T97199710845-
Roads, FrancisMental Factor in Playing Strength**Psy19732010
Roads, FrancisMiddle-Game Problem*Tec19856512
Roads, FrancisMiddle-Game Problem, Solution to -*Tec19856529
Roads, FrancisMontcalm Hotel, Return to the -*OGm19928916
Roads, FrancisNewsletter*BGA19825512-
Roads, FrancisNihongo o Naraimasen ka?*Lan19877025-
Roads, FrancisPork and Dumplings*T8919897431-
Roads, FrancisPork and Dumplings Revisited*T9319939228-
Roads, FrancisPortugal, Go in -*Cou19959921
Roads, FrancisPresident's New Year Message*BGA1975263
Roads, FrancisPress Officer, How to be BGA -**Pub199811246-
Roads, FrancisPress Officer, Why I Volunteered to Be -*Pub19949621
Roads, FrancisPro, A -at Wanstead**Gam1993928-
Roads, FrancisProblem, A -from London*L+D199710642-
Roads, FrancisProfessional Players, Visits to London by -*PPr1972183
Roads, FrancisProfessional Visit to London August 1987*PPr1987719-
Roads, FrancisProverb Revised, A -*Tec1985649-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 1*Tec199510124-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 2*L+D199610210-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 3*Str199610333-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 4*Tec199610416-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 5*Tec199610516-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 6*Tec199710612-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 7*Tec19971078-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 8*Tec199710810-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 9*L+D199710915-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Go -. Part 10*Tec199811016-
Roads, FrancisProverbs, Weak Player's -**Hum19773518
Roads, FrancisPsychology, Go -*Psy19928937
Roads, FrancisRevelations*Str19805019
Roads, FrancisSanren-sei Fuseki*Fus19732111-
Roads, FrancisSelling to Salespeople*Hum199610445
Roads, FrancisShape, What is Good -?**Tec19846224-
Roads, FrancisShape, What is Good -?**Tec19846329-
Roads, FrancisSilly Francis. Part 1*L+D19939125
Roads, FrancisSilly Francis. Part 2*L+D19939145
Roads, FrancisSong, Czech Go -*Hum19939231
Roads, FrancisSt Petersburg, Humiliation in -*Cit19928728-
Roads, FrancisStrength, Mental Factor in Playing -**Psy19732010
Roads, FrancisTeaching Problem, Solution to -*Tch19907813-
Roads, FrancisThornton-in-Lonsdale Go Tournament (1993), The First -*T9319949417-
Roads, FrancisTime Limits*TCd19959940-
Roads, FrancisTournaments Reviewed. Part 1*Tou19949733-
Roads, FrancisTournaments Reviewed. Part 2*Tou19959828-
Roads, FrancisTournaments Reviewed. Part 3*Tou19959914
Roads, FrancisTrust, Susan Barnes -**Prm1985664
Roads, FrancisTrust, Susan Barnes -**Prm1989773
Roads, FrancisTurning the Tide*T9419949523
Roads, FrancisUnnecessary Moves*Gam19876912-
Roads, FrancisUS Go Congress (1991)*T9119918437-
Roads, FrancisUS Go Congress 1994*T941994978-
Roads, FrancisValyuta*Hum19939313-
Roads, FrancisW.K.D., Problems from -*Tec19887328
Roads, FrancisW.K.D., Solutions from -*Tec19897436-
Roads, FrancisWanstead Go Club*Clb19939027-
Roads, FrancisWanstead Go Club Song*Hum19949443
Roads, FrancisWanstead Rip-off, A -*Psy199510021
Roads, FrancisWanstead Wanderings*Cou199710823-
Roads, FrancisWanstead Wanderings: Brussels*T9419959832
Roads, FrancisWanstead Wanderings: Dublin*T9519959934
Roads, FrancisWanstead Wanderings: The Pink Stone*T9419949637
Roads, FrancisWanstead Wanderings: Tuchola (EGoC) 1995*T95199510043-
Roads, FrancisWanstead, A Pro at -**Gam1993928-
Roads, FrancisWanted -New Trophy Cabinet*Gam19939212-
Roads, FrancisWanted: 51*Lit19949434
Roads, FrancisWeak Player's Proverbs**Hum19773518
Roads, FrancisWhat Haven't I Seen?*Tec19742511-
Roads, FrancisWhite's Stones Can Be Killed*Gam19877131-
Roads, FrancisWoodford Grading Ladder**Rat19773712
Roads, FrancisWoodford Winter Tournament (1978)*T7819794413
Roads, FrancisYose Problem*Yos19773514
Roads, FrancisYose Problem, American -*Yos19918212
Roads, FrancisYose Problem: Hint*Yos19918224
Roads, FrancisYose Solutions*Yos19918333
Roads, Francis et alHazelden, Tim (obit)*PAm19951015
Roads, Francis et alKo, A Problem of -s*Rul19742410-
Roads, Francis et alOne Match: Two Views*T9419949519
Roads, JudithWidow's Words, A -*Ply19856421
Roberts, MarkEuropean Congress (1978)*T781978436
Roberts, MarkLondon Go Centre Open Championship 1978*T7819784210
Robinson, DaffydFirst Tournament, My -**T98199811237
Robinson, DaffydHow I Started ...*Tch199710914
Robinson, DaffydTournament, My First -**T98199811237
Roger, KevinDarmstadt (Tournament 1997)*T97199710921-
Rudd, SimonBGA Youth Grand Prix (1992/93)**T9319928911
Rudd, SimonCastledine Trophy, The -*T9219928935
Rudd, SimonClarification*T9219928943
Rudd, SimonDiscrimination?*Ply19897523
Rudd, SimonYouth Game*Gam19928933-
Rudd, SimonYouth Grand Prix (1992/93), BGA -**T9319928911
Rudd, Simon et alRudd v. Tudball**Gam19897526-
Rudd, Simon et alTudball v. Rudd**Gam19897526-
Rutland, LeighDiary of Leigh Rutland, The -**T841984638-
Rutland, LeighRutland, The Diary of Leigh -**T841984638-
Ryan, MikeLight Hearted Banter, The -*Hum19949725
Sakakibara ShojiMistakes, Basic -*Tec1973199-
Sakata EioFuseki, Modern Joseki and - Lit196853
Sakata EioFuseki, Modern Joseki and - Lit1970115
Sakata EioFuseki, Modern Joseki and - Lit19701214
Sakata EioFuseki, Modern Joseki and - Lit199610314
Sakata EioHasibeder v. Rebattu**Gam1978437-
Sakata EioJoseki Lit1970115
Sakata EioJoseki, Modern -and Fuseki Lit196853
Sakata EioJoseki, Modern -and Fuseki Lit1970115
Sakata EioJoseki, Modern -and Fuseki Lit19701214
Sakata EioJoseki, Modern -and Fuseki Lit199610314
Sakata EioKatachi*Tec19711411-
Sakata EioKiller of Go Lit19949739
Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki Lit196853
Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki Lit1970115
Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki Lit19701214
Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki Lit199610314
Sakata EioRebattu v. Hasibeder**Gam1978437-
Sakata EioTesuji and Anti-Suji of Go Lit199610511
Sakata EioTesuji and Anti-Suji of Go Lit199710619
Sakata Goro et alRenju Lit1981548
Scarff, AllanBrute Force and Ignorance*Com19866827-
Scarff, AllanMicrogo CPl19856422-
Scarff, AllanMicrogo CPl19866818-
Scarff, AllanMicrogo CPl19866828-
Scarff, AllanMicrogo 2 CPl1992869
Scarff, AllanStrength with Menace*Gam19928614-
Schulze, Achim et alKyu Game from Poland, A -*Gam199510042
Schuster, Malte et alKyu Game from Poland, A -*Gam199510042
Schwarz, HaraldRound Go*Var199610450
Segerman, HenryHow I Started ...*Tch199710639
Segoe KensakuGo Proverbs Illustrated Lit1970115
Segoe KensakuProverbs Illustrated, Go - Lit1970115
Segoe KensakuSeki, A Rule for -*L+D1970125
Seo Bong-soo et alIng World Cup (1992/93) Final*Gam19939332-
Sharpe, IanComputer, So the -Plays Go?*Com1989766-
Shaw, Edmund et alAltena v. Wright**Gam19897734-
Shaw, Edmund et alBritish Championship (1989)*Gam19897715-
Shaw, Edmund et alWright v. Altena**Gam19897734-
Shen GuosunBeauty and the Beast Lit199811111
Shirakami H.World Amateur Go Championship (1987), Ninth -*T871987709
ShusaiEven Game Fuseki Studies. Part 1**Fus196712-
ShusaiEven Game Fuseki Studies. Part 2**Fus1967218-
ShusaiEven Game Fuseki Studies. Part 3**Fus1968454-
ShusaiEven Game Fuseki Studies. Part 4**Fus196854-
ShusaiEven Game Fuseki Studies. Part 5**Fus196868-
ShusaiFuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 1**Fus196712-
ShusaiFuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 2**Fus1967218-
ShusaiFuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 3**Fus1968454-
ShusaiFuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 4**Fus196854-
ShusaiFuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 5**Fus196868-
Smith, AlanStone, Ron (obit)*PAm1980474
Smith, JohnHondo in Action*Gam19887329
Smith, JohnJapan Week*Pub1989754
Smith, PaulCambridge Double Figure Kyu Go League (1998)**T98199811215
Smith, PaulCambridge in the Pink*Clb19918419
Smith, PaulChess and Go*Tch199710622
Smith, PaulDead Go Stone, 101 Uses of a -*Hum199811242-
Smith, PaulDouble Figure Kyu Go League (1998), Cambridge -**T98199811215
Smith, PaulGo Sets, There's -and Go Sets*Equ19752710-
Smith, PaulGroot de v. Smith**Gam19928939-
Smith, PaulKeen, Mean and All the Way from Zlin*T9619971068-
Smith, PaulRehm v. Smith at Zlin**Gam199710656-
Smith, PaulSmith v. Groot de**Gam19928939-
Smith, PaulSmith v. Rehm at Zlin**Gam199710656-
Smith, PaulSonoyama League 1996*T96199710661
Smith, PaulSonoyama Trophy*Clb19928930
Smith, PaulTough at the Bottom*Gam199610426-
Smithers, EddieOn Unforeseen Consequences*Ply19908135
Smithers, Eddie et alFour Larks and a Hen*Gam19846118-
Soletti, G.Linz (European Team Tournament 1990)*T9019908118
Stacey, TerryNothing Like the Sun*Gam1983606-
Stacey, Terry et alJoseki, Demystifying -*Jos19835820-
Stacey, Terry et alStacey's Victory*Gam1986674-
Stacey, Terry et alWorld Amateur Championship (1986)*T861986688-
Starkey, AlanNorthern Schools Tournament (1977), 2nd -**T7719783912
Starkey, AlanSchools Tournament (1977), 2nd Northern -**T7719783912
Steininger, AntonWorld Youth Go Championship (1986)*T8619866817
Stephenson, J. F.School, Go at -*Tch19763419
Stevinson, GuyTokyo, Letter from -*Clb19846218
Stott, GrahamCambridge (Tournament 1981)*T8119815317
Straus, Phil et alJoseki, Whole Board Thinking in - Lit199710645
Straus, Phil et alWhole Board Thinking in Joseki Lit199710645
Streeten, WilliamComputer Go Report*Com19877119-
Suc, Lojze et alRehm v. Suc**Gam19804714-
Suc, Lojze et alSuc v. Rehm**Gam19804714-
Sutton, DavidAlmanac, The Go Player's -**Lit19928931
Sutton, DavidBeginners, Should -Be Encouraged?*Hum19949613
Sutton, DavidBook Review*Lit19732111
Sutton, DavidBook Review*Lit19742313
Sutton, DavidBook Scene, The -*Lit1977386-
Sutton, DavidEncyclopaedia of Life and Death**CNp19961037-
Sutton, DavidEthics of Go. Part 1*Beh19939235-
Sutton, DavidEthics of Go. Part 2*Beh19939240-
Sutton, DavidFundamentals of Go, The -*Lit19794416
Sutton, DavidGo Kiburi Carves On*Hum19939327
Sutton, DavidGo Kiburi Takes up Woodwork*Hum19939239
Sutton, DavidGo Kiburi, The Further Adventures of -*Hum19949628
Sutton, DavidGo Player's Almanac, The -**Lit19928931
Sutton, DavidImagery of Go*Phi19742512-
Sutton, DavidLife and Death, Encyclopaedia of -**CNp19961037-
Sutton, DavidMac, More for the -*Com19928612-
Sutton, DavidMagazine, New Go -*Lit19773713
Sutton, DavidTao of Go, The -*Phi19959951
Sutton, DavidWith a Little Help from His Friends*Hum1992898
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